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Understanding the Relationship Between Class, Race, and Ethnicity

To understand our present time, it helps to outline history. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe went through a medieval period which basically carried on the good parts of late Rome, but in a German context, which tied religion and culture very closely in the absence of organized government.

If you ask many of us, this was a golden age. Kings protected communities and provided guidance, but were mostly absent in daily life, leaving that up to culture. A strong social hierarchy existed, with a caste system, so that the highest-IQ people were at the top of society.

Such a system succeeds by nature, and when it does, produces a whole lot of people who can do nothing but show up to work jobs while complaining about them constantly, then engage in lives of dissolution in their time off.

For those of us who are Galtonians, the error made occurred with the failure to relocate most of these people to some far-off colony. Perhaps there were just too many at a certain point, and warm bodies were needed. But the West piled up a good number of revengeful, resentful, and solipsistic people.

By the time the late eighteenth century rolled around, it was clear that monarchy was on the way out. The middle classes had seized power over the past few centuries and gradually made laws that reduced the power of aristocracy while burdening society with new costs.

After all, the middle class always pushes for the same thing, which is bourgeois success and respectability. They achieve this by having lots of customers, and they oppose any structure or values system that gets in the way of a mob running at the registers with money in its hands.

The grim secret here is that caste distinctions live on in class, and the groups had very different abilities in the realm of thought:

  • Working Class/Thralls (IQ range: 90-114/90% of population)

    As serfs, who worked on the manors as labor, or peasants, who were sort of inverse sharecroppers renting land from their lords, the lowest classes basically had to follow orders or adapt to recognized procedures, such as in agriculture. When set free, they became paycheck-to-paycheck laborers, clerks, waiters, and drivers.

  • Middle Class/Karls (IQ range: 115-125/9% of population)

    The former artisans and warriors of the realm, these people originally performed roles where they were given some direction as to goal but had flexibility of method. They became shopkeepers, middle managers, and professionals, all of whom benefited from more warm bodies and avoiding anything that offended the lower class audience.

  • Aristocrats/Jarls (IQ range: 126+/less than 1% of population)

    A tiny group, these consisted of the most competent in terms of making decisions that led to good results over time and not just in the short term. The type of thinking required to do this is a mystery to other groups, but Thralls can sort of sniff it out while the neurotic Karls tend to become hostile to it. When society collapsed, these aristocrats basically fled to country farms where they have been churning out oddball geniuses, academics, journalists, and warriors ever since.

The connection between class and race is that both rely on biological determinism.

Biological determinism — basically, that your genetic blueprint determines your abilities and tendencies — presents a line which no modern will cross because it denies equality, the theory behind the Enlightenment,™ Genghis Khan, Communism, the French Revolution, democracy, feminism, universalist religions like Judeo-Christianity and Buddhism, “objective” “truths,” bureaucracy, consumerism, and casual socializing.

No mainstream conservative will cross this line because the next day she would not have an audience, much less a job. No liberal will cross this line because the next day he would find himself considered a thought-enemy of the Leftist horde, which since it is conjectural, symbolic, and messianic, tends to view those who fail to embrace “the good news” of equality as enemies who must be exterminated.

Leftists are basically Daleks. If you affirm equality, you join them, and then you have to repeat whatever neurotic chatter they have adopted that week. If you fail, they will “exterminate, exterminate!” These are the descendants of the guillotine, gulag, Stasi, and KGB people, so it is not surprising.

Equality is necessary because the bureaucracy needs it, and bureaucracy is necessary because the markets need it, since even with its inefficiencies, it at least produces a reliable approximate value upon which people can scheme in order to keep economic growth going, which enables them to outpace the inefficiencies of a society based on markets alone. Communism, or the nationalization of markets by the bureaucracy, actually makes this process worse, but only after an initial honeymoon period of ending the internal conflict (competition and scheming) in the markets. Your only option to a society ruled by markets and bureaucracy is culture, and that requires a social hierarchy with aristocrats at the top.

Consequently, all of modern society stands on a pillar made of denial of biological reality: denial of the genetics of class, by which higher-caste people are smarter and healthier with thinner and longer faces, the genetics of race, by which tropical people are made to breed fast and die young with low investment in abstract intelligence but high “street smarts,” and the genetics of ethnicity, by which the unmixed form of a group (Japanese, Nordics, north Germans, north French, English, Scots) are healthier and less neurotic than the admixed forms (Southern, Irish, Mediterranean, and Eastern Europeans). The Left has used race as a battering ram to conceal their real concern, which is knowledge that caste differences exist and therefore, we should have the higher castes in power.

This means that modern society hangs on a string called “equality.” If this is disproven, the whole edifice falls, and we have to look at a need for social hierarchy, mainly the ancient Western Civilization morality of “good to the good, and bad to the bad” which emphasizes competence and ranks it above the incompetent.

All of our problems arise from the denial of natural inequality, and the need for inequality in order to have internal order, especially when applied to diversity both at home and abroad:

The American idea of state formation in Afghanistan was predicated on the theory that people all across the world are equal and Afghanistan could be like post-war Japan or Germany, where Madisonian democracy would flourish and Afghans unite under one national identity and fight to preserve their system of governance.

Accepting the failure of equality would clash with our modern mythos of America as a place dedicated to equality, despite its founding taking it in an entirely different direction:

A giant 5,000-square-foot mural commemorating Juneteenth now sits at 22nd Street and the Strand in the heart of Galveston’s downtown. The bright colors of the “Absolute Equality” mural depict different moments and figures in history who played an important role in Juneteenth.

Instead of admitting that equality is a cult-like fanatical fiction based in human social impulses and not reality, we create fantasies about it like systemic racism to explain away the natural and necessary inequality of humanity:

Murray’s first “truth” is that when whites, blacks, and Hispanics “take tests that are related to cognitive ability, their group results have different means,” and that these tests are pretty good predictors of job performance, especially at the upper end of the pay scale.

Cognitive ability as measured by standardized test is far from the only trait important for doing well in school or at work — grit, reliability, and empathy certainly matter — but it remains significant in all but the most menial jobs.

Those on the left insist that most the American institutions are inherently racist. Those on the right claim we have purged racism from our public institutions. Seldom does one hear a cogent explanation of what “systemic racism” means.

If we look into the core of systemic racism, just like classism, we find IQ differences there. Minorities have IQ averages in the low 90s; Whites are mostly likely in the low 100s, with Asians and Jews slightly above that (but having a lower frequency of genius, especially in the arts).

However, that is only part of the story. Every population adapts to its environment, so we are seeing the different adaptations of different groups. In tropical areas, planning for a European-style society does not make sense.

The bigger problem comes from diversity itself. When different groups are gathered in the same area, they have one option: conquer the others, or remain conquered, at which point they can be exterminated at the whim of another group.

Since whenever things go wrong — famines, floods, fires, recessions — people scapegoat someone for the problem, and tend to scapegoat outsiders, being any group other than the one in control is a dangerous position. Conquer or be conquered; most will choose to attempt to conquer.

Consequently, diverse societies tear themselves apart with infighting, then settle into some kind of racial caste system, with most people ending up mixed and therefore, lacking the abilities profile of the ingredients in that mix. Hybrid vigor dies after a generation.

This means that diversity is death, like equality. In the name of advancing class warfare, idiot humans always choose diversity because it enables them to shatter the majority culture, religion, language, history, and values system.

Then, they reason, the hierarchy will be gone. (Hierarchies arise in response to goals; whoever can achieve the goal, even in small part, rises above those who cannot, and a natural pyramidal structure arises. Bureaucrats want a flat structure with a few tyrants in control instead.).

Someday in the future people will admit that like rent control, welfare, public education, affirmative action, legal support for unions, the regulatory state, and universalist religion, diversity is a failed policy. We will view diversity as similar to Communism in having failed and being unworkable in design:

Psaki: Well, uh, Peter, first I would say communism is a failed ideology, and we certainly believe that. It has failed the people of Cuba. They deserve freedom. They deserve a government that supports them, whether that is, uh, making sure they have health and medical supplies, uh, access to vaccines, or whether they have economic opportunity and prosperity. And instead, this has been a government, an authoritarian, communist regime, that has repressed its people and has failed the people of Cuba, hence we’re seeing them in the streets.

This means that no matter how well you apply the theory, the theory will fail; it is worth mentioning that Communism is the ultimate extension of class warfare and attempt to make an egalitarian state. By extension, equality has failed, although people have not yet figured out that it fails in milder forms like the Democratic Party.

Equality belongs in the dust heap of history with other failed ideas. It feels good to the human brain, but it does not apply in reality, so adopting it is a path to failure even if it remains eternally popular with the dumb, like gambling, alcoholism, methamphetamine, miscegenation, and overeating.

When equality falls, we head straight toward either tyranny or monarchism. We can stop at oligarchy, but democracy transitions between oligarchy and tyranny during its dotage, so we will probably be tired of those both.

This leaves social hierarchy, and we will most likely return to these three IQ bands. People will listen to the top band and basically ignore the other two, which will filter out most of the stupid ideas that people come up with — and others “like” — on a regular basis.

Future leaders will realize that their goal is to say NO to as many stupid ideas as possible, since all but a few ideas are idiotic, and even those few that are not are rarely necessary. We know how to make a working society; people simply do not want to believe it, so they destroy what they have for a dream of a possible future.

Now that the philosophy of egalitarian government — democracy — has run itself into debt, groups dying out, misery, drug abuse, violence, corruption all over the place, and other forms of failure, we can finally leave behind the class warfare and the diversity that is its tool and choose something functional instead.

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