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Socialization is the New Totalitarianism

If you are anti-social, it means you are not pleasing others.

The primary way to please others is to ignore whatever useless lives they are leading, treat them as equals and to not interrupt their consciousness — whether they deserve such treatment or not. They want to be isolated and entirely free to exercise their will, and anyone who interrupts that makes them less solipsistic and thus, is anti-social.

Socialization is the process where we all cut ourselves off from the world into little sandbagged silos of our own neurosis.

A FURIOUS householder last night told how an Asbo team battered down his door — just because his ALARM CLOCK had gone off.

The hit squad — backed by police — also swiped Iain Ryan’s stereo, two TVs and a PlayStation after a neighbour complained about the noise.

Officers summoned a council team who arrived at the flat, in Milngavie, near Glasgow, with an anti-social behaviour warrant for noise nuisance.

The Sun

Clearly this guy is a doofus, but you can see where this type of government leads: the Nanny State and the Total State, together forever, empowered by the irate reactions of those who find the unwillingness of others to submit to social domestication to be worth a tantrum, and every tantrum gets a tyrant to both serve it and gain power from it.

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