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  • Half of people in Japan feel healthier due to coronavirus outbreak

    Nearly half of people in Japan feel they are healthier now than before the spread of the novel coronavirus due to adopting improved lifestyles after the virus-induced curbs on going out, according to a private survey released Wednesday.

    Instead of living the modern lifestyle, kick it around the house and have time to do things like exercise and enjoy life instead of endless paper-shuffling and answering the questions of morons.

  • Greenmedinfo Deleted from Instagram and Linkedin

    Back in December of 2018, Pinterest removed our account for posting on natural health and vaccine-related topics. In May of 2019, Mailchimp deplatformed us, preventing us from sending emails. It was later found out that they are CDC foundation funding partners, explaining why they would egregiously violate our freedom of speech on health matters. In June 2019, Google enacted their “Great Digital Book Burning Event,” removing natural health organizations, such as,, and, from organic search results. Last month, after over a decade of using the platform and with over 7,000 professional connections, LinkedIn removed my account, and my ability to access our group there.

    Today’s action by Instagram was carried out without any explanation. The only statement Instagram provided was “Your Account Has Been Disabled.” The account had over 90,000 followers at the time.

    Lesser people took over the technology invented by others when it became clear that there was no more innovation to do, only milking more cash already on the hook because every site is in Google and “everyone” appears to be on LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Now the SJWs that these firms hired are purging all dissident voices, even those which are relatively innocuous. This will send social media into the death process of the MySpace cycle, since when you worry about everything that you post, people tend to post only really boring stuff and soon the audience flees, leaving behind only those with nothing better to do like the SJWs.

  • Russia’s ‘slow-motion Chernobyl’ at sea

    With a draft decree published in March, President Vladimir Putin set in motion an initiative to lift two Soviet nuclear submarines and four reactor compartments from the silty bottom, reducing the amount of radioactive material in the Arctic Ocean by 90%.

    The Soviet Union was an ecological disaster. Another grand victory for socialism!

  • DC task force targets monuments, prompting fierce blowback

    A task force commissioned by the Washington, D.C., government has recommended renaming, relocating or adding context to dozens of monuments, schools, parks and buildings because of their namesakes’ participation in slavery or racial oppression. Among the targets are the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial.

    It was never about “ending racism.” It is about erasing Western European history and replacing White people with the third world permanent Leftist voters.

  • University of California System can’t use SAT and ACT tests for admissions, judge rules

    As the largest university system in the country, the ruling on UC is monumental. Many students and advocates have pushed for the removal of these required standardized tests, arguing that they don’t truly reflect a student’s academic ability.

    Research has repeatedly proved that students from wealthy families score higher on the SAT and ACT, compared to students from low-income families.

    These tests cover material taught early in high school and the ability to think relatively quickly. Smarter students generally do better. This irritates the egalitarians, who want to flood the colleges with low-income people so that these can then demand high salaries, “ending poverty.” Obviously this would destroy the utility of college, which is there to separate the boys from the men. A better idea: just IQ test everyone, and send all students under 120 IQ points through fifth grade education only.

  • Facebook Staff Accused of Blocking Right-Wing Views in India

    Before the elections “there was a concerted effort by Facebook India management to not just delete pages or substantially reduce their reach but also offer no recourse or right of appeal to affected people who are supportive of the right-of-centre ideology,” Prasad wrote. “Looking at recent media reports, it seems that these deeply entrenched vested interests aren’t satisfied with shrinking space for one side of the spectrum in India, and want to throttle it.”

    Worldwide, Leftists in the employ of big corporations are attempting to erase the Right, and calling anyone who disagrees a racist, sexist, Islamophobe, homophobe, etc.

  • Court rules NSA phone snooping illegal — after 7-year delay

    The long-awaited decision is a victory for prosecutors, but some language in the court’s opinion could be viewed as a rebuke of sorts to officials who defended the snooping by pointing to the case involving Basaaly Moalin and three other men found guilty by a San Diego jury in 2013 on charges of fundraising for Al-Shabaab.

    As long as we are diverse, some form of spying on us will occur, mainly because so much of the diversity is trying to kill us.

  • China’s Military Has Surpassed US in Ships, Missiles and Air Defense, DoD Report Finds

    “The PRC has the largest navy in the world, with an overall battle force of approximately 350 ships and submarines, including over 130 major surface combatants,” the report said.

    In addition, “the PRC has more than 1,250 ground-launched ballistic missiles (GLBMs) and ground-launched cruise missiles (GLCMs) with ranges between 500 and 5,500 kilometers,” while the U.S. currently fields one type of conventional GLBM with a range of 70 to 300 kilometers and no GLCMs, the report said.

    In some respects, China is also ahead on integrated air defense systems with a mix of Russian-built and homegrown systems, the report said.

    We should ask why Obama was so adamant that this information not be revealed. This buildup did not happen overnight.

  • Facebook blocks links to fundraising campaigns for Kyle Rittenhouse legal defense

    Not only are links to this GiveSendGo campaign being blocked by Facebook but some Facebook users are reporting that their posts linking to #FightBack Foundation are also being blocked.

    The Left has a simple strategy: declare only Leftist behavior to be civilized, and call the Right “terrorists” so that they can be rounded up and destroyed. To that end, it deplatforms even legal defense funds for Right-wingers, building its case that it is eliminating “terrorism” and not simply blocking one half of the political spectrum.

  • Putin critic Navalny was poisoned with Novichok nerve agent, Merkel says

    She said Berlin now expected Moscow to explain itself and that Germany would consult its NATO allies about how to respond, raising the prospect of new Western sanctions on Russia, sending Russian asset prices tumbling.

    Why does Trump say nothing about Putin’s actions? He wants those who have opposed him to have to say it first. Merkel loses this round, since Europe has been trying to build connections with Russia to avoid becoming dependent on American oil and gas. Now she has to reverse position, criticize Putin, and stop the policy of appeasement.

  • U.S. Orders Eviction Moratorium for Most Through Year’s End

    The order, put forward by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the action was needed to stop the spread of the virus and to avoid having renters wind up in shelters or other crowded living conditions, compounding the crisis.

    While there is probably some truth to that, the real reason for this is to avoid a mass poverty wave. Landlords presumably are covered under small business loans.

  • Comrade Duch, Khmer Rouge chief executioner, dies in Cambodia

    In 2010, the commander was the first Khmer Rouge figure to be held accountable by a court for atrocities committed under the ultra-communist regime, which killed an estimated 1.7 million people, a quarter of Cambodia’s population, between 1975 and 1979.

    If you give Leftists power, this is what they do. They are unstable proles who scapegoat their lack of power for their failure in life, when really addressing the causes of their failure would allow them to have the power that they actually need and no more.

  • Microplastic pollution devastating soil species, study finds

    At the highest level of plastic contamination, they found a significant decrease of the most common species, oribatid mites (down 15%), and even greater declines of three other arthropods – Diptera (fly) larvae (down 30%), Lepidoptera (moth and butterfly) larvae (down 41%) and Hymenoptera (ants) (down 62%) – in comparison to the control plots. Among nematodes, they found a reduction of 20%.

    Ecocide continues. It is probably too late to stop this, but we could cut a lot of plastic pollution by ending disposable packaging worldwide.

  • COVID-19 antibodies present in patients four months after recovery – study

    Among the 1,215 people with an infection confirmed by PCR, 91% had antibody levels that rose during the first two months after diagnosis and then plateaued, researchers reported.

    Looks like herd immunity is back on the menu, boys!

  • Judge upholds California ban on carrying guns in public

    U.S. District Judge Kimberly Mueller denied a review of a 2017 federal appeals court decision that upheld the law, which bans carrying concealed weapons in most urban areas and permits open-carry of weapons only if someone believes that a person is in immediate danger and law enforcement has failed to respond, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

    They do not want you to be able to defend yourself against organized Leftism.

  • Badger cull: Jane Goodall, top scientists and ex-government advisers issue personal plea to Boris Johnson to halt expansion

    Last month, leaked documents suggested the badger cull, which was begun in an attempt to stop dairy cattle from catching tuberculosis (bTB) from badgers, would be expanded to 11 new areas, bringing the total this year to 54.

    The widened operation, due to begin this month, would kill 65,000 badgers, conservationists estimate.

    Badgers present a problem only because the UK has expanded housing to accommodate new immigrants. No diversity, no need for any massive badger cull. Somehow Leftists cannot bring themselves to see this.

  • Pompeo hopeful China’s Confucius Institutes will be gone from U.S. by year-end

    Pompeo said “the Cold War analogy has some relevance,” but the challenges with China were different.

    “This is different from the Cold War in that we are challenged by a country with 1.4 billion people,” he said.

    “The challenges are different, they are economic challenges.”

    China wants to sabotage American industry so that it can dominate. Leftists, who are status signalers who like to hate their origins in order to show independence from them like the solipsists they are, have no problem with this. The UBI payments will just be slightly thinner, comrades.

  • Lampedusa: Migrant with coronavirus gives birth in helicopter

    Italy says it has seen an increase in migrant arrivals this year.

    A rescue ship was given permission on Tuesday to disembark 353 rescued migrants on the island of Sicily after calls from the United Nations.

    Meanwhile, a tanker with 27 migrants on board has made fresh pleas for help.

    All has become comedy in Late Stage Democracy. Our leaders are too incompetent to recognize an invasion.

  • Wear a mask while having sex, Canada’s top doctor suggests

    Skip kissing and consider wearing a mask when having sex to protect yourself from catching the coronavirus, Canada’s chief medical officer said on Wednesday, adding that going solo remains the lowest risk sexual option in a pandemic.

    We have appointed the insane to rule us. They are good at memorizing the dogma and working the system, so they are using the dogma of fear to increase their own power, even when they come up with ridiculous statements and expect us to follow.

  • Proposed bill would end Michigan license plate registration stickers

    Maddock said eliminating the tabs would save hundreds of thousands of dollars because the state would not have to print or mail tabs.

    You pay many “shadow taxes” in yearly registration fees, inspections, and other red tape. Killing the sticker is the first step to reducing these moneymakers for local government, which seems to then spend most of the money on school for illegal aliens and diversity programs.

  • Cheap hydrocortisone drug reduces deaths in sickest COVID-19 patients, research finds

    Hydrocortisone, an anti-inflammatory drug, could save one in every 12 patients and will be recommended for use in NHS coronavirus patients.

    Some doctors recommended this and were ignored. Looks like an engineered panic.

  • Ethnic Tensions Rise, Muslims Targeted After Montenegro Elections

    Kadribasic told BIRN that someone threw a message through a broken window warning that “Pljevlja will be Srebrenica” – the town whose Bosniak population was massacred by Bosnian Serb forces in 1995.

    Diversity continues destroying societies wherever it is tried, but our modern religion of egalitarianism requires we keep trying.

  • Trump Claims China Had Thousands More Virus Deaths Than Reported

    “They lost tens of thousands of people,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News’s Laura Ingraham that was broadcast on Tuesday night. “They lost more than any other country, they just don’t report it.”

    Never let a tragedy go to waste. China minimized its own losses in order to make the rest of the world look bad, but now that we are discovering that 94% of our casualties died from stress on their other underlying conditions, we are less afraid. This means that China will experience a setback in its plans for world takeover.

  • Police Investigating Antifa Supporter Michael Reinoehl in Portland Shooting

    A family member said she identified a man police told her they are investigating in the Saturday killing of a right-wing protester in Portland, Ore., as Michael Reinoehl, a 48-year-old former professional snowboarder who calls himself a member of Antifa on social media.

    As public opinion turns against these protests, suddenly people are going to jail where previously their Leftist privilege protected them.

  • Trump administration forces Facebook and Google to drop Hong Kong cable

    When Google and Facebook submitted their application for an undersea cable connecting the US to Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Philippines, a committee of federal agencies led by the Justice Department recommended against approving the connection to Hong Kong, citing the “current national security environment.”

    Social media now has to deal with a government that recognizes that they are acting in support of the DNC, which receives funding from China.

  • After BLM chaos in Kenosha, ‘Black Voices for Trump’ move in to clean up trash, destruction

    Black Voices is extremely eager to highlight the policies that the President has championed to revitalize the Black community. They also endeavor to bring awareness to how the economic results of President Trump’s leadership positively affect the Black Community.

    Smart Black people realize that being part of Western Civilization has benefits; dumb Black people join Black Lives Matter or Antifa and try for more shakedown. The Black middle class is moving toward supporting Trump because even if affirmative action goes away, they will still be able to advance and live good lives. Ultimately, diversity will need to end for the protection and benefit of all, but that is a few steps down the line from what populist can achieve in 2020.

  • Five Classical Albums Every Man Should Own

    Here at Death Metal Underground, we do our best to fill in for your dying civilization, absent parents, illiterate teachers, and moronic media. Without much further ado, let us look at five classical albums that every Hessian should have as part of the beginnings of a cultural background.

    Embrace your culture.


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