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  • Europe’s remaining ancient forests ‘in perilous state’ and require immediate protection, scientists warn

    In Europe, millennia of land use has significantly altered and impacted the majority of forested landscapes and very few forests remain with minimal signs of human use – less than 4 per cent of existing forested areas.

    When humans do good things, we complement the existing natural order; when we are overgrown and out of control as we are under democracy and Western technology, we become a force that obliterates everything in its path and leaves behind only more human spaces, simultaneously becoming more miserable as we find no escape from the human world we have created. The devil grants wishes, but with a catch; when humans wished for safety from nature and each other, we created a population bloom which will consume everything within reach and then self-destruct. Turn back now.

  • Grocery store clerk fired after stopping purse thief

    Police later arrested and charged Moore with larceny, WCAX reported.

    Shedyak said rather then be commended for his actions, he was fired.

    Must avoid conflict at all costs. In egalitarian societies — organized around the principle of “take from the strong to give to the weak so all are equal” — only victims have power, since society owes them something in order to make them equal, so taking action to prevent bad is seen as becoming a victimizer, even if in the end you were protecting someone else. Democracy hates controversy, but the only real controversy involves calling out other people for their bad behavior.

  • Efforts afoot to save South’s disappearing grasslands

    Across much of the South, at least 90% of the native grasslands have been lost, the initiative estimates. Despite their diminished range, Southern grasslands are still home to an incredible diversity of plants and animals — greater than the surrounding forests, which are often a top priority for conservation. One researcher documented over 90 species of bees on a single 50-acre remnant (20 hectares) preserved under power lines in Mississippi’s Black Belt. Taken as a whole, the remaining Black Belt prairie is home to more than 1,000 species of moths.

    Humans, solipsistic in their big brains, see nothing but human uses for nature, when in fact ecosystems operate like an intricate machine, with each species supporting the others. Since we do not understand this, we destroy it, so that we may see, hear, and experience only human things. This even extends to our own species, where we have made noticing differences taboo so that everyone appears to be “equal.”

  • ‘Trump Was Right’: Explosive New FBI Texts Detail Internal Furor Over Handling Of ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Investigation

    “[T]he new AG might have some questions….then yada yada yada…we all get screwed,” one agent wrote.

    Obama packed government with Leftists. They then hired other Leftists, and fired or relocated any conservatives that they could. Now that they are being revealed, the scurrying and hiding has intensified.

  • European Army Plans Face Battlefield Reality in Africa

    As the Trump administration has cut troop numbers in Africa and announced plans for reductions in Europe, Mr. Macron has led calls for what he has dubbed a European army. Mr. Trump hit out at the suggestion, tweeting that it was “very insulting” and that Europe should “pay its fair share of NATO.”

    It will come as a shock to South Africa that the European “colonizers” actually were pretty gentle, now that China and Islam want to take over the continent. Trump, no fool, realized that America was better served by finding a way to produce everything that it needs, and letting the rest of the world self-destruct. We can sit out the next world war and then conquer the victors in their time of exhaustion.

  • FinCEN Files: All you need to know about the documents leak

    FinCEN said the leak could impact on US national security, compromise investigations, and threaten the safety of institutions and individuals who file the reports.

    But last week it announced proposals to overhaul its anti-money laundering programmes.

    The UK has also unveiled plans to reform its register of company information to clamp down on fraud and money laundering.

    Leftists believe in regulation. Some of us do not, simply because hiring a bunch of bureaucrats to process forms relies on those bureaucrats being the opposite of typical government workers. Any time it takes document leaks for people to realize that massive corruption is going on, remember that big business loves regulation… it gives it minimal rules that it needs to evade.

  • Official says Polish ‘LGBT-free zones’ have no place in EU

    European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, in her first State of the Union address, said that “LGBT-free zones,” are “humanity-free zones.”

    “They have no place in our Union,” von der Leyen said, adding that the commission would soon put forward a strategy to strengthen LGBT rights in Europe.

    Democracy requires egalitarianism, since you cannot believe that the vote of an idiot is equal to that of a genius unless you think that all people have some kind of equal reason. This means that democracy always moves from “freedom” to conformity since it has a sacred illusion (the Big Lie, equality itself) to protect. We need a system based on realism, namely that some people are good and some are bad and most are mediocre, and we need the good in power.

  • Ancient Skills Used to Raise Roof at Notre Dame Cathedral

    Raised using only “ medieval building techniques ,” the timber truss is a copy of the original wooden ceiling structure that was completely destroyed during the devastating April 2019 fire.

    The past is alive…

  • Town board rejects name change for tiny hamlet of Swastika, NY

    “So basically Swastika was named by the founders of the area who settled there,” said Black Brook’s town supervisor Jon Douglass, who was at Monday’s meeting, but did not vote.

    Douglass says the hamlet was settled sometime in the 1800s. But the name came later, and derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “well-being.” The four-sided geometric character that represents the swastika has been used for thousands of years in Indian religions and seen as a symbol of good luck.

    “There was concern that due to the Germans and everything that people may have a different outlook on the name. And some of the residents that were from that area actually fought in World War II and refused to change the name just because Hitler tried to tarnish the meaning of swastika.”

    Some sanity against the need for little nerd-proles to feel self-important for having destroyed some part of history.

  • ‘It smells bad, it tastes bad’: how Americans stopped trusting their water

    Yet over the next two decades, the utility failed to invest in crucial water infrastructure while doubling its service network in an ad hoc manner – largely to households whose private wells were contaminated by coal mining.

    Sorry about your missing infrastructure, but we had to spend the money on diversity, anti-poverty, and illegal immigrant free education and healthcare programs.

  • Video shows Chinese soldiers crying as they allegedly head to Sino-Indian border

    In the video, the soldiers can be seen sobbing hysterically as they struggle to sing the words to the PLA song “Green Flowers in the Army” (軍中綠花). A Chinese netizen who goes by the handle @waynescene reposted the video on Sunday and wrote “They were told that they would be going to the front lines after they got on the bus. The cannon fodder are crying!”

    Careerism has blighted China. Since government replaced culture, people see themselves as economic units, not heroes. China wants to toughen them up with a brief war in India before it sends them to invade Vietnam.

  • Soaring wealth during pandemic highlights rising inequality

    The wealth data “highlights the inequalities in the recovery in the sense that high-income workers not only have jobs that for the most part have come back; they also have savings that have continued to grow,” said John Friedman, an economist at Brown University who is co-director of Opportunity Insights.

    People who work within the system do just fine. Everyone else gets savaged by taxes and stays poor. Do we blame capitalism? No, since the Leftist demand for subsidies caused this problem: taxes, unions, regulations, and affirmative action drained wealth from ordinary people. But we had a Black president!

  • Amid ‘indescribable times,’ St. Louis homicide rate reaches historic levels

    “Since June 1, our numbers began to rise at the alarming rate,” said Aubuchon, the homicide unit’s commander since 2018. “We’ve never seen anything like the last three months. These are indescribable times.”

    B-b-but the official Fact Checkers told us that Ferguson Effect was not real! If you are a police officer, your job has shifted from “protect the public” to “do not end up on television.” Murders? You will stop them if you can do so without ending up on television. This means that Black suspects, Antifa, etc., get a free pass to kill.

  • Coronavirus Disinfectants May Be Extremely Hazardous to Health

    Exposure to disinfectants and cleaning products has long been linked to health risks. Among nurses, for instance, exposure to cleaning chemicals at work was associated with a 25% to 38% increased risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This included disinfectants with the active ingredients glutaraldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds, variants of which are included on the EPA’s List N.

    Research published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine also found that women responsible for cleaning at home, or who worked as house cleaners, had accelerated declines in lung function, and long-term respiratory health was impaired 10 to 20 years after cleaning activities.

    “[E]xposures related to cleaning activities may constitute a risk to long-term respiratory health,” the study concluded, with researchers stating that the damage to respiratory function for women cleaners was similar to smoking a pack of cigarettes every day for 10 to 20 years.

    Another modern miracle down the drain. We are poisoning ourselves with our clever cherry-picked solutions, not looking at the whole picture.

  • Facebook accused of censoring Palestinians under pretext of fighting hate speech

    Facebook’s Community Standards are an outline of what is and is not allowed on its platform. It routinely removes posts for reasons including harassment and bullying, graphic violence and hate speech.

    Yet these same reasons have been cited for the removal of posts by Palestinian-Dutch supermodel Bella Hadid, as well as Palestinian-American professor Noura Erakat.

    In theory, pluralism means that all opinions co-exist just like all people do. In reality, pluralism is like any “ism,” self-interested, and in order to spread and secure itself, it bans anything which reveals problems with pluralism. In the same way, most pacifist movements are willing to wage war against those who are anti-pacifist.

  • America is the Holy Roman Empire of the 21st century

    The United States today bears an uncomfortable similarity to that doomed empire. The American Constitution is the oldest in the world still operating, and has been obviously out of date for well over a century. Half the basic mechanics of government are either malfunctioning kludges or a gross betrayal of its own founding principles. Countries that fail to maintain themselves to this degree often do not survive.

    What is the deflection here? We want to blame one political system for the failings of its parent, democracy. Worldwide, Leftism — the root idea behind democracy, since both are egalitarian — finds itself in decline because it has held sway for several centuries and all of our problems have gotten worse. Even more, our commitment to Leftism forbids us from attempting non-Leftist solutions, so we keep grinding on, adding more layers of Leftism, and yet the problems keep getting worse. The Holy Roman Empire that is about to fall is the notion of utilitarianism, or that whatever most people want is good or true, and it is going to be replaced by hierarchy and realism, or a sense of looking at the whole picture and measuring what changes in response to our actions to assess how good they are, instead of relying on what “most people” “think.”

  • Revised Statement Of U.S. Attorney Freed On Inquiry Into Reports Of Potential Issues With Mail-In Ballots

    At this point we can confirm that a small number of military ballots were discarded. Investigators have recovered nine ballots at this time. Some of those ballots can be attributed to specific voters and some cannot. Of the nine ballots that were discarded and then recovered, 7 were cast for presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    Trump proven correct again.

  • DOJ nearing antitrust action on Google; Trump eyes tech curb

    The anticipated lawsuit against Google by the Justice Department could be the government’s biggest legal offensive to protect competition since the ground-breaking case against Microsoft almost 20 years ago.

    Lawmakers and consumer advocates accuse Google of abusing its dominance in online search and advertising to stifle competition and boost its profits.

    Google controls social media through its algorithm. This makes social media censor stuff so that it does not end up on the wrong side of Google. When Google goes down, much of the internet will be freed from the utilitarian algorithm that rewards sites with the highest traffic, effectively suppressing those with minority content. Google plays to SJWs because they are the most fanatical audience on the internet and necessary for keeping ad views high, even if they end up not buying much of anything.

  • Molotov cocktails hurled at Portland police by protesters

    Protesters in Portland hurled Molotov cocktails at officers in Oregon’s largest city during a demonstration over a Kentucky grand jury’s decision to not indict officers in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor, police said Thursday. Thirteen people were arrested.

    Police and the protesters clashed as demonstrators in cities around the U.S. raged against a criminal justice system they say is stacked against Black people. In Taylor’s hometown of Louisville, gunfire rang out and wounded two police officers.

    Back to reality: Breonna Taylor could have been prosecuted for murder as an accessory. She let her boyfriend use her car to transport bodies and drugs, may have been fired from her EMT job for stealing drugs, and was generally perfectly OK with him conducting a drug business from her home. The police announced, and her newer boyfriend opened fire, then staged a coverup. Like George Floyd, Mike Brown, Rodney King, Emmett Till, and Trayvon Martin, Breonna Taylor will become the linchpin of a narrative collapse which will result in further middle American defections from the Leftist narrative.

  • France street harassment: Strasbourg woman attacked ‘for wearing skirt’

    In an interview with France Bleu Alsace radio, Elisabeth said she was walking home when one of the three men said: “Look at that whore in a skirt.”

    Two of the three men then held her while the third hit her in the face, leaving her with a black eye, she told the station. The men then fled.

    “A woman is never hit because she wears a skirt. A woman is hit because there are people who are misogynistic, sexist, violent, and who free themselves from any law and any rule of civility by striking them,” [said junior interior minister Marlene Schiappa, who is in charge of citizenship and was previously in charge of equality issues]

    There goes the deflection. In reality, this is a clash of cultures. Native French like skirts, but she was not wearing a burqa, so her attackers called her a whore.

  • Macron’s ‘Amish’ comments fuel grassroots 5G skepticism

    The French government has faced mounting pressure in the past few weeks to delay the rollout of the new technology after dozens of elected officials from the Greens, Socialists and left-wing France Unbowed asked for a moratorium until the summer, citing uncertainties around the technology’s health and environmental impact.

    People have figured out that government serves world Leftism, and world Leftism wants 5G to keep its failing technology companies in new gadgets to sell. In reality, everyone is fine with 4G and Wi-Fi except the “new audience” of people from abroad and basement nerds who want to live online because they fundamentally have no purpose except consuming and creating drama.

  • Youths mock George Floyd’s death with monkey mask, MAGA hat in racist incident in N.J. community

    The photo shows a boy wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap and a police badge kneeling on the neck of another boy wearing an ape mask.

    When you preach lies to people, they make fun of them. The media-government complex has entered Soviet levels of failure and disbelief.

  • Kenosha shooter’s defense portrays him as ‘American patriot’

    “Kyle Rittenhouse will go down in American history alongside that brave unknown patriot … who fired ‘The Shot Heard Round the World,”’ lead attorney John Pierce wrote this month in a tweet he later deleted. “A Second American Revolution against Tyranny has begun.”

    The government, consumerist big corporations, deep state, media, academia, minorities, and assorted international Leftists have been waging war on normal White Americans for some time. They finally got caught, the riots resulted, and Rittenhouse shot back instead of becoming a statistic. We are going to have to yeet all of these people to elsewhere; minorities can go to their native lands, near-whites can go back to Southern Europe, the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, and Ireland; Leftists need to go to the new Equality Utopia Paradise (EUP) in Venezuela, where they will enjoy warm climates, friendly people, universal tolerance, market socialist economies, vibrant diversity, sexual liberation, and giant bundles of ethnic food.

  • Poll shows jump in approval for Brazil’s Bolsonaro amid pandemic

    The number of Brazilians that rate his government as great or good has risen to 40% from 29% in December, while those that view it as bad or terrible has dropped to 29% from 38% in the previous poll, the survey byCNI/Ibope said.

    In times of crisis, people like strong leaders; the real crisis is not COHOAXHIVAIDSID-19 but the collapse of global Leftism. Bolsonaro, like Trump and Farage, has found a new way in which we avoid the crisis of the old. People are seeing the wisdom of this, and leaving behind the tired 1789/1968 Leftism that has ruined our futures so far.

  • Harvard Researcher Blames Right Wing Media for Creating Narrative of Left-Wing Riots

    Donovan, who declares George Floyd’s death was just one in a “seemingly endless line of merciless and vicious events perpetrated by police against Black people,” says conservative media have covered in a “new way” the daily BLM/Antifa protests: “flipping the script to suggest that Black protesters—demonstrating because they fear police violence—are themselves a threat to white people.”

    Diversity, equality, and democracy are a threat to White (capitalize it, since we capitalize Black) people. Somehow Leftists rage that we have discovered this and are willing to say it. Demographic replacement, sexual liberation, socialist entitlements, regulations creating consumerism, and other modern blight are the weapons being used to destroy us.

  • Hunter Biden received $3.5M wire transfer from Russian billionaire: Senate report

    Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the richest woman in Russia and the widow of Yury Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow, Senate Republicans revealed in their report on the younger Biden’s work in Ukraine.

    Into the media black hole very quickly, no doubt.

  • Troublesome South African baboon evicted for raiding homes

    Kataza was unfairly singled out, said Jenni Trethowan. She runs Baboon Matters, a conservation organization in Cape Town that seeks ways for humans and baboons to peacefully co-exist. She wants him back in Kommetjie.

    “He’s no worse than any of the other baboons. He’s just an urban baboon,” Trethowan said.

    Good, good. Now do the farm attacks. Or can we not mention that?

  • A BB gun was seen in a Harvey fourth grader’s bedroom during virtual class. Now, he’s suspended.

    Ka Mauri Harrison, a fourth grader at Woodmere Elementary in Harvey, was taking a virtual class in his bedroom when his younger brother came into the room and tripped over a BB gun.

    The 9-year-old leaned away from his English test, grabbed the unloaded weapon and put it next to his chair, away from his brother but in view of the computer camera that showed the scene to his teacher and classmates.

    By the end of the day, he was facing suspension from school — and possible expulsion.

    Leftists hate guns because guns mean a reality outside of Leftism and the social control it uses to stop people from attacking each other, even if — especially if — the “victim” is a criminal and deserves it. They also fear nature, so they destroy it, and organic culture, so they demographically replace it.

  • Vietnam police bust ring selling ‘recycled condoms’

    Police in Vietnam have confiscated an estimated 345,000 used condoms which had been cleaned and resold as new, state media reported.

    A woman detained during the bust told police that the used prophylactics were first boiled in water then dried and reshaped on a wooden phallus before being repackaged and resold.

    From Naked Lunch:

    A street boy climbs over the balcony rail.

    Lieutenant: “No, we do not want to buy any used condoms! Cut!”

  • An RV-size asteroid will zip by the Earth Thursday, closer than the moon and some satellites

    Based on its brightness, scientists estimate that 2020 SW is roughly 15 to 30 feet wide, according to NASA. Although it’s not on an impact trajectory with Earth, if it were, the space rock would almost certainly break up high in our atmosphere, becoming a bright meteor known as a fireball.

    One of these days, it will not be a near miss. We either get to the stars, or we sit around singing about our Equality Utopia as the speeding rock of death approaches. Which way, Western Man? Equality or Reality?


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