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The English demonstrate the future attitude toward parasites

Let’s review.

Our dying civilizations have finally oversold themselves, producing another recession. Apparently, in our hand-to-mouth existence as glorified chimpanzees with car keys, recessions are punctuation to history, or like periods in sentences, places for us to stop and think.

Even more, we’re seeing the results of multiculturalism. Seeing Barack Obama elected makes Americans suddenly realize: we can’t pretend that the relatively innocent 1970s America is coming back, unless we make it, of course. What made 1970s America a nice place to live was its milktoast European middle class, agnostic-Christian values. Now we face multiculturalism, and with it the ugly face of pluralism is revealed, and we’re not sure we like it. We can no longer count on being understood or living in a non-third-world environment, especially where ethics are concerned. Corruption, narcissism, paranoia and insincerity have come home to roost.

Europe is seeing the same thing.

The future belongs to those who take a risk, say “this is what we stand for,” and defend it aggressively regardless of what is economically and politically convenient. After all, an ethic of convenience produced our current mess.

The English, normally referred to by various pejorative epithets here, are starting to lead the way:

A Royal Navy warship has rescued a Danish vessel after it came under attack from Somali pirates.

HMS Cumberland and the Russian frigate Neustrashimy repelled the attempted raid in the Gulf of Aden on Tuesday.

{ snip }

“Prior to boarding, boats launched by Cumberland to intercept the dhow were involved in an exchange of fire. Two foreign nationals, believed to be Somali pirates, were shot and killed in self-defence.

{snip }

“It is unclear whether his injuries were as a result of the firefight or a previous incident involving the pirates. As with all shooting incidents, a post shooting incident investigation is currently being conducted.”


Translation: we don’t care about the court of public opinion — we will make our investigation and tell you what happened. And we’re probably not going to bloviate about civil rights and compassion for pirates. Hang ’em from the mainmast.

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