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Trump Evaporated White Guilt


The 2016 US election was remarkable in so many ways, but none more so than this statement:

Watch for an increase in babies 9 months from now.

This statement exemplified the almost orgasmic emotional release felt by millions of people around the globe, even in Russia. Interestingly this was not the first time in history, because the following events resulted in the same:

  • After the Second World War peace was signed, a lot of (white) babies were born.
  • After the Mandela peace was signed, a lot of (white) babies were born.

Since this emotional release is a normal human characteristic, the same will happen in any tribe subjected to the same circumstances. However, this does not refer to conquering soldiers raping “slave” women; it refers to women being relieved at the prospect of peace to such an extent that they view it suitable for their “own” children.

The same can even be said for animals, where it is known that (some) antelope will only breed if they think it will rain.

Although this is a known phenomenon, nobody foresaw this “condition” in the current USA. The reason is quite simply that we have been drugged to such an extent that we missed the forest from the trees.

Therefore, assessing this “condition” can only take place in hindsight as follows:

Dilbert creator Scott Adams identified long ahead of time that Trump would win the election (by far). Adams trained as a hypnotist and persuasion is “his game.” The prediction that Trump would win was therefore not based on “data”, but on Trump’s ability to persuade people to vote for him. That persuasion was even possible, is based on the idea that Trump “heard” the guilt-ridden cry of his people.

From a different angle, liberals interpreted Trump’s “connection” with the people as populism. In hindsight this was a mistake because the term “people” conjured the wrong concept in the liberal mind. Liberals sell the idea of equality but secretly they abhor “the people.” At the same time though, they use those abhorrent “people” to destabilize entire countries.

Almost all countries in the world have been destabilized, except America. It is now possible (in hindsight) to confirm the utter stupidity of insider elites like the Bush and Clinton dynasties, that they would actually destabilize their own country. That this is a mental condition as described in “The Liberal Mind” is confirmed after reports that NATO mobilized 300,000 soldiers on 8 November 2016 in Europe in preparation for a Putin confrontation.

To get back to the term “people,” another aspect revealed in hindsight, is that American destabilization occurred via a two pronged liberal attack of “the Russians are coming” combined with immigration of migrants who are also classified as “people.”

Take note that all this is arranged by the uni-party liberal virus sitting in the Washington swamp. This is hindsight; it is not conjecture. The “people” are currently literally being pulled down into the swamp. But the liberal concept of people is (thankfully) incorrect, which is why Trump won the election.

In Roman times the “people” were Romans (not slaves) and in America the people were Americans. This was the status quo until liberals decided to “entitle” slaves/migrants as “people” in exchange for a bribe called “grants” in some form or fashion.

Democrats lost the 2016 election because they “assumed” that everybody (that vote) are “people”, but Trump knew that there is a big difference between Americans and other humans such as migrants/slaves. Therefore he “recognized” the American, who responded positively by voting for him.

The question now is: Why did the American taxpayer respond to this simple act of recognition?

This is where Scott Adams comes into play by identifying that liberal fear-mongering caused Americans to subdue themselves (for decades) and Trump overturning that same table of fear. Because as Adams stated quite categorically – “to oppose liberal politics of fear, requires (of Trump) to counter with a worse fear.”

The worse fear is not some external threat like “the Russians” or “political correctness”, it is the fear of self, the internal avoidance of “I was wrong”. This fear leads many people towards suicide and to nihilistic thoughts while it is this same fear that once it is recognized, will evaporate thereby opening the mind to internal peace and the jubilation of knowing that I was “not” wrong.

This internal fear has several examples such as:

  • After Soviet dismemberment, Russians drank themselves to death (I was wrong).
  • South African police suicides escalated after Mandela came to power (I was wrong).
  • American veteran suicides escalated under Obama (I was wrong).

But from a fear-of-politics point of view, America is not the only country with this retarded liberal problem. Canada, France, Scandinavia and Germany currently enjoy the same, whereas South African conservatives are still bending their knees (to this strange God) every day since 1991, when George H.W. Bush declared the New World Order who incidentally, is the same retarded Republican “God” that voted for Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s persuasive play at the American internal fear of self, overshadowed the Democratic externalized fear (of feelings).

This resulted in the evaporation of guilt causing Americans to revel in the possibility of rain and a subsequent expectation of growth where children can prosper. However, it must be noted that liberals did not evaporate at the same time, meaning they can now be openly shamed (which is their worst fear as was demonstrated by Chuck Johnson, when he emptied a rail road car.)

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