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Pluralism means infinite groups to please

Gonzales represented a major breakthrough. You see, all Cabinet posts are not created equal and, before Bush broke the barrier, no Latino had ever been nominated for one of the top four jobs — defense, state, treasury, or attorney general.

{ snip }

This week, President-elect Barack Obama unveiled his national security team and continued the sorry tradition of presidents overlooking Latinos as they fill the top-tier of the Cabinet appointments. The four big posts have been filled, and there is not a Latino anywhere in the mix.

Even liberals who like to think of the Gonzales appointment as a kind of failed social experiment because it lets them off the hook for future stabs at diversity would be hard-pressed to suggest that they couldn’t do better and that Obama couldn’t find a single Latino to name, oh I don’t know, secretary of state.

You would have thought Bill Richardson was a shoo-in for that job, with his gold-plated resume: Seven-term member of Congress; special envoy to North Korea, Iraq, Cuba and Sudan; U.N. ambassador; energy secretary; New Mexico governor and five-time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize for brokering cease-fires and negotiating the release of hostages.


It’s already bad enough that you can’t have a team of people in an American movie without the token Asian, token African, token Hispanic, token women and a wimpy token white guy — usually the dumbest of the bunch.

Now we’re seeing the true fruit of pluralism, and its ethnic counterpart, multiculturalism.

Every group must be represented and if you don’t… you’re probably a goddamn racist, an epithet which now joins “commie” and “anarchist” in America’s dubious history of morally-righteous witch hunts.

Good luck with that one. There’s no solution… because there are more groups coming up to be represented. Homosexuals. Asians (South and North). Indians. Inuits. Furries. Atheists. Goths. Who knows.

Pluralism is a stupid idea because it bases society on disunity, not unity, which is necessary for civilization. As a result, it’s a long slow road to collapse, as your leaders are aware but unwilling to act upon. So we swim in lies. Great thinking, you voting proles ;)


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