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The more of politics one experiences, the more it becomes clear that just about everyone joins in concert to try to make you deny what you know from your inner self. They want conformity to what flatters the group, not some appeal to realism.

If you listen to it, your inner self proves to be a radical social conservative not from fear, but because the path to beauty lies through suppressing our animal and social instincts and instead, aiming ourselves toward transcendental excellence, beauty, wisdom, clarity, balance, harmony, and realism.

When you look at what actually motivates people, it becomes clear that few of them actually believe in what they are saying. They advocate their ideologies for social reasons, self-image, or in the case of the middle classes, because they are salespeople.

Whether your family and friends are Leftists or Rightists, they make their living from the behavior of a shopkeeper, which is to bring in as many warm bodies as possible to buy a product which has a substantial markup for convenience.

Salespeople rule a society in which the middle classes have deposed the kings, and this means that you grow up steeped in a culture of salesmanship. Reality does not matter; what other people like and fear matter, since you need those to drive them from the latter toward the former, in product form.

When you argue with friends and family, you have to keep in mind that you are opining on what will make a saner future, when they are talking about what will make their friends like them and think they are cool. At the end of the day, the middle class are just shopkeepers in the soul.

This means that you may find yourself awakening to being surrounded by an almost complete cloak of lies. When people accept the Big Lie — “equality” — they have to make the rest of their thinking compatible with that, since it is an ideal around which they construct their personalities.

In turn the need to reconcile their other thoughts with equality means that equality always wins out, and anything sensible gets replaced with gibberish. They lie not to convince you of the lie, but to box you into a social situation where you cannot argue against them.

At the end of the day, they want nothing more than business is usual. If taxes go up, they raise the prices. If the country fails, they move to another. If a war starts, they do their best to send the poor and spend a long vacation in Canada. This is the middle class method.

If we view humanity as a zero-sum competition between the individual and civilization, their way makes sense: they take everything they can, give nothing back, and manage their own risk by avoiding the costly task of committing to anything but their immediate luxury, freedom, and self-image.

You will find that people on both the Right and the Left fall prey to this, with the difference being that all of the Left are infected and only most of the Right. Until you purge this thinking from your soul, however, nothing will really make sense.

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