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UK police accused of racism again

Police forces in England and Wales are still institutionally racist despite attempts to confront the issue, a review claims.

The report criticised failures to recruit and keep black officers and the reliance on stop and search techniques.

The Runnymede Trust also said some forces were “dragging their feet” when it came to reporting racist offences.


In our hyper-egalitarian (read: delusional) society, “racism” is one of those crimes like pedophilia and making nuclear weapons, that one just doesn’t look deeply into.

Don’t examine the facts. Don’t look twice. Just get the offender away before the rest of us get tagged with his toxic crime.

Yet we constantly have racism charges thrown against cops because (a) they don’t have enough black people on the police form and (b) they racially profile defendants.

However, none have looked into the causes of these situations. We see the effect — too few black faces — and assume the cause.

That kind of thinking never leads to solutions.

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