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Social Darwinism in College Admissions

White, well-off middle class families still exert a stranglehold over places at the top universities, despite the millions of pounds spent encouraging the poor and moderately well-off to apply, new research reveals.

Children from the richest 2% of all households, are more than four and a half times more likely to study at high-ranking universities such as Bristol and Warwick than children from average neighbourhoods. They are twice as likely as the average child in Britain to go to university at all, according to data exclusive to the Guardian.

Children from the most affluent quarter of families – characterised by researchers as owning two cars and a home with four bedrooms – account for 55% of students at prestigious universities.

The Guardian

There’s a reason why their parents made it to the upper middle class.

There’s a reason why people are impoverished.

It’s not acceptable to say it in polite company, because it makes us all realize how non-autonomous we are.

But truth is the only thing that can save us from ourselves.

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