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Soft drinks full of Bisphenol-A

The estrogen-mimicking chemical BPA, already banished from baby bottles and frowned upon in water jugs, has now shown up in significant levels in soft drinks.

Tests by Health Canada scientists revealed the highest levels were in energy drinks, the often caffeine-loaded beverages that have become popular with teenagers seeking a buzz and athletes chasing a quick pick-me-up. But the study also found the controversial compound in a wide variety of ginger ales, diet colas, root beers and citrus-flavoured sodas.

Bisphenol A was detected in 96 per cent of soft drinks tested, in quantities below regulatory limits. But a growing body of science suggests the chemical may have harmful effects at levels far below those limits.

The Globe and Mail

People are going to want to blame either capitalism (if they’re on the left) or the Nanny State (if they’re on the right) for this.

However, I think we should blame something more fundamental:


As I’m fond of saying around here, “The problem is us.” You can blame the government — but it’s made of humans. You can blame dictators and politicians, but someone put them in power by listening to their lies. You can blame the media, or large corporations, but who buys their products?

Yes: us.

Our inattention is what lets us think that companies selling one cent of bottled sugar water for $1.50 are going to turn out to be anything but a gathering place for mental rapists and greedy thieves.

I mean: come on now. This is reality. It’s not unnatural just because it wears a suit, types in 1200 DPI memos, and speaks with a New York accent. It’s still a goddamn predator, but we made the predator.

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