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Thailand gets rid of parasites

Summary: Myanmar sets loose members of a minority sect, sends them to Thailand. Thailand says “Hmm, parasites,” and drags them out to see and cuts them loose.

A CNN crew traveled to a remote stretch of the Thai coast four hours north of the tourist island of Phuket to investigate the growing reports that the Thai military was secretly detaining Rohingya refugees before towing them out to sea and setting them adrift.

One photo shows the Thai army towing a boatload of some 190 refugees far out to sea.

The Rohingya, a persecuted minority in Myanmar, have been fleeing their country in rickety boats for years, in search of a better life.

[A source in the Thai military] claimed local villagers had become afraid of the hundreds of Rohingya arriving each month, and that they were accusing the refugees of stealing their property and threatening them.


The same story everywhere:

People become refugees for a reason.

They then become parasites when they reach a new nation whose population is different than they are.

If we are to be penalized for excluding others for their differentness, who will speak up for us when immigrants exclude us because of our differentness, and refuse to assimilate?

The answer is that assimilation and integration never work, as is shown by the total lack of historical examples of successful multicultural (“diverse”) societies.

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