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The Crowd loves a revenge fantasy

Let’s assume for a moment that Google Street View is damaging, in case it is.

When villagers in the quiet, ‘affluent’ village of Broughton in Cambridgeshire spotted a Google Street View car creeping into sight, they leaped into action and formed a human chain until the Google car slunk away with tailpipe between its tyres.

The villagers complained Google had no right to take pictures of their homes, calling it an ‘invasion of privacy’ and an ‘invitation for burglars to strike’.

But not only has the village now become the focus of national attention, it has raised the ire of Internet users, who are now campaigning for Street View enthusiasts from across the UK to descend on the village to snap their own perfectly legal photographs.

The Daily Mail

You didn’t join us in our self-destructive behaviors. What do you think, you’re better than us? That’s not so: we believe in equality, which generally translates to spreading the bad around so no one has too much of the good. And you’re affluent? Stuck up pricks think you’re too good for what the rest of us will endure. We’ll make you descend to our level. Here we come with our cameras, enmeshed in a revenge fantasy.

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