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We Cannot Assume Responsibility For Any Other Group

We — whoever that is, just like the mythical “They” who allegedly control us — are a group with our own habits, dreams, hopes and delights. No other group has these, although they can share in ours for a time.

When we are well (in the head) we experience a vast sense of irresponsibility: we are not responsible for what happens to others, or even members of our own group. Each person must find his or her own way, and the best thing to do is to avoid introducing confusion to that role by taking partial responsibility.

But taking partial responsibility is what we have done, most notably for other ethnic groups. This leads to situations where no one can possibly come out unscathed:

Neighborhood kids and teens had been pulling “snatch and grabs,” Mayes said, holding the door open while others grabbed whatever they could before the owner could get around the counter. So a new policy was put in place: No more than two kids in the store at a time.

“I guess when [Sherman Park] would close at 10, a lot of the kids go over to the gas station,” Mayes said, recalling how the shooting incident began.

On one of those nights less than a month ago, the owner, who’d already had the windows of his store busted out, freaked when a large group of teens came in from the park. He locked the doors, Mayes said, then came from around the back and fired a shot or two, apparently to scare the group off.

In this case, the City of Milwaukee has taken partial responsibility for its black population. We know this old story: the kids do bad stuff in the park, so the police patrol it and close it at ten. The kids then go elsewhere to do the same stuff for exactly the same reasons as before. The cause of their behavior remains unknown.

While the conventional narrative is to say that these people are criminals, or to talk about black crime, we can use a more direct analysis. The black people of Milwaukee live as a conquered tribe. They did not create the city, nor are responsible for its prosperity, so despite declining white numbers there, they still see it as a white person thing.

The good white people have foolishly assumed responsibility for the black people of Milwaukee by passing laws and using police to try to cut back on bad behavior. This creates more bad behavior because the people who are misbehaving are furious and resentful at how powerless they are, for whatever reason. This is even openly articulated:

“There’s a lot of frustration here with the lack of black-owned businesses,” Mayes said as police cleared out Sherman Park—a gathering point for those protesting Smith’s death—on Monday night.

Other people run the city. Those people then do not tell the black people what to do, as they did under slavery, but instead have put themselves solely in the negative role of punishing bad behavior. This means that a black person confronts a world run by others, where black people are seen as a menace, in which he has no power and his only contact with those who rule him is when they are punishing him or shooting at him.

This is why our problem is diversity and not any specific group. With diversity, no one has control over their lives; it is delegated to the mixed-race group and so no one gets to have their cultural values be in control, see their people consistently rule, and know they are part of a society founded by their own people. Instead, they are deprived of one of the most vital aspects of human survival — pride — which in turn removes any sense of security or well-being. The result is constant low-level grinding against authority.

Diversity will be the headstone for the USA. In the name of being inclusive to Irish immigrants, the Americans made war against the slave-owners, despite slavery providing a better life for the average African-American than ghettos and welfare can. Then they went to war against the old European powers twice to advance the Leftist narrative of equality. Coming home, they applied the same fanatical multicultural agenda that the Soviets did, and now it has permanently fractured the idea of being American for everyone (equally so, no doubt).

White Nationalists miss the point when they target other groups and assume the high criminality they see is these groups acting as they would like to. Some of it is, perhaps, but a good portion arises from the sense of degradation that comes from being imported labor in another racial group’s civilization. No one can ever feel good about that, and so resentment grows like an algal bloom, periodically exploding into view as it has in Milwaukee, before the wishful thinking types hide the disaster and we all go back into oblivion for a few more years.

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