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Portrait of a Narcissist

This one always comes back to mind when I think of the narcissistic and solipsistic nature of modernity, since the equality of the individual means that all perspectives are valid. Consider the case of Stacy Castor, a solipsist who was too clueless to spell the name of her murder weapon correctly:

“They showed me a copy of the suicide note that Ashley had left, and as I reviewed it, one of the things that jumped out at me and was unbelievable was: I had interviewed Stacey, and during my interview with her, she called antifreeze, ‘antifree,’” Spinelli said.

The suicide note also spelled antifreeze without the letter “z.” Detectives believed Stacey Castor was behind the note and more. She was arrested at the hospital and charged with second-degree murder in the death of her second husband, the attempted murder of her daughter and forging David Castor’s will.

This nitwit murderess had years to read the bottle and figure out that the substance was called “antifreeze” and not “antifree,” but the defining characteristic of solipsism/narcissism is to resist mental change, and so she never updated her knowledge.

Multiply this by billions and you see why people are the way they are: they fear having to change themselves most of all, so they resist reality and cluster around with others who as enablers “validate” their illusory viewpoints, forming angry little mobs of monkeys insisting on reality denial.

More intelligent people tend to be able to change themselves mentally, but this brings with it instability, something that dumber people know they could not endure, so they refuse to change unless forced to. This leaves them out from any kind of meaningful spiritual or mental experience.

If a future enlightened tyrant develops a solipsism test, and shuffles all of the Stacy Castors of the world (90% or more) straight into the plastic shredder when they test positive for solipsism, the remaining humans might have a chance of making it to the stars.

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