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We are starved for real experience

Companies are sending staff to experience a plane crash in simulators run by British Airways as the ultimate team-building exercise.

For £130 a head, employees are taken to a hangar at Heathrow where they board a shortened version of a Boeing 737 mounted on a motion platform.

After “takeoff”, they are plunged into darkness and put into a nose-dive from 3,000ft as the cabin begins to fill with smoke.

Once the plane has hit the ground, the “passengers” have to get out as fast as they can through the front and rear exits. By this stage, the employees are so pumped up that on three separate occasions businessmen have shorn through a half-inch steel bolt by hand so as to lift a 45lb overhead escape hatch and climb onto the plane’s wing.

The Times

People have no meaning in their lives.

Give them an emergency and they leave their comfort zones and wish-fulfillment fantasies, and feel “real” again.

Instead they get this surrogate, which probably causes massive depression when it’s over.

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