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Transgenderism Is Associated With Poor General Mental Health

A realist has one morality, which is function. Ethical and moral rules only make sense if they enhance function through efficiency, creativity, prosperity, or quality. Any other concerns are viewed as manipulation since by definition they do not lead to higher levels of function.

For this reason, realists tend to follow the Platonic rule of “good to the good, bad to the bad” which is expressed in natural selection terms as rewarding the good, removing the bad, and leaving everyone else alone. If they harm none and nothing, then leave them alone and accept them as they are.

If transsexuals only wanted to fund their own care, be transsexual in their private lives, and get on with having normal lives, realists would embrace them, and in fact are fine with the ones who behave in this way. However, transgenderism is a political gambit designed to increase control through Political Correctness and the censorship it brings.

For this reason, research about the association between transgenderism and mental health problems is taboo to the Politically Correct set:

Of 10,270 transgender patients identified, 58% (n=5940) had at least one psychiatric diagnosis compared with 13.6% (n=7,311,780) in the control patient population (p<0.0005). Transgender patients had a statistically significant increase in prevalence for all psychiatric diagnoses queried, with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder being the most common diagnoses (31% and 12%, respectively).

Another study confirms the same association between mental health disorders and transsexualism across a wide range of other studies:

Finally, 22 studies reported on the prevalence of TG individuals diagnosed with co-morbid mental health disorders or unspecified mental disorders. Our findings coincide with existing research, which indicates TG individuals do experience a higher prevalence of mental health disorders than that of the general population or cisgender individuals.

In fact, transgenders seem to be the political category most prone to having general mental health problems at levels far above normal:

We found wide gender-related inequalities in the probability of self-reporting a mental health condition, with the highest probabilities among non-binary patients who were transgender (47·21% [95% CI 42·86–51·60]) or preferred not to say their cisgender or transgender identity (32·90% [26·50–40·00]), and among transgender patients who self-described their gender (35·03% [27·39–43·53]).

Even the study that claimed that gender reassignment surgery cured these mental health problems has been rejected by its authors because the poor general mental health link remains:

However, after reviewing several letters pointing out methodological limitations of their approach, the authors published a correction noting that this observational study cannot establish the consequences of gender-affirming treatments on mental health.

As usual, the purpose of propaganda is not to inform you, but to dominate you by forcing you to repeat anti-realistic dogma as if it were real, making you part of a tacit conspiracy to deny reality so that symbolic objectives can replace it such as the mythical Utopian “equality” of the egalitarians.

That any contrary information must be suppressed in public tells us that the Political Correctness explosion of the transgenderist movement exists to further the control that the Leftist Establishment has over us, and must be thwarted by repeating these study results as vociferously and often as possible.

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