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Sexual Selectivity a Sign of Healthier Kids

1. Adolescents in intact families are less likely to become sexually active compared to peers in non-intact families.

2. Girls who experienced a parental separation during childhood are more likely to engage in early sexual activity.

3. Among girls in intact families, those who report having a close relationship with their fathers are less likely to engage in sexual activity.

4. Adolescents whose mothers were teens when they first gave birth are more likely to initiate sexual activity at an early age.

5. Youths who pledge to protect their virginity until marriage are more likely to delay sexual activity.

6. Youths who receive more adult supervision are less likely to engage in sexual activity.

7. Youths who engage in sexual activity are at an increased risk for depression.

8. Among teenage boys, those from intact families with frequent religious attendance average the fewest sexual partners.

9. Teens in intact families are less likely to become pregnant compared to peers in other family structures.

10. Women who were sexually active in their teens are less likely to form and sustain stable marriages.


What makes us think natural selection — or natural consequences — is over?

Those who behave like animals end up like animals.

Those who don’t are smarter and healthier.

Amazing, this thing called reality, when seen through the lens of realistic analysis.

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