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As we stumble into 2024, it becomes clear that many of us view this year with trepidation. Democracies generally last only a couple centuries and ours has had its run, plus we are aware how much our government has been compromised by China while our “thinkers” blamed the rich, Russia, Jews, and Satan.

Things look bad across the West. In public, insanity reigns everywhere; in private, the smarter people stopped reproducing long ago and we as a people are dying out (unless you count living on as mixed-race drones like the Southern, Eastern, and Latin American strains to be “survival”).

None of our institutions work anymore. All are full of jubilant monkeys, either the first-world Leftist version or the third-world grifter version. The same lies that have fooled people since the dawn of time seem to have seduced another generation, most of whom seem to have congenital health problems.

A particularly vicious and oblivious group of women, pedophiles like Bill Clinton, minorities, and Asiatics has seized control of our government, and the voters seem unable to do anything about it because all of their options are more concerned with government as a career than the business of leadership.

The biggest hominid festival however can be found on the Right. The erudite, thoughtful, and masculine voices of the past have been replaced by entertainers giving people easy answers like the Benedict Option, Christian Nationalism, National Socialism, and bipartisan compromise.

The far-Right seems to consist of nothing but barely-clad women and YouTube streamers who want to entertain people by paraphrasing Stormfront posts from twenty-five years ago. Every few months, a bold and angry new politician comes along and the herd chases them for awhile until the great debunking a few months later.

Remember Dan Crenshaw? The Black Rifle Coffee Company? Giorgia Meloni? Heck, Marjorie Taylor Greene destroyed her entire career in five minutes by posting about how all races were equal. Still the crowd rushes to the various people offering easy answers and token victories.

The public Right is expert at this. They just about lost the Cold War so that we could have prayer in schools, and they will do the same thing again with abortion. Most of them agree that getting ruled by China is just fine so long as we are still a Christian nation, and the voters nod enthusiastically. Save the babie! etc.

We are in a full-blown Idiocracy because the audience has selected for people presenting simple answers in an easy-to-understand format, which means cartoons instead of reality. This is why hierarchy is essential; ninety-nine percent of your population can only understand the cartoons and anything else upsets them.

Fewer people are reading the important sites like what Bruce Charlton is doing, the Human Biodiversity crowd, and those bringing forth New Right and New Thought ideas into the mainstream. Instead you are getting a rehash of the last century but now with visual aids, blogspeak, and vocal fry.

With this in mind, the dropoff of the conversation and audience on Right-wing social media, blogs, and news sites makes perfect sense: the sane people saw the same old stuff was happening, gave up, and went home. The intelligent are prone to being able to find answers quickly so they often settle for a negative answer just to have some answer.

Although most of our species is in the intersection between oblivious and insane, the self-pity of the Right deserves a comment. Briefly, that comment is: we always lose this way. Understanding more and aiming high, we become disappointed and then bitter, and we take our toys and go home.

While I understand this, and have sympathy for it, I also see it as self-pitying and therefore self-serving. Is fear a sin? Self-pity certainly should be because it is always destructive. We are very, very close to changing the inertial balance of the political direction in the West, and yet most people want to give up and watch TV instead!

Luckily our readers here are not “most people.” We are the few, the proud… those who are still interested in the relatively few steps that remain for us to win this thing, kick out the parasites, and start fixing our civilization so it rises higher than all of its ancestors.

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