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Psychology of normal people versus modern liberals

We are all somewhat liberal. We believe in justice, fairness, etc. What sane people aren’t is what the modern liberal is: someone who believes in equality at all costs and fundamentally is motivated by revenge at a society that, while failing, is not fixed by destroying its parts — rather, that helps those who take advantage of it.

Modern liberalism is a mental error like any other kind of illusion, including drug abuse and obesity.

In an interview with Michael Azerrad in the unofficial biography Come as You Are, Cobain admitted there was one thing he did like about Guns N’ Roses: “They totally mess things up and then they sit back and look at what they messed up and then try to figure out how they can fix it, whereas we mess things up and just dwell on it and make it even worse.”


Some people look at the problem, and try to fix it.

Others withdraw into themselves, and soon have nothing to offer but revenge and destruction.

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