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After the recent presidential debate, the media seems to be in an uproar.

In my view, it is all fake. They are pretending to be weak so that the Right gets overconfident.

A sober realistic view reveals that absolutely zero Biden voters care if he is incompetent. They are not electing him; they are electing his team. This team writes the laws and speeches for him anyway. Biden is the figurehead, sort of like how a staff of thousands is required to make a good movie but the celebrity in the leading role gets the credit.

This election shows us people voting by the policies of the parties, not for a particular leader. Most Republicans are hesitant about Trump because of his personal life, and most Democrats are unexcited about Biden because of his long history of corruption, cruelty, pedophilia, and incompetence.

But each side wants what the sides offer: Trump offers more of 1980s America, where Biden offers more of 1960s America.

The Leftist audience consists of people who would be removed by natural selection. They oppose natural selection, not surprisingly. To work around nature requires human rights, diversity, socialist entitlements subsidies, and a babysitter government to give the mental toddlers instructions and clean up their (frequent) messes.

If we threw all the Leftists out of helicopters tomorrow, everything would work better. You cannot say the same thing about Republicans.

In the same way, if we removed every advantage that Trump had, he would have still succeeded. Being born to a millionaire enabled him to do a lot more. Trump likes to raise value by increasing the quality of function. All of his books emphasize this theme, with government and fence-sitting bureaucrats as his nemesis.

While his personal life attracts a lot of flak, it might be a good time to point out that Trump came from a semi-stable household and had to make his own mistakes. Like many upper middle-class kids, he was treated like an employee by his parents and had little guidance except for people shouting unrealistic ideals at him.

Yes, he had multiple marriages… it took him a long time to find the right woman, in this case an Austrian-descended lady who wanted a modeling career to get her out of the dire poverty of her Slovenian homeland. She probably made some mistakes too.

It is unclear if Trump actually slept with Stormy Daniels, so conjecture there is not very helpful. Maybe he did like to play around. Clearly he was better in this regard than Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy, both of whom were notorious womanizers and potentially weird rapists on illegal drugs.

People like to criticize the Trump business record but the bottom line is that he raised many properties in value and produced goods, services, and real estate that many have enjoyed. What do we think of his gold leaf roccoco style of decorating? Should we even worry about what we think? Rushing to judgment seems to be a human failing.

Regardless of his personal life, Trump shows good business sense. As said here before, he is a moderate, more libertarian than anything else, who realizes the need for an American identity and recognizes that life was better under WASP rule in the 1980s. The WASPs allowed others to participate and have power, and were less judgmental than those to follow.

In contrast, POTATUS Joe [[[ BIDEN ]]] wants to bring us back into the Boomer narrative of the 1960s forever. Bad WASPs harm virtuous minorities and social outcasts, just like in Revenge of the Nerds, in this French Revolution view, and so the WASPs must forever be punished and the minorities raised up. This is the extent of Bidenism.

His policies are closer to those of Jimmy Carter than anyone else, but have a lot in common with JFK and LBJ as well. Basically he wants to keep writing checks while using regulations to slash out at everything that New York liberals hate. He creates permanent malaise in his wake after an initial stimulus, just like Clinton, Carter, JFK, LBJ, and FDR did.

If anything scares us, it should be that half of the country is so pretentions — a hard signal for the Dunning-Kruger Effect — that it would rather have an incompetent POTATUS who gives out free stuff, harms WASPs, and writes symbolic regulations than it would have a functional, valuable first-world country.

These people are insane, and the reason this election is important is that someone needs to take power away from the half of the country that is insane and get it back into the hands of people who can create order and value. Trump is the only qualified candidate in that regard.

With that in mind, this debate means little. Of course Trump performed well; he learned after his first debate. No one really cares that POTATUS was incoherent, although it is embarrassing for the USA on the international stage and shows why Putin waited for a Biden regime before he attacked Ukraine.

The Left is signaling weakness hard now with its calls for Joe “Jody” Biden to step aside. They want to make the Right overconfident so that enough of its voters stay home and assume the situation is handled for the Left to win. They also want to create drama so their own voters get re-engaged.

The Right wing media stumbles into this as usual because they are people without hope who are simply trying to score enough clicks to pay for their BMWs. You will notice that they touch on few of the topics we cover at this site; you really should ask yourself why.

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