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Send Them Back

Watching the video of people chanting “Send Her Back” at a Trump rally, which he has since disavowed, reminds me of the moment the Berlin wall fell. People began chipping away, then hammering, and finally just tearing the whole thing down.

The authorities knew that they had lost control. In fact, their entire system had collapsed because people both no longer had faith in it, and saw it as an agent of evil. Whatever they thought of Hitler, Communism was worse, and so they wanted to escape it.

We have reached the same point here in America. Daily life has changed so much that it is unrecognizable. Our cities are third world dystopian wastescapes. Almost everyone in power seems insane and incompetent, but capable of making the right noises.

Our system has reached its endpoint. We tried equality, and we ended up destroying civilization. Now it is time to tear down that wall, which in this case is a virtual wall made of taboos. We need to send them back.

It sounds horrible, but if diversity does not work, the only way to un-do it is to remove the newcomer groups. They need to go back home and apply what they have learned here. For some, reparations-with-repatriation are only fair. But they need to go, and soon.

We either fix this, or we face a series of bad options like civil war, balkanization, or partition, all of which end the power that the United States has wielded. Diversity has destroyed that; we need it back, so we must end diversity, which means that we must Send Them Back.

For election 2020, I would like to see two groups. The “Further Into The Abyss” group will be the Left, preaching a toxic cocktail of socialism, diversity, and war for democracy; the “Turn Back Now” group will want a realist, traditional, nationalist, and future-oriented society.

And they will be chanting “Send Them Back,” and no matter how Trump disavows it, he will understand that he has unleashed more than even he thought he was. He has ended the postwar order in which not being Hitler was our most important goal. The new order is realistic, not ideological.

In the future, we will not worry about diversity and inclusion or wealth transfer. We will be like nature, rewarding what works and casting aside what does not. Diversity does not work, so we will fix it by Sending Them Back.

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