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Sulfur dioxide not carbon dioxide global warming initiatior

Sulfur dioxide emitted from volcanoes and from burning fossil fuel is the primary initiator of global climate change, according to Dr. Peter L. Ward, a retired U.S. Geological Survey scientist who continues to study the earth and its environment through his own company, Teton Tectonics. “Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas compounding global warming, but it is not the initiator of climate change,” according to Ward.

In a paper to be published this week, Ward concludes that sulfur dioxide emissions regulate the ability of the atmosphere to clean itself by oxidizing greenhouse gases. Sulfur dioxide reacts quickly with available oxidants, leaving few to react with other greenhouse gases. The primary oxidants, created by the effects of ultraviolet sunlight on ozone, are, like ozone, in limited supply.


Let me translate:

It was a bad time for us to deploy exponentially larger numbers of internal combustion engines.

It’s not cigarettes, it’s not electric motors, and it’s not cow methane causing global warming: it’s gasoline-fueled motors.

This clarity will help us deal with the problem much more quickly.

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