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The Sexual Revolution, Like All Revolutions, Leaves A Wasteland Behind

We have a saying — In Vino Veritas — which states that people often speak the truth when their inhibitions drop. These truths seem blurted out hastily in a haze of alcoholism, but in fact are only the leading edge of the sword as the person finally articulates what is the result of long observation.

Such a truth can be found in a recent blog post about rape

The current free-for-all sexual jungle just chews women up and spits them out. It breaks them. It makes them into trash, into garbage, into filth, into scum. It makes them into women who cannot stand the thought of being touched by any man who would be likely to marry them, or even hang around with them for very long.

There you have the brutal truth: the sexual revolution, or the lowering of standards that legitimized promiscuity, has dual effects: (1) it turns people into whores and (2) by separating sex from family, it creates a creepiness to sex that means they will never trust it, and never fully bond with another. A woman is instinctively repulsed by a man who accepts her slutty past (or present) and is excited by one who is, like an alpha predator, always pursuing the optimum.

The ancients knew this and made chastity a cardinal virtue, with some caveats. They allowed men certain liberties under certain conditions, but not otherwise, and protect women against their over-driven impulses which can lead them into a loveless state of permanent alienation.

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