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Racism is the new witch hunt

A BLACK councillor was at the centre of a race row today after calling her Asian counterpart a “coconut” – slang for a black person who still has a “white” core – during a heated debate.

Tory Jay Jethwa who had attacked the $750,000 of taxpayers money being proposed for a slave trade project, said “She was obviously offended that I, as an Indian, spoke out on an issue which she perceived to be white.”

A furious Mrs Brown stood up and said: “In our culture we have a word for you and before I go into what I want to say and my statement, is that we have a word for you and, which many in this city would understand, is a coconut.”

“I’m not aware my comments were interpreted as a racist remark. How can I be a racist when I’m black?”

The Sun

Like most passive aggressive acts, this “racism” accusation is just an excuse to take from you with impunity while you cannot criticize in return.


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