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Texas rids world of menace while crowd protests

Liberalism is blind to logic, and by extension, like a broken clock that is accurate twice a day, mostly incapable of practicing justice in its judgement. Instead, it serves compassionate theatrics, but this compassion is just a form of extraversion that seeks approval from an observing crowd.

Liberalism consistently refuses truth, a virtue having higher value than emotional self-interest. Its followers are addicted to mere egoism. They’ll use any idea, event, or person, mercilessly, to feed this addiciton.

The fallacy of Special Pleading occurs when someone argues that a case is an exception to a rule based upon an irrelevant characteristic that does not define an exception.


The following is an argumentum ad misericordiam form of Special Pleading; an attempt to convince us that because someone has less money, they tend to be falsely accused:

Like so many wrongfully convicted, Willingham was poor. At the intersection of poverty and criminal injustice, we need to work to stop the death penalty and improve legal counsel for the indigent.


The preceding quote was in reference to the execution of C.T. Willingham. The state of Texas has publicly admitted that its conviction of this individual for multiple murders was incorrect. The state was most likely in error after all, but it nonetheless removed a criminally insane person from among us.

He has been convicted of numerous felonies and misdemeanors, both as an adult and as a juvenile, and attempts at various forms of rehabilitation have proven unsuccessful.

Dr. James Grigson testified for the state at punishment stating that Willingham fits the profile of a sociopath whose conduct becomes more violent over time, and who lacks a conscience. He expressed his opinion that an individual demonstrating this type of behavior can not be rehabilitated in any manner.


sociopathA transactional criminal justice model is less efficient and more error prone than small town community justice of past eras. Towns are huge now. We can no longer get to know everyone and live among them throughout our lives.

Those who are protesting this impersonal bureaucracy, which reduces people to case numbers leading to a file full of statements, would have been the same ideologues railing against community justice lynchings in the past.

Seemingly, nothing satisifies the perpetual revolutionary left. It isn’t interested in settling upon the best way or a commitment to swift justice. It is only interested in the self image theatrics that it dubs change and progress.

While anti-death penalty advocates can muster some remarkably good arguments, Todd Willingham should not be anyone’s poster child.



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