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Watching the Long Arc of Election 2020

Back when we started election 2020 coverage, most people had become disspirited: despite an election with highly dubious procedure prompted by the panic over COVID-19, absolutely no one in power would take action to stop or reveal the steal.

It was as if humanity had a hive-mind created by media, government, and popular entertainment in which Trump was 100% bad and therefore any option was good, and anything except allowing that option into place would lessen American prestige and damage the country. We were dealing with symbols, not reality.

That hive-mind viewed itself as in trouble during Election 2020. Its foundation of legitimacy — the idea of diversity replacing the founding White population — had been called into question not on moral grounds, but on realistic and common sense ones. The nu-Amerika is not working as well as WASP America did.

The fact is that democracy is in big trouble worldwide. Everywhere democracy has been tried, a small elite have seized power and are following international symbolic trends instead of pursuing what works in reality for their people. This happens eventually in every democracy.

Its very existence had been threatened by someone who saw outside the assurances that everything was going great, realizing that the very things being championed as good were in fact suicidal, and showing that a small group had taken over for its own interests.

For centuries, no one has pointed out that the hive-mind is a bad thing in itself. We write it off as part and parcel of democracy and accept the fact that the bad guys always win, everything gets worse year after year, and insane decisions must be received with a smile on the face or we get fired from our cubicle jobs.

Consequently, the people in power circled the wagons and formed a consensus that Trump was bad, populism was bad, and only more liberal democracy with civil rights and a mixed economy (the modern formula) was good. Although he represents no real threat to democracy, he is a threat to the blank cheque that provides their funding.

If a realist gets into power, the symbolic activities will decrease in number. That means fewer Sisyphean diversity initiatives, less money to hire experts, and no more hiring “experts” for hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and contractors who charge military rates for basic services.

They are threatened by the thought of this changing because at this point our “mixed economy” has become a command economy: industries are created or allowed to survive by government through regulations, laws, and the distribution of taxpayer funds, and so government has become more important than profit per se.

It turns out that a simple principle rules human life: whatever takes over from nature becomes a property that others fight over, and since it selects for those who can compete nowhere else, it produces its own weird strain of humans who are drawn to it and will like a parasitic infection advance its power.

Democracy at first experienced a boost because it stopped the infighting which resulted from the imperial years of Europe, but now that democracy is an entrenched property, the parasites have taken over and are running our countries for their convenience not ours.

Their religion is symbolism itself: they follow the precedent that equality is good, and invent theory to support that, such as the benefits of diversity, climate change, or even that Trump is 100% evil. They oppose anything which does not affirm the egalitarian narrative that we are all equal and heading to Utopia via progress to equality.

They do this mostly for strategic reasons. It is difficult to argue against a non-realistic philosophy since the only realm where it can hash it out is moralism, a subset of aesthetics tied closely to social sentiment. You cannot prove that it does not work because the only claim it makes is that the optics of it make people feel better.

In other words, egalitarian philosophy joins drugs, alcohol, overeating, gambling, and promiscuity in the range of behaviors that make humans temporarily feel better in order to provide palliative treatment for miserable lives. People choose to focus on the negative and miss the possibility of making things better.

Almost every miserable human life can be traced to this fatalism, or lack of belief in possible improvement. Utopia is a far-off place, and crusading for it inherently rejects the idea of making life better without a grand Utopian re-arrangement of everything at once with total power to the re-arrangers.

Consider that most poor people are not miserable. They may not have much in the way of wealth, but they enjoy their lives with what they have, and simply scale back their expectations. Your external situation, even if bad, does not determine your happiness, but your response to it surely does.

Symbolists operate by changing external reality so that it displays a symbolic victory of the human over the constraints of nature, handily blaming the external for human misery so that humans do not have to change their thinking in order to be effective. Symbolism precedes almost all human failure because it is reality-denial.

When Joe Biden, the WEF, celebrities, religious leaders, or writers pimp for climate change, diversity, anti-poverty, or the universal brotherhood of man, they are preaching symbolism in order for those who join in to feel better about life right away. This is individualism: the world serves the individual, not the individual adapting to reality.

Right now the symbolists are finding themselves in a bad way. The early benefits of democracy died, and even the golden years of voting for more entitlements that future generations would pay for have faded away, leaving only the hangover and wreckage of all those good feelings colliding with reality.

Across the world, diversity is showing its failure through constant ethnic warfare, sometimes disguised as crime and grift. The climate change agenda has failed because it is clear that population, not driving pickup trucks, has caused the same problems everywhere population has grown worldwide.

As we approach a century of the New Deal and related programs, it is clear that we have more poverty than ever and that the impoverished are even angrier than before. Give them apartments with televisions and air conditioning, and they complain that they do not have McMansions with all of that and a jacuzzi.

More brutally, governments worldwide are broke. They stopped spending on what they needed to do in order to build a future and now our technology is stagnant, our infrastructure is rotted, and none of our vaunted institutions work as they once did. Government has burned itself out by cannibalizing cash to spend on entitlements.

This means that democracy has failed, which is why they trotted out famous names to try to tell you the exact opposite of what reality is showing you:

Over the years, we have seen huge setbacks to the progress of liberal and democratic institutions, with the rise of fascism and communism in the 1930s, or the military coups and oil crises of the 1960s and ’70s. And yet, liberal democracy has endured and come back repeatedly, because the alternatives are so bad.

If he were thinking more clearly, Fukuyama would analyze these cycles as the process of democracy taking over, i.e. more “democratization” or extension of power, wealth, and status to all citizens equally. Now democracy has nothing left to take over, which is why we spend so much time discussing transsexuals; they are the final marginalized group.

Even more, he would point out that democracy has fallen into the same pattern of dictatorship. Speech rights are a fantasy, since deplatforming has driven anyone but goodthinkers out of public office, jobs, and positions. Our societies are wracked with corruption, ethnic warfare, crime, and incompetence.

We are not living through a dictatorship of a person, but dictatorship by an idea, and that idea is equality. Democracy, based on each person having an equal vote, is an expression of equality. However equality is also an opposite to quality and over time, has replaced first-world societies with third-world ruins.

We’ve seen frightening reversals to the progress of liberal democracy over the past 15 years, but setbacks do not mean that the underlying narrative is wrong. None of the proffered alternatives look like they’re doing any better.

The second glitch with this article is that he limits “alternatives” to those currently present and, as in the last world war, the “alternatives” are merely different versions of the same French Revolution civilization based on the equality of citizens and the redistribution of wealth by government.

Democracy has become Communism combined with Consumerism ruled by a civil rights agenda that breaks down cultures, peoples, languages, faith, and values in order to produce perfect “average citizens” who are motivated solely by humanism and pursuit of profit. Those are the only safe values in a society at war with itself.

The rest of the article serves as sleight-of-hand. Fukuyama wants to argue that because China, Iran, and Russia are failing under strong government just as they have failed under every other form of government, non-democratic government is wrong for the West, even though he gives no Western examples.

Notably absent is analysis of how Hungary is doing, or Italy, or even the far-Right parties that have taken over various localities in Sweden and France. Fukuyama, by relying on the egalitarian fallacy that all people are the same, forgets that the problems of Russia, China, and Iran are bigger than their form of government.

This tells us that democracy is in trouble. In America, democracy is doubly in trouble because its supposed defenders are about to get yeeted from office. Fukuyama brushes past that with a “the other guy is worse” argument:

The problem is that many who grow up living in peaceful, prosperous liberal democracies begin to take their form of government for granted. Because they have never experienced an actual tyranny, they imagine that the democratically elected governments under which they live are themselves evil dictatorships conniving to take away their rights, whether that is the European Union or the administration in Washington.

Most of us acknowledge that democracy is soft tyranny or anarcho-totalitarianism, a postmodern form of tyranny which decentralizes itself by using the power of social conformity to compel people to join the “good” side by embracing egalitarianism as a symbol and therefore, extending it to absurd extremes.

We now have obviously mentally unwell men pretending to be women (these are distinct from honest transsexuals, whom I wish well on that difficult path, because the nu-transsexuals are mostly Reddit-style Leftist cheerleaders first and sexually non-conventional only as a means to that end) and business, government, and media catering to them.

American prestige is in the toilet and no one believes the polls any more about how Europeans finally approve of America after hating it during the Trump years. In reality, people like a weak America because it makes their countries stronger, even if they depend on America for their defense.

Leftists will tell you that the economy is strong because we have “full employment” but that even is not true since we keep adding more people off the books, leading to strong jobs numbers but actually nothing more than lots of food service and janitorial jobs which go almost exclusively to illegals.

We are seeing Carter-era stagflation which is what happens whenever a president, like the former Soviet Union, pursues ideological goals instead of practical ones. This dumps a lot of money on charlatans and simultaneously saps the productive parts of the country.

In particular, the emphasis on diversity means that White people are no longer being hired much at all and are being driven out whenever possible to replace them with minorities. Leftists are being appointed to key positions in military, government, and business. Competence is crashing as a result.

This is anarcho-totalitarianism. Instead of government doing everything with an iron hand, it makes it socially unacceptable to fail to agree with government, mostly because government drives all of the opportunities in the supposedly “private” sector. Mass compliance occurs from fear of poverty.

In other words, Fukuyama guessed wrong here. The West is weltering in censorship, deplatforming, conformity, Utopianism, and most of all, debt and incompetence. Maybe the Russians make us look good by comparison, but the gap has closed a great deal since the Cold War.

While the experts try to convince us that democracy is not failing as it appears to be, the Anti-Trump narrative is unraveling. First stop on this train to the future: the admission that Trump was right when he said “we caught them all”:

Prosecutors in Los Angeles say Konnech, a small company that makes software for scheduling election workers, has illegally given its contractors in China access to sensitive data as part of a “massive data breach.”

Konnech CEO Eugene Yu has been charged with conspiracy to embezzle public funds and grand theft by embezzlement of public funds.

The district attorney’s office also told NPR that it launched its investigation due to a tip from Gregg Phillips, a prominent election denier associated with the controversial group True the Vote. Phillips and True the Vote also executive produced and provided the basis for the widely debunked election denial film 2000 Mules.

As it turns out, NPR applied whitewash; the real crisis is treason in the ranks since this company is connected to the Chinese military apparatus:

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office (LACDAO), Yu was arrested after investigations allegedly determined that personal information submitted to PollChief was stored on servers in the People’s Republic of China, in contravention of contractual requirements.

China has a national security law which means that any data stored on Chinese servers can be transparently requested by the government. It regularly uses this to keep its databases on its dissidents in order, which is why American regulations prohibit storing data on Chinese servers.

It turns out that this Trump prediction was right on the money. Someone overseas has been helping the Democrats borrow elections, and these people have certainly demanded some quid pro quo (with “ten percent for the big guy”). This is how political machines work.

Most likely China wants a big trade from Joe Biden. Something like posturing bravely on Taiwan, then flaking out when the island is seized. We know Obama did the same thing with China and their capturing of American drones and with Russia and their taking of Crimea; Biden comes from the same management philosophy.

If history may not repeat but rhymes, as some say, we are likely seeing an old American pattern here, the political machine. These are like gentle warlords; they sell favors and sabotage government so that it is useless, which means that you must do favors for the political machine if you want basic services.

As Trump also predicted, Biden has brought misery through his ideology-first-reality-never style of government:

Only 33% of Americans would ​vote to reelect President Biden if the 2024 election were held today — and 54% would cast their ballot for another candidate, according to a Fox News poll released Sunday.​

The poll also shows that while 71% of Democrats would vote to reelect the president, 19% would not, along with 91% of Republicans and 54% of independents.

But voters give Biden an edge on trying to forge bipartisanship — with 43% saying he has made an effort to work with Republicans, while 34% say GOP lawmakers have tried to cooperate with him.

It seems that the voters, always last to wake and first to sleep, think that “bipartisanship” is a good thing. They want us to compromise with crazy because then we get a kinder, gentler version of crazy. This explains why the American voters are in the position they are in, with two parties they dislike.

The problem for the Left is not how many people hate Biden, but how few find him appealing. With prices through the roof because of reckless government spending, the American foreign experiment producing a proxy war in Ukraine that is about to get even uglier and more expensive, and almost nothing functional, it is hard to be pro-Biden.

On top of that, we have the Waukesha Massacre trial which our media is trying to ignore since it shows the utter failure of diversity:

On Nov. 21, 2021, Brooks was allegedly fleeing the scene of a fight near White Rock School.

He broke through a police barricade and drove onto the parade route, investigators said.

“As I continued to watch the SUV, it continued to drive in a zig-zag motion. It was like the SUV was trying to avoid vehicles, not people. There was no attempt made by the vehicle to stop, much less slow down,” one witness told police, according to a criminal complaint.

This obvious “hate crime” has been all but ignored by the mainstream media, which tends to forget to mention it and instead files it away on the back pages. Almost no one is aware that this trial is still going on, how Brooks is badgering and terrorizing witnesses, or how total the evidence against him is.

Brooks wrote of his hatred of White people:

Darrell Brooks Jr. — who has a decades-long rap sheet — shared a series of disturbing memes and messages on social media, most of which have been deleted since his arrest for Sunday’s deadly carnage.

They included numerous posts attacking cops, comparing them to Ku Klux Klan members and calling them “violent street gangs” — as well as calling for violence toward white people, according to screenshots.

“So when we start bakk knokkin white people TF out ion wanna hear it…the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD,” he wrote under his rap name, MathBoi Fly, along with a middle-finger emoji.

He knocked out some White people alright, mostly children and the elderly. Now with his trial antics he has proven his grudge. The judge is slow walking him to life without parole, knowing that if they can, Leftists will overturn this trial on appeal by claiming incompetent counsel or a lack of right to free expression.

Hilariously, this is not the only example of diversity failing as it always does because it is paradoxical to include different groups in the same country and to expect that country to have culture, unity, and standards. They caught a Black serial killer who whacks Hispanics:

Paul Yaw, 35, was killed on July 8; Salvador Debudey Jr., 43, died on Aug. 11; Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez, 21, was killed on Aug. 30; Juan Cruz, 52, was the Sept. 21 victim; and Lawrence Lopez Sr., 54, was slain on Sept. 27.

This is why democracy is failing. It has become clown world: society is inverted because it is anti-realistic. It is anti-realistic because it seeks symbolism, since this allows individuals to maintain a happy mental state, which fits with its Enlightenment™-era reasoning of individualism.

Our society is based on individualism, which exists in its legalized form as egalitarianism. The individual comes first before nature, culture, and reality; therefore, society accommodates the individual, which since most individuals are realistic, requires replacing realistic thinking with symbolic, feeling-driven thinking.

At the root of it is fear. We should call it what it is: these people are merely afraid of life. They do not understand it, and therefore, they know they are bad at making it work for them, so they have set up a society where if anyone knows better than they do, that person is silenced.

All of the abuses of the Left — guillotines, deplatforming, gulags, censorship, struggle sessions, genocide, executions — come from their desire to avoid anyone who knows better than the lowest common denominator. They like “progress” toward Utopia because it is unrealistic but a satisfying symbol and so it is popular.

They fear reality because reality means that some will “know better” and demonstrate it by achieving better results in reality, like the one farmer who figures out irrigation where the others are afraid to tread. Measuring ourselves by results in reality creates an instant hierarchy, and this scares the people who support the Left.

When you make a society that is dedicated toward avoiding reality and pursuing symbol, it collapses just like the Soviet Union or Rome in its later stages. Whether the symbols are religion, ideology, and simply money, this is not enough to hold a society together and make it adapt to its world, so it fails.

In this way, the symbolic view is the idol-worship that our forefathers warned about. When you heed results, you are connected to reality; when you follow symbols, those proxies for reality become your focus, and you soon find yourself in pursuit of the unrealistic. Eventually that leads to collapse.

Trump could not get anyone to hear his court cases. He could not get anyone to pay attention to the election theft. He was stabbed in the back by all of those who worked in the system, whose divided loyalty he under-estimated. But now, he is getting his day in the sun.

In fact, the man looks like a genius. Every one of his predictions is coming true. The hand of the system is being forced to correct itself. His real foe, the apathetic voters, are now ready for civil war, revolution, and regime change all in one. His path to victory is clear and nearly complete.

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