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The modern world cut your balls off

So we have these really expensive ships and we don’t defend them because, OMFG, someone might get hurt -or- we might get called fascist, imperialist, racist, etc. for killing third-worlders who just want a solid meal, man:

The supertanker, which is roughly 330 metres long and three times the mass of a U.S. aircraft carrier, is carrying $100 million US worth of oil. The ship — itself worth about $100 million — has a crew of 25 people from the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Poland and Britain.

The pirates have asked for $25 million in ransom, according to unconfirmed reports.

We know exactly where they are:

Cmdr. Jane Campbell, with the U.S. Navy’s 5th fleet in Bahrain, said hijacked ships are docked in four or five ports along Somalia’s coastline. Roughly 330 merchant mariners from 25 different countries are being held hostage, she said.

Our official international cooperation political backscratching agency, the UN, is useless:

The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously on Thursday to impose sanctions on anyone engaging in or contributing to violence in the country.

Sanctions against an accused party would include the freezing of assets and a travel ban.

That’ll stop them. They just took in $25million in cash. I’m sure they care.

We’re continuing to look at the situation like corporate lawyers:

That, along with an increased military presence in the Gulf of Aden, resulted in October’s success rate dropping to 31 per cent, she said.

So they still carry off one of every three ships they approach. And live like kings in an anarchic state of anarchy.


1. When you get air conditioning, supermarkets, life insurance and cable TV, they have cut your balls off. Old school leaders would have invaded these ports, dragged pirates out to the town squares and hung them with their testicles in their mouths.

2. Anarchy is for retards. It doesn’t work. It sounds good when you’re a disillusioned underachiever, and when life just doesn’t seem to work for you, because it’s a big SCREW YOU to authority and everyone who has a clue, because you don’t. Anarchists are just emo kids who get angry between crying spells.

3. People in the industrialized West are more concerned about what other people might say about them than getting anything done. This will not end well.

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