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The Consequences of Illusion

Responding to a call in North Miami, Marks found two dogs at a home abandoned by foreclosure. With their leashes and water bowls still in the backyard, the dogs lingered. They didn’t know and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t their home anymore.

A spokesman for the Humane Society of Douglas County in Georgia said the abandonment rate is tenfold what it was two years ago, before waves of foreclosures started hitting neighborhoods around the county. With more animals coming in and fewer people with the resources to pay for a pet, nearly all shelters there are overrun.


Way to dodge the truth, mainstream media.

The truth is that these people over-extended themselves using debt spending, and then when things got tough, whoah, there’s no money, quick ditch the dogs and the house!

No wonder our ancestors considered usury a sin — it leaves a trail of misery behind.

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