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Toronto Flyers Proclaim Alt Right, Cite


Across Toronto, flyers have been going up exhorting white people to take a peek at the Alt Right. In Leftist Canada, this is surely considered a political crime, so someone or someones took great risk in getting the message out.

The flyers read:

Hey, White Person

  • Tired of political correctness?
  • Wondering why only white countries have to become ‘multicultural’?
  • Figured out that diversity means ‘less white people’?
  • Sick of being blame for all the world’s problems?
  • Tired of being told you’re ‘racist’ for celebrating your heritage?
  • Disgusted by the garbage on television?
  • Don’t see a future for yourself and your family?
  • Questioning when immigration will stop?

Join the Alt-Right

First reported in a Twitter update by an Alt Right member, this change appeals to an audience which may be ready for a shift from dying conservatism to the Alt Right:

If Canadians could cast a ballot in the U.S. presidential election, Manitobans would be most likely to throw their support behind Donald Trump, according to one poll.

Across the nations that comprise Western Civilization, people everywhere are rejecting the failed policies of liberal democracy and its handmaidens globalism and diversity. With Brexit and Trump, the initial stages have been set for a sea change of attitudes across the West.

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