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The Fidel Castro Litmus Test


So who do you really like….Donald Trump or Fidel Castro? Should be an easy question for anyone in the vast, non-morphadite voting demographic. With years of Liberal Therapy, as shown in the video above, this actually becomes a bit more tricky. It gets back to Daddy Issues.

Seriously. It gets back to what you believe a leader should do with power and authority. Do you use it to accomplish things, or do you use it to put people in their appropriate pigeonhole? Since we actually have to do a serious compare-and-contrast for the really smart cookies over at AU; let’s start with some similarities.

1) Both men lived a lifestyle adorned with the the riches of Croessus.
2) Both men have labored hard and ruthlessly to attain power.
3) Both men have dedicated and loyal fans.
4) Both men seem to have overturned an overturned an entrenched status quo.

But there are also two bedrock differences between Trump and Castro.

1) What do you do with your power?

Donald Trump built things. Lots of things. He put people to work. Lots of them. You, like me, may think the resorts and gambling palaces our current President Elect are garish, but they had a positive that can’t be denied. If you laid up some drywall or hung a few wires, then you got money, health insurance, pension matching, paid vacy and a sense of purpose. Tell me the Gubbermint program that gives people that and gets stuff done on time and under budget. You can’t. It does not exist.

FIdel Castro put people in what he believed was their assigned places. The ones that escaped are the ones who avoided the fate of living under Emperor Fidel.

Driving the pre-Castro elite into exile was part of Castro’s plan. The pre-revolutionary business and political leaders of Cuba, he felt, were tainted and compromised by their association with the United States. They had accepted a quasi-colonial role for Cuba, and as long as they made money from it, were content with a Cuba that was “working for the Yankee dollar”, whether in the sugar cane fields, at the baccarat tables or in the red light district of Havana. Fidel wanted to purge the country of this old, collaborationist elite, and build a new Cuba—strong, self-confident and free.

2) How do you handle the people you have power over?

Donald Trump is judgemental if you work for him. You either

A) Do your job, get paid and continue in his service.

B) Fail at your job. You get informed that “You’re Fired!” and go spruce up that resume and not use The Donald as a reference.

This means he treats people with true objective fairness. The type most precious snowflakes will tell you is !NO FAIR! He has expectations and treats you like an adult. That can truly suck if you aren’t much at adulthood.

Fidel Castro wants you dependent upon him. He wants his name to forever be the answer to the deep, philosophical question “Who’s yo daddy!?” He wants your adulation as he gives you free “healthcare.” He wants you to idolize him for giving you a “job”, giving you “housing” and giving you your life.

Unpack this and you’ll hit a veritable wall of evil. You see, he can’t give you your life unless he owns it. By logical deduction, you are his slave. So naturally, Pope Francis is truly sorry to see a great guy like Fidel bite the bag and step out the door.

Again, I’m somewhat aghast that this is a serious question. The Justin Trudeaus, the Barack Obamas, The Satanic Anti-Pope and all other dirtbags are magnetized to Fidel Castro. He represents what they truly believe in: absolute power, wielded absolutely. He is the living embodiment of the Gnostic Heresy. When Reverend Jonathan Edwards described the power and the inclination of God towards all of us simian, detestable sinners, he wrote the following:

The God that holds you over the Pit of Hell, much as one holds a Spider, or some loathsome Insect, over the Fire, abhors you, and is dreadfully provoked; his Wrath towards you burns like Fire; he looks upon you as worthy of nothing else, but to be cast into the Fire;

This is how liberals like Fidel Castro view the people they feel empowered to dispense with on a whim. It’s the sort of theological training that leads an otherwise educated person to speculate as to who you get to trash in a Basket of Deplorables. But in the end, they hold that view of the people, but blessedly encounter limits on how well they can carry out “God’s” will as expressed in Edwards’ famed Jeremiad.

Yet the real reason why people better educated than the apparent typical University of Arizona cretinous morlock should choose Trump over Castro comes from Joel Hirst. It’s not just what happens to the sinners who land in the hands of the pissed-off commie deity or his overrated, sadistic homunculus named Che. It’s the ones who slip through their bloody fingers and live in the perpetual twilight purgatory of Leftist dominance instead. Here is what they suffer. Here is what’s behind door number one.

Forget the gulags and the concentration camps and the firing squads. Those are the stories that made the papers at least — stories that were told. No — the most important part of this tragedy is not what happened, but what didn’t happen. The novels that were not written, stories of beach and mountain and freedom and loss; the beautiful paintings that did not come to be, which in turn did not inspire abounding love – the love of storybooks. The cuisine that was not refined; the businesses that did not provide for families; inventions that do not help humanity; diseases that were not cured.

If the alternative has even the inclination to try Making America Great Again, I can’t imagine wasting the saline solution to mourn the passing of Fidel Castro. Unless, of course, his death is analogous to the failure and demise of everything these sick and depraved worshipers of the zero genuinely believe in. Maybe the decisions made by students at Arizona U tell us all we need to know about how well our current academics serve the continued interests of civil and decent society.

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