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The elites bloviate about their favorite cities

A big deal is being made of this in a certain New York paper, which points out that these cities don’t like Republicans:

1. Arlington, Va.
2. Plano, Texas
3. Overland Park, Kan.
4. Madison, Wis.
5. Scottsdale, Ariz.
6. Raleigh, N.C.
7. Fremont, Calif.
8. Huntington Beach, Calif.
9. Durham, N.C.
10. Boise, Idaho


These areas were picked for what percentage of the population had bachelor’s degrees and beyond, ethnic diversity, rich cultural life, etc.

As with all things, we need to ask: who is doing the picking — the defining of the categories we see as reality — and why?

Elites arise in any dying nation through the same method. They don’t like the system, define themselves in opposition to it, but they’ve carved out a nice life for themselves, and they like others around them to be the same way.

We haven’t ever seen them produce good culture, for example, and the cities they make are often only good for those who are self-congratulatory about their Progressive views and lifestyles. For others, calmer places that are more family-friendly might be preferred.

You’ve got to keep an eye on those elites. They’re self-promoting, and just because they claim truth doesn’t mean it’s the case.

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