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People don’t realize that many words are “conflatable terms,” meaning that they either have the same meaning as another term or describe something that immediately becomes what that term describes.

  • Civilization/Collectivism – People like to talk about how bad collectivism is because you know, it’s what those Soviets and Nazis did. Give us a break. Collectivism means you don’t just act for yourself, but support society as a whole. We’re just afraid of it because society has redefined moral codes to prevent us from discriminating against parasites, leeches, liars, cheats and con-men.
  • Diversity/Multiculturalism/Globalism – these mean the same thing: every nation becomes a place where every type of person can live, with every background and ethnicity. This quickly destroys the dominant ethnicity in each place, the dominant religion in each place, and the dominant values system. What’s left? Watching TV for your culture and morals, and being ruled by commerce.
  • Stupidity/Ignorance/Criminality – Stupid people can’t think past tomorrow as far as their actions go. So when they see something they want, they take it. They have trouble thinking ahead to their possible arrest, or the damage they do, so they don’t think about it.
  • Poverty/Disorganization – how do you get wealthy? Get organized. Make sure the seeds go into the ground and no one eats the seed corn. Compile knowledge and use it. Have people work together. Without these things, poverty exists.
  • Corruption/Politeness – The old form of politeness was an elaborate ritual. Now, politeness means pandering and giving in to what others want, then screwing them on the back end. Customer demands a free meal? Great, give it to them — we’ve got some old food hanging around. We can’t say no and violate the new Crowd-approved social contract, so instead we strike back while technically fulfilling the demand. This kind of politeness so quickly leads to corruption there’s no point distinguishing the two.

When you recognize the truth of our subdivided vocabulary, which is that it is used to assign new symbols to separate some ideas from their consequences, you can more appropriately translate the news from comforting babble into realistic approximation of future events. You’re on your way to transcending this insanity.

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