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Socialism always becomes parasitism

One liberal politician finds out the hard way that socialist values inevitably become a simpler form:

I was also seeking to reverse what I see as a culture of tolerance, where we are now expected to accept everyone else’s choices without criticism or judgment, even when those choices have a negative effect on the wider community.

Politicians are not expected to talk about moral absolutes. Raising questions about other people’s choices, after all, could offend someone and nothing is less acceptable these days than causing someone offence.

For some it is because they don’t feel it is a problem; they believe that, as a rich society, we can afford to fund this ‘lifestyle choice’.

Why is it ‘Left-wing’ to allow millions of people to remain on benefits instead of working? When did ‘Labour’ stop meaning ‘work’ and start to mean ‘benefits’?

The Daily Mail

People confuse “their society” with an absolute and universal judgment.

For example, if someone says “Germany for Germans,” that’s racist, as if every person on earth had the right to be a German.

In another sense, the Americans believe that anyone who opposes democracy and consumerism is a Hitler.

They’re taking judgments that fit in one place and time and applying them like a rule for a whole world, like those classifications “good” and “evil” which everyone wants to use but only a few understand.

In short, they’re taking it personally, because they have no idea how reality actually works — and instead of throwing out reality, they’ve asserted their personal preferences for how they’d like reality to be in its stead.

This makes people bind together in crowds and oppose any judgment of anyone, at any time, unless they violated one of those universal codes: don’t kill, don’t rape, don’t criticize others for their decisions.

The fact is that every society needs a consensus as to what it will tolerate and, in the absence of it, people fill the gaps like poured concrete and do whatever they feel like doing at the expense of the collective. This works for awhile and then the society falls apart.

Obviously, no one learns from history in this here human race, but we should be exploring the stars and composing the next great symphonies… but we’re not, because people are fixated instead on bickering over entitlements, which means no one will notice great achievements.

Well, it can be easily fixed.

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