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The elites love Obama

Other sources, however, indicate that wealthy neighbourhoods show a preference for Obama.

According to campaign finance details, it was Obama who raised the most funds on Wall Street.

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In Silicon Valley there is a similar dynamic: Big players support Obama. Apple and Google want to see him as president. Apple founder Steve Jobs appears to be honouring a political tradition, while Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced his support for the Democrat just recently, and even planned to go on the campaign trail for him.

In the San Francisco Bay area, Obama visited the mansions of several multi-millionaires – Sara and Sohaib Abbasi, Nancy and Bob Farese, and Ann and Gordon Getty – in April. The wealthy organized fundraisers for $2,300 per person.

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Like the founder of software giant Microsoft, Buffett – the richest man in the world, worth some $58 billion and who is also an advisor to the Democratic candidate – donated $4,600 to Obama’s campaign, the maximum amount allowed by law.

“(McCain) has too many ideas that are different than I do, particular in terms of what I would call social justice,” Buffett noted.


The elites seem to like him.

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