Furthest Right

Ten things to do when you live in a closed society

…where everyone is guilty and the only crime is… getting caught…

10. Pick on those weaker than you for their insignificant and arbitrary human characteristics.

9. Claim ultimate righteousness and authority based on some equally arbitrary rule invented and modified by generations of humans who failed to get at all close to the problem.

8. Procreate and torture your offspring to gain fulfillment of authority from a world that believes in it.

7. Bow low to those who you fancy will reward you, and denigrate those who you feel slighted you with favor.

6. Support singlehandedly issues which benefit you primarily even if having no eventual collective value in society.

5. Create miniature worlds, “fiefdoms,” in which you play out the scenarios of powe and punitive logic with a God on your side who is forever friendly to your cause. Suggestions: volunteer groups, subordinates, internet people.

4. Think in absolutes, and enforce time on everyone you see so that everyone is playing by the same handicaps put upon you that you loathe.

3. Use the prevailing order as an excuse to deny all reality in favor of distorted, mutated, cancerous dreams of the prevailing order support you for your weakness, and ratifying your presence as a living being.

2. Depend on quantitative systems of order and expression so that you may communicate, debate or prove any points you feel are valid. Trust this order implicitly, as it bears the seal of technocratic humanity.

1. Believer in a power greater than the individual conscience, mind, or spirit; necessitate that all join together to enforce this power on all others in the name of the individual.

Should drive you nuts in about 30 years or so.

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