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Sociobiological truth conflicts with political happy faces

In 1965, America’s ruling class decided that the problems with the black minority were not enough. This almost-vanilla ice cream needed more Tabasco. A country that was the envy of the world in every material and political area and many cultural ones as well, began the wholesale importation of the Third World onto its shores at the rate of over 1 million per year, not counting illegals, refugees and asylees. So now the ice cream is 1/3 Tabasco, and in two decades it will be 50%.

One wonders whether the inspiration for this came from the great success stories of the multicultural late-Roman, Russian or Austro-Hungarian Empires. The enthusiasm did not abate despite the fate of Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia, Rwanda, Kashmir and Iraq. Conclusions were not drawn from the story of Belgium’s Flemish and Walloons — two peoples of the same race but of different languages, cultures and earning potentials, thrown together by historical fiat 170 years ago and still mutually loathing.

You deluge yourself with the population of banana republics, you will be a banana republic. You take in refugees from fufu dictatorships, you are tying the millstone of fufu dictatorship to your neck. You cannot bail yourself out of that one by printing dollar bills.

American schools are failing because they are full of sub-85-IQ imported children from unassimilable minorities. The schools cannot improve as long as they are controlled by cultural Marxists who believe that equality in ignorance is preferable to inequality in enlightenment. The added bonus is that if you produce generation after generation of ignorant malcontents full of self-esteem, you will succeed as well in staging the rest of the Gramscian scenario.

A nation that makes a relatively trivial logical fallacy and social pollutant such as racism into the ultimate capital crime cannot possibly survive. For where reality dwells, racism is down on the list and stupidity is at the top. In Robert Heinlein’s words, “Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and the execution is carried out automatically and without pity.”

Unless he has been stung by a liberal encephalitis mosquito, anyone who has spent time among the nonwhites in the US or abroad knows that, in its obsession with white racism, the American society of 300 million is engaged in a collective act of moral masturbation the like of which may have no precedent in history, excepting China’s pre-1976 cult of Mao and the EU’s cult of Islam.

The brainwashing of 40 years has sent America’s founding stock to cower in its ever-diminishing corners. The non-white, non-East Asian minorities march in a lockstep phalanx, smashing everything in their way with cries of racism and baseless accusations of discrimination. Now a crypto-Marxist “community organizer” will be elected, based on an uncountable stream of fraudulent nonwhite votes…

Gates of Vienna via AR

Such a blunt and horrific truth, but here it is: we as a species are not equal. No amount of snowballing can make that happen.

The elites love to manipulate the clueless masses, who are of such short term attention span they can be convinced something is “good” and they lunge for it, oblivious to the consequences they will encounter down the line.

The area of immigration is one of many where sociobiology — or understand that we are our biological capacities, and that many political viewpoints are motivated by this or the denial of it — trumps political happy-face making, where we come up with some homily and pretend everything’s OK.

I don’t think we can blame the elites alone. I think we should blame democracy. The people I see who are excited about Obama are college-educated, have decent jobs but not great incomes, and are good people. But all their friends repeat the same dogma, and they would feel ignorant to step out of line with the crowd and NOT vote for Obama. As a result, they invent fabricated reasons, lying to themselves and others, and reach for the pat on the back offered by the elites — they’re morally good.

It’s a small compensation for having your nation collapse, but it’s all they have in most cases.

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