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  • Trump Job Approval 43%; Ties Party Polarization Record

    People belong to either the future or the past now that we have reached a branching stage. Those who belong to the past are still bleating out Leftist dogma, since for the past couple centuries doing that was all that was required to be in the “in” group and succeed. People looking toward the future realize that the liberal democracy stew — socialist-style Keynesian entitlements-based consumerism, civil rights leading to forced equality, and wars to spread liberal democracy — has failed just like Communism and National Socialism, and now we are heading toward a future of smaller government, stronger leaders, identity politics on a national level, and more deference to tradition.

  • Democrats and Republicans Aren’t Just Divided. They Live in Different Worlds.

    Democrats make their money from the big government Keynesian tax-and-spend wealth transfer “pump priming” consumerist model, where Republicans tend to make their money from production. We want a supply-side economy, they want a government-based economy. The latter has failed and taken down globalism with it, but that will not stop them from wanting more of it.

  • No charges filed after Fresno student posts social media threat

    The Fresno County District Attorney’s office issued a statement on Thursday that the office declined to file any criminal threat charges against the student for a social media post Tuesday that read, “felt cute might shoot up a school later.”

    Democracy comedy has us interpreting silly memes as threats because we know that our society is fundamentally unstable. We should fix the instability — the cause of school shootings, suicides, lonely people never marrying and having kids, and general misery — instead of trying to hunt down every person who notices that Rome 2.0 is falling and punishing them.

  • Bernier gets invite to leaders’ debates

    “It’s no big surprise that Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked debate panel used a Liberal-friendly pollster who attacks Andrew Scheer to ultimately justify Mr. Bernier’s attendance at the debate,” press secretary Daniel Schow said by email. “Trudeau has been stacking the deck for months, using the power of his office to tilt the playing field in his favour for this election.”

    Everywhere we look, Leftists are doing the same things, namely obscuring other voices with lots of Leftist voices so that people simply conform and follow herd wisdom.

  • Thousands demand Oxford dictionaries ‘eliminate sexist definitions’

    The Left operates by a simple calculus: anything which advances equality is good, and everything else is bad and must be removed for immorality. Remember the accusations of corrupting the morality of students that got Socrates executed? 2400 years later, Leftists are still the same, owing to them sharing the neurosis, fatalism, and envy that propels people to want to destroy natural hierarchy and replace it with an equal mob.

  • LGBT teaching row: Ministers accused of “radio silence” over Muslim protests

    Most of the protesters have been of Muslim faith and many of those the BBC has spoken to have insisted they believe homosexuality to be a sin.

    Diversity means forcing a universal one-size-fits-all standard of behavior on all people. In order to avoid excluding anyone, it is by nature permissive. That clashes with the desire of traditional cultures to maintain prohibitions on certain activities that they see as destructive; while it is foolish to oppose homosexuality since it occurs in nature, it is also foolish to accept it as part of the public behavior in your civilization, because that endorses it and spreads it to those who would not naturally follow it (same as with swingers, prostitution, promiscuity in general, etc.). Now diversity confronts yet another of its internal contradictions, revealing that it is not a plan for a civilization but merely to destroy one.

  • German medics urge calm over hand birth defects

    We seem to have a lot of birth defects in the West recently. Most likely to blame: nuclear accidents, industrial waste, everyday toxic products, stressed parents, and mixed parentage. The more we create genetic and chemical chaos, the more we mutate and die out.

  • Flooding from Imelda turns deadly in Texas as rainfall totals approach 4 feet

    Texas keeps growing because of illegal immigration and an influx of people from high-tax states. This means that they keep building neighborhoods, most of which are concrete, radiating out from the center of the big population metropolises (DFW, Austin, Houston). As a result, when storms come, the water has nowhere to go. Under Leftist government, none of the metropolises have adopted anything like a sensible water management plan or in fact substantially changed what they are doing, and the construction goes on, day after day. Expect more floods, but until a large enough number of people drown, democracy will do nothing (as usual: democracy specializes in symbolic problems, like civil rights and poverty, but ignores real structural problems because 90% of the audience cannot understand them, 9% understands them partially and ends up at wrong results, and the 1% with a clue are outvoted).

  • Toyota invests $391 million in its Texas truck assembly plant

    Toyota brings manufacturing back to the US after China falls, providing for its trucks to be produced under Japanese management at a Texas plant staffed by Mexicans. In the meantime, unions have continued to hamstring Detroit and GM is probably trying to figure out a way to sell itself to Toyota.

  • Chinese woman pleads guilty in ‘birth tourism’ case

    As the tide on immigration slowly begins to turn, people are now looking at “birthright citizenship,” a misinterpretation of American law that holds that a woman who can get here before birthing has produced a new US citizen.

  • Justin Trudeau: Canada PM in ‘brownface’ 2001 yearbook photo

    The smart thing to do: defend Trudeau because brownface and blackface are not always meant unkindly or in a “racist” context.

    The dumb thing to do: what mainstream conservatives in public did, mainly cheering his scandal and saying, “See, Leftists are the real racists!” apparently forgetting that “racist” is a made-up Leftword.

  • Scott Morrison wins Chinese media praise for defence of Gladys Liu

    Queue mainstream conservative babbling about assimilation. In fact, this story shows us that blood ties are more important than political culture like your constitution, laws, economic system, political system, and standard of public behavior. They do not care; they come only to conquer. It does not matter who they are, only that they are different.

  • Cuba’s ‘sonic weapon’ may have been mosquito gas

    The study notes that tests carried out on 28 participants – seven of whom were tested both before and after being posted to Havana – support a diagnosis of brain injury acquired by diplomats and their families while in Cuba.

    Specifically, the results were “highly suggestive” of something called cholinesterase inhibitor intoxication.

    But the low, consistent doses the researchers believe were delivered are consistent with exposure to commercial pesticides, the study’s authors said.

    We are retarding ourselves with pesticides and other artificial chemicals we use to control our environment.

  • The Christian converts who are setting fire to sacred Aboriginal objects

    Christianity guess wrong again because like most symbolic religions, it requires a universal truth — like “writing on the wall” from God — which contradicts reality and organizes it instead into little ideological clusters. These help it manipulate people into doing good things like sexual chastity, charity, honesty, and reverence, but the side effect is that like political ideology they make people dependent upon a symbolic centralized authority. This makes them go brain-dead and you get results like the above.

  • Bank robber wearing ‘Day of Dead’ mask may be charged with cultural appropriation

    Yes, you really can be jailed for more if you rob a bank in racially or culturally offensive camoflauge. I thought the Day of The Dead mask was a nice, subtle threat from the armed robber, myself. California isn’t joking. The guy attempted to hold up a bank and they’re throwing the book at him. Hard. For offending Mexicans in his sartorial decisions involving what mask to wear.

    A representative of the Santa Monica Police Department did not respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment. “Use of a Day of the Dead Mask during a robbery can be a separate offense or an enhancement, under the California Penal Code,” a police spokesperson said in a press release, per the Observer. “In this case, the suspect is sought for violating the rights of indigenous peoples, and for bank robbery.” A spokesperson from Wells Fargo tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “We are working with law enforcement and are unable to provide more details as this is an ongoing criminal investigation. Wells Fargo values and promotes diversity and inclusion in all aspects of business at all levels. We do not tolerate racism, cultural appropriation or discrimination of any kind.”

    Wells Fargo invents diverse bank accounts that don’t exist. They’re corrupt scumbags that value diversity and inclusion in their selection of suckers. Never mind that they just had a cash counter knocked-over. This intolerable !RACISM! just has to end. We live in Clown World. Fun and Games until the clown they send in is Pennywise.

  • Japan’s “Hikikomori” Population Could Top 10 Million

    Why are first world societies dying? They appear to be miserable to live in. Not only is daily life drudgery, despite technology supposedly freeing us from that, but everything is expensive to the point where no one really gets much free time on their own. This means that it is highly elegant, comfortable, luxury slavery. Consequently, people have existential doubt because they realize that they are wasting their lives on garbage for the sake of producing economic activity to keep the system afloat, and personal doubt, because they do not actually want to live in the society that theirs has become.

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