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  • Box of mail, absentee ballots found in Wisconsin ditch

    A box of mail was found this week in a ditch in Outagamie County, Wisconsin.

    According to a social media post shared with WFRV, the box, which included three trays of mail including absentee ballots, was found Tuesday and turned over to the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office.

    The Postal Service’s new leader, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, implemented a series of policy changes that have delayed mail and sparked concern over the agency’s ability to handle the large number of mail-in ballots anticipated this fall.

    So our decision analysis branches: either (1) the Left is cheating on ballots and carefully discarding of conservative ones, or (2) this is normal postal glitching, at which point we have to recognize that mail-in ballots are not secure and therefore, since anything which can be exploited will be exploited, the Left will use it to cheat.

  • Seven detained after knife attack near ex-Charlie Hebdo offices

    The main suspect, identified as an 18-year-old man of Pakistani origin, was arrested near the scene. Police said six others were in custody and being questioned.

    The attack is being treated as a terrorist incident.

    Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said it was “clearly an act of Islamist terrorism”. He said police had underestimated the threat level in the area.

    Diversity means that there is no social standard for anything, so everyone fights to impose their standards, because otherwise, their standards get erased. It is a scam just like eBay or democracy: you participate because you might have The Big Win, but chances are you will just get screwed on shipping costs instead and find out later that you paid twice as much as you would have at the source anyway. We are sold on diversity because — let us be honest — it means cheap construction, you can have a maid, and cheap meat. Did we really save that much more, or did a salesman hoodwink us with a promise that never panned out? Either way, it is hard to tell over the constant ambulance sirens and race riots.

  • Trump $500B Black America plan designates KKK, Antifa as ‘terrorist organizations’

    “For decades, Democrat politicians like Joe Biden have taken Black voters for granted. They made you big promises before every election—and then the moment they got to Washington, they abandoned you and sold you out,” the president is expected to say Friday, according to remarks exclusively obtained by Fox News. “The Democrats will always take Black voters for granted until large numbers of Black Americans vote Republican.”

    Like his heroes Reagan, JFK, and Nixon, Trump aims to work within the American system even if he has doubts about it. If he wins, he sets the country back on a direction toward conservatism, or results-based logic instead of ideology and its offshoot, pop culture. This is the core of populism: get away from the utilitarian, and back to the qualitative, which means that we reject diversity, socialism, feminism, globohomo, and all of the other nutty stuff that comes from the ideology of the Big Lie, “equality” (the opposite of quality).

    With this plan, Trump aims to transition Black votes from wanting to get free stuff from government to taking advantage of jobs. If he does this, he breaks the back of Black support for Democrats, even if they do not vote Republican. There is some sleight-of-hand magic here:

    • No time period is given. $500bn over ten years would be radically cheaper than any current programs.
    • This competes with Leftist entitlements, making people more likely to ditch welfare, obamacare, et al., for the new opportunity.
    • The KKK, as a practical matter, exists only as a few isolated groups who would be happy to be designated terrorists so that they can draw attention to themselves again. He backdoors Antifa into the terrorist designation. This one is a mixed bag, but probably would change absolutely nothing on the practical level of being pro-White; just do not claim to be from the KKK or Antifa.
    • Backdoored: “IMMIGRATION POLICY THAT PROTECTS AMERICAN JOBS.” He is explicitly defending Black America against the Hispanic and Asian invasion that is displacing them from their neighborhoods and traditional careers.
    • Unclear: “ADVANCE HOME OWNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AND ENHANCE FINANCIAL LITERACY IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.” The quest for minority housing caused the last Great Recession, so it is suicide to do that again, but this looks more like a “make offers available, but we restrain you from suicidal levels of debt.”
    • Backdoored: “SAFE URBAN NEIGHBORHOODS WITH HIGHEST POLICING STANDARDS.” A few weeks ago we were talking about #DefundPolice. Now he’s talking about increasing police funds and activity. This totally rejects Black Lives Matter and its various nutty Leftist proposals.

    Mostly what I see here is a well-intentioned attempt to break the Leftist stranglehold on the Black community. It will not work in the long-term because diversity is death and at some level Trump knows that, but it only needs to work in the short-term, getting Democrats out of office so that they cannot continue demographic replacement. Trump has acted to smash the fastest-rising forms of immigration, Asian and Hispanic, with this bill.

  • Australia says world needs to know origins of COVID-19

    “This virus has inflicted a calamity on our world and its peoples. We must do all we can to understand what happened for no other purpose than to prevent it from happening again,” Morrison said via a teleconference video link.

    When you set up a political system such as a democracy or republic, you guarantee that it will be run by lawyers because it is based on rules instead of quality of people. Social hierarchies have smarter people on top with all the wealth to keep the rest of us from mucking it up, as you can see happening daily in the news. Would you rather that Gates, Bezos, Soros, Zuckerberg, Huffman, Dorsey, Nadella, and Pichai run your lives, or that some aristocrats proven in war, spirit, and intellectual sensitivity rule your country? Since we are ruled by lawyers, Australia is following procedure: first, establish that China is culpable; next, establish damages in the trillions; finally, demand China pay and hold in lien certain rights and privileges that it has otherwise, including international trade. This will complete the decoupling by serving broke China with a ten trillion dollar bill. Maybe we can then decouple from these foreigners CEOs; not one of them is White except Gates, and he has an Irish wife.

  • Charles Barkley is taking heat for his Breonna Taylor comments

    “We do have to take into account that her boyfriend shot at the cops and shot a cop,” said Barkley, as Black Lives Matter protests continue nationwide following the outcome in Kentucky.

    Shaquille O’Neal, Barkley’s TNT colleague and a fellow NBA Hall of Famer, concurred.

    “I have to agree with Charles, this one is sort of lumped in,” said O’Neal during the broadcast. “Everyone was asking for murder charges. When you talk about murder, you have to show intent. A homicide occurred and we’re sorry a homicide occurred. When you have a warrant signed by the judge, you are doing your job, and I would imagine that you would fire back.”

    Now we get to the point where people see this narrative deflate and then, look further into Breonna Taylor to find out that she was an accessory to murder and drug trafficking who allowed her home to be used as a base of operations for her ex-boyfriend as he rampaged through a life of crime. She was not an innocent victim, and the likelihood that she was fired from her EMT job for stealing drugs makes it look like she was in fact fully engaged in this lifestyle. Live by the street, die by the street.

  • Trump is expected to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

    President Trump is expected to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court, CBS News has confirmed, according to multiple sources involved in or familiar with the selection process.

    This whole thing reeks of a bait ‘n switch, but we see Trump playing democracy game here; don’t hate the playa, hate the game, as the old saying goes. He wants to make sure evangelicals will vote for him so he has chosen a candidate that cannot be Kavanaughed because she is a woman, and who is rabid enough on abortion to please the greebos who see only one issue because their small round heads cannot contain more. They are the equivalent of the Left, raving on about civil rights, when really they have zero understanding of how our government works or how to make a productive society. Any time you run into someone whose solution is “Trust Jesus” or “Equality Now,” you know they are a total Dunning-Kruger incompetent for any of these questions. Having a healthy society does not boil down to a single symbolic idea like equality, nor a religion converted into an ideology by writing it down in easy words for the plebes. This means that Amy Coney Barrett is dangerously crazy, in addition to being Irish which means she identifies with being an oppressed majority, in addition to being a Social Justice fanatic who adopted two Black kids in order to prove how much morally better she was than her neighbors. This shows Trump getting played by the game in the name of playing the game, in that while this appointment may help him win this election, it does not address the underlying problem of the court which is that it has been used as an ideological agent for centuries instead of being a neutral assessor of legality as it was designed to be. Appoint a White male originalist; the Left will not be able to successfully mount the “he raped me forty years ago but I’m not sure when or where hic” offense that Christine Blasey-Ford used to reveal just how morally bankrupt the Left really is to a new generation of voters.

  • Texas official and 3 others indicted on 134 felonies in mail-in ballot fraud case

    Republicans: we cannot trust mail-in ballots since they are prone to fraud.

    Democrats: don’t be ridiculous!

    The office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced 134 felony charges were filed against Gregg County Commissioner Shannon Brown and three co-defendants in connection to an alleged vote harvesting scheme involving a Democratic primary in 2018.

    According to Paxton’s office, Brown and others targeted “young, able-bodied” voters to cast ballots by mail by fraudulently claiming the voters were “disabled,” in most cases without the voters’ knowledge or consent. The indictments claim this was done to increase the pool of ballots needed to swing the race in Brown’s favor.

    The Left is the party of the third world, where everyone is equal because no one has anything or any clue, and there are a few who live well because they work for the local warlords, so life is sort of like a lottery and you win big if you get to be the next cartel gunman, superstar rapper, or Obama-like gangster president. This is how simple people think; life under 120 IQ points is basically incoherent, and the democrat audience consists of people under 120 IQ points and the fatalistic, controlling, defensive, and viciously anti-life people who make their money by manipulating these vast hordes of idiots. To third world people, cheating in the election is to be expected, because elections are not a question of a goal (thriving civilization) but fighting with the other party to see who wins the lottery. You see the same mentality in dumbWhites who want to punish the big corporations, Jews, or Blacks for dumbWhite decisions, namely democracy, equality, and their offshoot diversity. The key to breaking out of the egalitarian mental ghetto is to realize that not everyone has the faculty of choice; dumb people can only make dumb decisions, and smarter decisions sound radically crazy or weird to them. As the idiots reacting to someone marginally smarter than them said in Idiocracy:

    Well, don’t want to sound like a dick or nothin’, but, ah… it says on your chart that you’re fucked up. Ah, you talk like a fag, and your shit’s all retarded.

    Dumbshits cannot help but dumbshits, because they are dumbshits. Blink twice; your modern training makes this impossible to understand. Try this: a squirrel does not understand quantum physics because it is a squirrel. A dumbshit, being humand and therefore able to wield language, will fake understanding, and may in fact memorize enough stuff to be good at quantum physics, but he cannot think. He applies procedure; this means that things always end up at the same mediocre level because that is where his thinking aims. This is the flip side of hermetic, Germanic Idealist, pagan, and New Thought philosophies: all of us are just what we are. That means genetically, and that blueprint codes for traits, and we cannot change those. Some are born to sweet delight, and some are born to the endless night, but luckily they’re morons so they have no idea. Dumbshits cannot help but dumbshit. Their thought process is dumbshit because they are dumbshits. Democracy delights dumbshits in the same way eBay and Vegas delight dumbshits; they lose every time, but someone won, so someday maybe they will! Sing it along to this chorus: muh dumbshits dumbshit. Unlike in Hollywood and certain weepy literature from last century, you do not get nobility out of savages, honesty out of whores, and intelligence out of dumbshits. Dumbshits can only dumbshit. Muh dumbshits dumbshit. Say it as you watch this world suicide on a daily basis. It is the new wisdom. Leftists, being dumbshits, think that cheating on elections is smart and Republicans are “all retarded” for not getting with the plan and just racing head-first into the third world. It may be time to consider people under 120 IQ points to be another species, or just call them hominids, because to people above 120 IQ points, they might as well be squirrels, and vice versa.

  • Thom Brennaman resigns from Cincinnati Reds broadcast booth amid suspension

    An off-camera Brennaman described an unknown city as “one of the (expletive) capitals of the world” during the broadcast.

    Fox Sports Ohio later clarified that the audio only went out to viewers streaming the game, not on over-the-air television.

    Do we really want to live in a Soviet-style society where we destroy lives for observing things about reality that conflict with our symbolic ideology? He thinks Austin is full of gays and wiccans; who cares? I mean really, who cares? The whole point of “freedom” in the American sense was that you could not be compelled to go along with the herd, because the herd always operates by social principles and therefore affirms what people wish were true instead of what is true; it adopts this projection, causing conflict with reality, so it becomes hostile to reality, and consequently self-destructs. Muh dumbshits dumbshit.

  • ‘Killer whales attacked my yacht for 45 minutes’

    Mr Walker, from Helensburgh in Argyll and Bute, felt a sudden jolt as he was at the helm of the 48ft yacht, before spotting one of the orcas.

    The retired chief financial officer told BBC Scotland: “We realised they were after the boat.”

    They later discovered a 1.5sq ft chunk had been bitten out of the fibreglass rudder.

    Freeze frame. A 48ft boat with a chunk bitten out of the fiberglass rudder? This was not orcas mistaking the boat for prey; they wanted to attack. This suggests to me that orcas have identified human boats as the source of the depletion of their own prey, and they are attacking so that they are able to survive. Humanity has extended itself too far, and taken too much from nature. We are killing beautiful things that we cannot replace. We will never like ourselves after this point, which means that the dumbshits will take over because they are oblivious to such things, and live in a world of squirrels and boxwood until they self-destruct from being reality-denying dumbshits. This is how nature keeps species from taking to the stars until they are mentally mature, and humanity is not there. Only social hierarchy and rigorous eugenics can get us there.

  • Harley-Davidson to shut sales and manufacturing operations in India

    Harley has been scrambling for years to grow sales beyond baby boomers in the United States and has not posted retail sales growth there in the past 14 quarters.

    For Boomers, taking to the open road meant “freedom.” A couple hundred bucks could take you across the nation and you were probably the meanest thing on the road, in WASP America. Now, the roads are just as violent and chaotic as anywhere else, and the only real “freedom” consists of escape from this system and the permanent underclass that it bleeds us to support. Harley should focus on making solar-powered houseboats instead.

  • NYPD should stop making traffic stops, attorney general says

    Attorney General Letitia James, who acts as a special prosecutor appointed to investigate certain police killings, argued that traffic stops for minor infractions often end in violence and that Allan Feliz’s death last October after he was pulled over for a seat belt violation “further underscores the need for this change.”

    James’ office concluded that the NYPD’s use of deadly force was justified but that the sequence of events leading to Feliz’s death would never have happened if police hadn’t stopped him in the first place. Police further heightened tensions by attempting to arrest Feliz on outstanding warrants for low-level offenses such as spitting, littering and disorderly conduct, James’ office said.

    This is the third world mentality. Stop enforcing rules that limit muh individualism and instead, pass those costs on to society at large, knowing that only the wealthy few will actually have to suffer for them. Revenge of the proles yet again. This Black attorney general should know better, since she is giving the force of law to the “Ferguson Effect”: stop policing in order to stop Black arrests and deaths. Whitey will pay, of course. Diversity is so over it’s hilarious to see these stuffed shirts posturing about it now. If you ran an election on the issue “Should we deport the non-Whites now?” it would get almost ninety percent support among Whites. Only the truly lost — the lisping, metrosexual, narcissistic, revengeful, nerdly soy pajama boys and box wine thots — would oppose it, and they are dying out as their transsexual surgeries leave them confused, depressed, and angry, at which point they kill themselves. I encourage them to do so; natural selection has proven a better guardian of humanity than humanity after the Kings.

  • At UN, Pakistani leader says India sponsors anti-Muslim hate

    “They believe that India is exclusive to Hindus and others are not equal citizens,” he said in a prerecorded speech to the U.N. General Assembly, which is being held virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Wisdom begins when we recognize our limits and stop trying to force squirrels to be eagles and vice-versa. Each group needs its own nation, not just by religion and other elective dogmas, but by ethnicity. WASPs need America. The rest of you need to Go Back Home, especially the Irish.

  • Google is removing Fediverse apps from the Play Store because they can be used to access hate speech

    The official reason given by Google for the removal of Fediverse apps is that these apps can be used to access servers which have microblogs or other content which are dedicated to hate speech. Newsflash: Mobile apps like Google Chrome can be used to access the exact same hate speech. That is the web browser model.

    Giving social media the excuse to remove “hate speech” grants them an excuse to take over the internet, which is what they want, especially as their business model begins its long path to MySpace-level failure. Not surprisingly, these monopolists who thrive by network effects — you use the product because everyone else uses the product — hate open versions of their own software. The Fediverse is based on “federation,” or the idea that anyone can run their own local node, sort of like anyone can run their own website. To see it in action, visit Free Speech Extremist.

  • Low Prevalence of Lactase Persistence in Bronze Age Europe Indicates Ongoing Strong Selection over the Last 3,000 Years

    Genetic data indicate that these individuals represent a single unstructured Central/Northern European population. We complemented these data with genotypes of 18 individuals from the Bronze Age site Mokrin in Serbia (∼4,100 to ∼3,700 BP) and 37 individuals from Eastern Europe and the Pontic-Caspian Steppe region, predating both Bronze Age sites (∼5,980 to ∼3,980 BP). We infer low LP in all three regions, i.e., in northern Germany and South-eastern and Eastern Europe, suggesting that the surge of rs4988235 in Central and Northern Europe was unlikely caused by Steppe expansions.

    Big point: there was no Eurasian invasion. The Cromagnid-Nordic-Germanics are the original population of Europe, and all of the other groups are simply degraded or admixed versions of those. This is why we refer to Southern, Eastern, Mediterranean, and Irish groups as non-Whites, because they are partially not-White and therefore, will never be White again. Among these groups, some unmixed Europeans remain, but you have to pick carefully, and these are minorities generally clustered at higher socioeconomic levels. The rest need to be deported to the third world because they are genetic wiggers.

  • Viral tweets expose the invasive software teachers are using to monitor students

    “Our school is making us use this ‘online testing’ software to prevent cheating. It just so happens that this software edits your computer’s registry, has no privacy policy, has countless news articles saying it’s a shitshow, and takes unauthorized control of your PC. How fun!” Twitter user @TheRealGDColon wrote. “When you take a test with the program, it force quits everything on your PC (including zoom) and doesn’t let you reopen it. It also streams your webcam directly to teachers. Isn’t that a fun and safe program!” he followed up in a second tweet.

    More thirdworlding. To a third world person, or a defective White, if you cheat and get ahead, you win and are smarter than all the people who actually know the material. It is simply short-term thinking.

  • Baton Rouge Police officer on leave after racist rants in online forum

    PESTICIDE, re: 70%, 80% of deaths of COVID19 in Milwaukee, Chicago are African Americans
    Posted: 4/8/20
    “I can attest that I have been in my fair share of black homes and let me just say this. The overwhelming majority have really bad hygiene and cleanliness issues… What can you expect from a group that needs constant oiling to cut down on the ashy-ness.”

    PESTICIDE, re: What happened to the chick fil a on college?
    Posted: 6/17/19
    “I love the one in Denham…. Kids in Denham have some pride and manners unlike the s*** birds in Baton Rouge…. Thank God for the Amite River. Natural barrier to keep the trash out. That and some people can’t swim.”

    PESTICIDE, re: White people are still raised to be racially illiterate
    Posted: 9/16/18
    “My old man taught me don’t be like them, get off your a** and go to work. So yeah, I was raised in racism. Worked out pretty good so far.”

    PESTICIDE, re: Would you rather live under Hitler or Stalin?
    Posted: 3/6/20
    “Hitler. I’m German so I’m good.”

    PESTICIDE, re: 94 year old Tennessee man deported
    Posted: 3/6/20
    “…While I seriously empathize for those who died in the concentration camps, it’s been long past due for the survivors to move on from it. WWII was 75 years ago, quit holding on to the past.”

    PESTICIDE, re: WYHI: Soon-to-be Supreme North Korea Leader edition
    Posted: 4/26/20
    “Koreans smell like garlic and I don’t mean a light scent either. It’s like they bathed in it, brushed their teeth with it then washed their mouth out with garlic. Anyone who’s been to Korea can verify that.”

    PESTICIDE, re: 4 of the top 10 cities in the US for burglary are in Louisiana
    Posted: 8/13/18
    “BR representing #8. F*** I hate this town. It’s like the brown stain around the toilet bowl, no matter how hard you try it’s never getting clean. They could blow torch this town and the turds would still float to the top.”

    Over the top, but it shows the insoluble problems of diversity and the need for some kind of population quality control. We are drowning in foreigners and untermenschen. Sometimes the groups overlap; not always. We have plenty of homegrown stupid, bloated with easy corporate jobs and gubmint payouts, brain-zapped by television and social media, conditioned by the narcissism inherent in the statement “every human is equal.”

  • Alberta climbing community seeks change for ‘racist, sexist’ mountain, trail names

    Included for hilarity:

    Some of the names being noted as in need of change include a mountain that is known as Squaw’s Tit near Canmore, as well as a series of trails in the Bow Valley called The White Imperialist near Grassi Lakes which also features sub-routes with names like No Tickee No Laundry, Chinatown Left and Chinatown Right.

    There are also some with sexist names in the province, for example, another trail in the Bow Valley called Naked Teenage Girls.

    Life is not PC. People fart, shit, die, fornicate, and pound each other to death. We are monkeys, until we decide to stop being monkeys, and this is not done through the pretense of altruism/pacifism but instead, by overcoming our innate tendency toward solipsism/narcissism. For 90% of humanity this cannot be done, so they will need to be oppressed. *boots marching noises*

  • Whole Foods Founder: ‘The Whole World Is Getting Fat’

    I’m merely saying that business is good at innovation. It’s good at trying new things. It’s good at disrupting. But you can only disrupt things when they’re not highly regulated.

    The whole world is getting fat, it’s just that Americans are at the leading edge of that. We’re getting fat, and we’re getting sicker, by the way. I mean, there’s a very high correlation between obesity and Covid deaths. And one of the reasons the United States has had more of a problem with Covid is simply that the comorbidities like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, they’re just higher in the U.S.

    Everywhere the modern system goes, sickness follows. What is modernity? Equality: liberalization and democratization means cheap food with low standards, because these are utilitarian ideas, which demands that whatever most people think is acceptable be considered reality. This is the death trap consuming our species. Forget the dumbshits who want you to kill the rich, the Jews, Whites, politicians, etc. They are just monkeys trying to get you to play the lottery of beating up the other team. Focus on what we are doing wrong — individualism, leading to utilitarianism, so the group defends the individualist against reality — and what we can do to fix that (the ult right).

  • Portland NAACP President says protests may last years: ‘We’re not going anywhere’

    “We’re here and we’re not going anywhere,” Rev. ED Mondaine, the NAACP president in Portland, said. “Fire’s not going to smoke us out. Flames are not going to smoke us out. COVID is not going to snuff us out. The time for equality and justice is upon us.”

    “The cries in the street need to become the cries in the boardrooms,” Rev. Mondaine explained. “It’s going to have to come into our classrooms, into the place of education. It’s going to have to call out in the halls of justice, the halls of the state capitols, in our city halls. So, we’re going to have to move the needles legislatively.”

    Rev. Mondaine says without those changes, the protests won’t end. “I mean protests can take up to two years. I hope it doesn’t take us that long, but if that’s what it takes then that’s what it’ll be. It’s not going to stop.”

    You see a Black guy, I see a typical Leftist. He wants to shake down the prosperous to fund the failing because that way, he can keep being an individualist and not be accountable to reality, hidden in a herd of people doing the same thing. Sure, we need to deport him to Afrika — reparations-with-repatriation is the only ethical and complete way of ending the diversity crisis — but the problem is his ideology, which is anti-life and anti-reality. Nihilist? Try fatalist; he has zero faith that he can improve himself and succeed in the wild natural world out there, so he wants checks from others and laws to prevent anyone from noticing that he is a gassable Communist untermensch.

  • UN General Assembly: US-China tensions flare over coronavirus

    “We must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague on to the world – China,” he said.

    “In the earliest days of the virus China locked down travel domestically, while allowing flights to leave China and infect the world. China condemned my travel ban on their country, even as they cancelled domestic flights and locked citizens in their homes,” he added.

    President Trump, whose own record on coronavirus is under close scrutiny as the US heads towards elections, has frequently accused Beijing of covering up the virus, saying they could have stopped the disease spreading.

    As usual, Trump says nothing wrong. China botched this, probably for their own gain, mainly because their economic system is failing. Leftists always project. Individualism is projection of the fears of insufficiency of the individual in the world, and it ropes people together into giant collectives. When those go too far, they become full Communist, and then militarize because they have crushed incentive to be good and replaced it with incentive to obey and be a good little tool. That does not stop the failure, so like Napoleon and the Soviets, China must go to war to keep its people together. COHOAXAIDS-10 fits into this strategy.

  • Rapid Evolution of Plastic-degrading Enzymes Prevalent in the Global Ocean

    Nearly 20 oPETases have predicted efficiencies comparable to those of laboratory-optimized PETases, suggesting strong selective pressures directing the evolution of these enzymes. We found oPETases in 90.1% of samples across all oceans and depths, particularly abundant at 1,000 m depth, with a strong dominance of Pseudomonadales containing putative highly-efficient oPETase variants in the dark ocean. Enzymatic degradation may be removing plastic from the marine environment while providing a carbon source for bathypelagic microbial communities.

    Nature operates by a very simple kernel of code: try infinite variations, and whatever sticks, make into a starting point for more variation. Test each part against the whole, instead of having control. To nature, human pollution represents many things, but it will be counted as a food source among them. Now it has produced organisms that eat plastic. This should prove interesting when these come ashore and ninety percent of our modern magic falls apart overnight.

  • Louisiana trooper who faced firing in Black man’s death dies in 1-vehicle crash

    A Louisiana state trooper has died following a single-vehicle highway crash that happened just hours after he learned he would be fired for his role last year in the in-custody death of a Black man.

    Another White guy commits suicide as the system cucks to appease the herd over a Black man who died in the midst of a pointless, idiotic crime spree.

  • Racism has cost the U.S. $16 trillion, Citigroup finds
    • Black workers have lost $113 billion in potential wages over the past two decades because they couldn’t get a college degree.
    • The housing market lost $218 billion in sales because Black applicants couldn’t get home loans.
    • About $13 trillion in business revenue never flowed into the economy because Black entrepreneurs couldn’t access bank loans.

    The Big Lie: assuming that everyone is equal in ability, we could have rammed more warm bodies through college, into corporate jobs, and towards home loans. But we are not all equal; even within the Black population, the Bell Curve applies and most could not do this. The moronic MBA response is to dumb it down so that they can pass college and be accepted in corporate jobs, but this does not assess the cost and risk of having people of lower competence in power, which is what happens in third world nations and is responsible for their lower level of performance, wealth, hygiene, competence, and intelligence. Let us try again: assuming that White people can do everything that they need themselves, what has been the cost of diversity? It starts with the self-destruction of our civilization. End it; diversity itself is the problem, not Blacks or Whites, and it serves neither group. It simply consumes, like all liberalization of standards that existed for a good reason now forgotten by witless humans in pursuit of the latest trend in an attempt to make themselves more important.

  • Jamie Dimon says he’s OK with higher taxes on the rich, but wealth tax is ‘almost impossible’

    “I’m not against having higher tax on the wealthy. But I think that you do that through their income as opposed to, you know, calculate wealth which becomes extremely complicated, legalistic, bureaucratic, regulatory, and people find a million ways around it. I would just tax income,” he said, suggesting that it’s harder to cheat on such a tax because income is “given.”

    Whatever you tax, you get less of; we know this from the war on cigarettes. If you tax wealth, you get an impoverished third world wasteland where the only people who really get ahead are criminal warlords who do not pay taxes anyway. All you will do with a wealth tax is savage the younger people heading to the upper half of the middle class, and they will in response raise prices, which will be felt by the poor the most since these raised prices will represent a higher chunk of their total income. Then the cry will rise again: “we need more welfare, raise taxes on the pinche rich!” Your average voter in democracy thinks a rich person won the lottery and sits around on a giant pile of money, and that is enough to show you that democracy inevitably becomes criminal and converts any society into a third-world wasteland. Sure, an ethnically pure society of Western Europeans may resist it longer, but in the end, the house always wins.

  • Coronavirus: fifth of people likely to refuse Covid vaccine, UK survey finds

    The survey by University College London of 70,000 people, which was launched before lockdown, found that only half (49%) considered themselves “very likely” to get vaccinated once there is a Covid vaccine and 10% said they were “very unlikely”.

    There were considerable anxieties about the side-effects of the vaccines we already have. More than half (53%) believed to varying degrees that vaccines can cause unforeseen effects. Nearly a third (30%) believed there could be future problems for adults or children that were as yet unknown.

    More than a third (38%) thought natural immunity – from having the infection and recovering – was better than immunity from vaccines. A small minority (4%) said they did not believe vaccines offered protection.

    A quarter were deeply suspicious of pharmaceutical companies, believing that vaccines are used in “commercial profiteering”, while 4% strongly believed that vaccination programmes were a con by pharmaceutical companies and authorities who are promoting vaccination for financial gain.

    Reformers, you came to us with peasant revolts and the French Revolution and the 1960s, promising that the Establishment was our problem and that overthrowing it and replacing it with the new way would work out for the best. All those smooth round faces out there nodded enthusiastically, the many dependent on the city and the job and the system, wanting a better way where they would not be so poor and sad. We went along with it. Sixty years later, we see nothing but ruins; we no longer trust any part of your Establishment. We do not trust anyone who has been promoted by this system because we recognize that the whole thing is based on self-interest and lies; where in the past, self-interest was served by making society strong and therefore, representing a strong group, now we are atomized, and so self-interest is served by taking a pile of money and running away to some tax haven where we can enjoy it without the rest of you monkeys trying to steal it. Our new god is the herd, but that thinly disguises the self. The self chooses to take all that he can and leave the rest to ruin, because that way as the one monkey atop the wreckage he gets to proclaim himself supreme and the rest of us untermenschen. We know that all of you think that way, and we no longer trust anything you say.

  • Racial/Ethnic Variation in Nasal Gene Expression of Transmembrane Serine Protease 2 (TMPRSS2)

    Among the racial/ethnic groups, nasal gene expression of TMPRSS2 was highest in Black individuals (n = 47; mean, 8.64 [95% CI, 8.41-8.86] log2 counts per million) compared with Asian individuals (n = 25; mean, 8.07 [95% CI, 7.74-8.40] log2 counts per million), Latino individuals (n = 81; mean, 8.02 [95% CI, 7.90-8.14] log2 counts per million), individuals of mixed race/ethnicity (n = 29; mean, 7.97 [95% CI, 7.77-8.16] log2 counts per million), and White individuals (n = 123; mean, 8.04 [95% CI, 7.94-8.15] log2 counts per million)

    Unequal results explained again, and again, it was not “systemic racism” but differences in the genetic blueprint. If you believe in natural selection, you understand that unequal outcomes are genetic and biological, not created by law or economics. This includes the fundamental conflict that has split the West, namely the fight over social class, where the higher classes are smarter than the middle or lower. It’s reality, deal with it.

  • North Dakota rancher builds 4x stocking rate

    Part of Goven’s strategy includes harvesting 300% of the 430% increase in his forage. The portion left behind feeds soil microbes to help build soil organic matter (SOM). Hoof action in paddocks presses grasses into the soil so microbes can break them down. There are more microbes in a teaspoon of soil than there are people on earth, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, earthworms, and arthropods. Trampled grasses provide energy for growing microbes and help supply carbon for the formation of new cells.

    Through urination, cattle deposit plant-available nitrogen while grazing a paddock.

    “We leave more forage behind now than we used to graze,” Goven says. “Each year we stagger the enter dates for our paddocks. If we grazed an area July 1 last year, we won’t come in on that same date for another 10 years.”

    Modernity, drugged by fertilizers and pesticides, rediscovers field rotation and through it, the importance of ecosystems.

  • In Inner Mongolia, China works to erase its ‘model minority’

    “If you don’t send the kids [to school], they take away your jobs,” said Gangbater. “You can’t get subsidies or loans from the banks. They put you on a blacklist. They are arresting the people who signed petitions. They have all kinds of methods.”

    The Chinese government’s crackdown on Inner Mongolia has been swift and unsurprising, using a familiar arsenal of tactics — surveillance, financial and occupational threats, detention, social credit blacklisting and media control — often deployed against ethnic minorities and others deemed a threat to “social stability.”

    Sounds about how we treat White people in the West, except that instead of sending the police to arrest them, we have the media destroy their lives.

  • Why social media has changed the world — and how to fix it

    “Human brains have essentially evolved because of sociality more than any other thing,” says Sinan Aral, an MIT professor and expert in information technology and marketing. “When you develop a population-scale technology that delivers social signals to the tune of trillions per day in real-time, the rise of social media isn’t unexpected. It’s like tossing a lit match into a pool of gasoline.”

    But – ah – wait; that is what democracy does. It is just an invisible method of social control. Are we going to talk about that? Oh, it makes people nervous, right, right.

  • Have we just stumbled on the biggest productivity increase of the century?

    If working from home eliminated an hour of commuting, without changing time spent on work or reducing production, the result would be equivalent to a 13% increase in productivity (assuming a 38-hour working work).

    Most people spend a few hours a day doing actual work, and the rest of the time “doing organization,” meaning goofing around in meetings, conference calls, filling out paperwork, and the like. Focus on the task for which the job is intended, do it from home, and do it without obligation to a set time period, and suddenly efficiency blooms. America used to do this and had lots of people going home far before five PM, or working out of their homes and having most of their time to themselves. What changed? Er, we adopted those high taxes to pay for all the bureaucrats, lawyers, and the minority underclass.


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