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The Presidential Debate: Trump Versus Clinton, Round 2

In a short time, this event will kick off. Donald J. Trump will debate Hillary Clinton in their second match. The first round was inconclusive, with Trump coming across as full of ideas and having the right direction, but Clinton showing poise, well-rehearsed answers, and a smug cleverness in pandering to her audience. Many observers believe that Trump can achieve victory if he stays on the offensive and keeps pointing out what people hate about Clinton, which is that she promises more of the same failing policies of the Obama years, and is in league with the shadowy Cathedral formed of media, academic and international corporate elites.

Amerika offers a drinking game for those consuming green tea like myself — or something better, perhaps — during this event:

  • Each time Donald J. Trump talks about the great deals he has made, drink. This is a sign that he views the presidency as a means to accomplish positive ends that benefit all parties.

  • Each time Hillary Clinton makes a smug comment and acts exactly like the girl class president from your elementary school, drink deeply. This is a sign that she is a canny manipulator, not an honest communicator.

  • Each time the moderator interrupts on behalf of Hillary Clinton, throw the empty bottle at the media elites nearest to you.

  • Every time the audience releases a well-timed cheer for Clinton that could not have been spontaneous, do a tequila shot off the exhumed body of a current Democrat voter.

Good luck to Mr. Trump, eternal death to liberalism, and let us hope for an interesting debate.

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