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  • US Household Incomes Increased More in 2018 Than in the Previous 20 Years—Combined

    The year 2017 saw massive deregulation and passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Estimates placed the deregulation savings at $2 trillion. But what was likely even a bigger factor was the cut businesses saw in corporate taxes.

    Prior to 2017, the US had the highest corporate tax in the developed world (if not the whole world). With a top bracket of 35 percent, its corporate tax rate was higher than Communist China and socialist Venezuela.

    Tax experts point out that roughly 70 percent of what businesses earn in profits gets paid to workers in the form of wages and other benefits. So it’s no surprise to see that studies show that workers bear between 50 and 100 percent of the brunt of corporate income taxes.

    In other words: Trump, by adopting Austrian economics, got us out of the perpetual Keynesian socialist doldrums. Four more years might build some actual wealth, infuriating Biden, Obama, and Clinton, who require large masses of impoverished, angry proles to make government handouts seem necessary.

  • Labor Dept: Foreign Worker Hiring ‘Highly Susceptible to Fraud’ from Before 2003

    These programs allow the CEOs to maximize their stock values by minimizing wages, minimizing investment in labor-saving technology, and minimizing Americans’ ability to create rival technology and innovative companies.

    Diversity is the albatross around our necks. In order to, in true egalitarian fashion, “help” others, we must give up ourselves.

  • Apple Is Lobbying Congress to Weaken Bill Against Chinese Slavery

    The Washington Post reported, citing two anonymous congressional staffers, that Apple lobbyists are working to dilute the effects of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which would require U.S. companies to guarantee that they do no use slavery or forced labor from the mainly Muslim region of Xinjiang, where it is estimated that the Chinese government has placed as many as 3 million people into concentration camps.

    Apple is right. It is none of our business whether China uses slave labor. In fact, we want them to, so that the world sees what they are. Also, demanding businesses “guarantee” (certify in writing) that they are not using slavery or forced labor is nonsense, since our companies will simply be deceived by their Chinese suppliers.

  • UM Probes Whistleblowers Who Exposed Racist Emails as Ex-Dean Keeps $18,000 Monthly Salary

    “You know Oxford and Ole Miss have real problems when black hookers are working on Jackson avenue. The African American visitors were competing for her affection,” read one September 2018 email that wealthy UM alumnus Blake Tartt, a Houston businessman, sent to then-journalism school Dean Will Norton. “It made me sick. … I happen to know what happens when a place is overtaken by the wrong elements.”

    As he did in numerous other instances, Norton responded without criticizing the wealthy businessman who he hoped would give a sizable donation to the school.

    “Blake, I have been really disappointed for a long time with the way this culture is going,” the journalism dean wrote back the next morning.

    In the view of these deranged Leftists, his sin consists of not immediately launching on a screed against a friend, business associate, and donor. This shows us just how insane the Left are. It is clear from the response that Norton gave that he did not share the sentiment. If someone says, “Man, these Caucasians are really ruining our society!” and you write back “You know, this civilization is really in decline,” you are politely redirecting from a specific complaint to a general one.

  • Protests erupt in Brazil after supermarket security guards beat Black man to death

    The military police in Rio Grande do Sul state said [Silveira Freitas] had threatened a female worker at the supermarket, who called security.

    Silveira Freitas lost consciousness during the assault and died on the spot as medics tried to revive him.

    A friend of the victim who witnessed the beating told G1 news that as the security guards were hitting him, Silveira Freitas “screamed that he could not breathe,” a scene reminiscent of the death of George Floyd, a black man who suffocated beneath the knee of a white US police in Minneapolis last May.

    From the sounds of things, another case where someone with health problems went looking for trouble, received the same response anyone else would have, and then died from his health problems.

  • UN panel votes 163-5 in support of Palestinian statehood, end of occupation

    The resolution emphasized “the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, including the right to their independent State of Palestine” and “stressed the urgency of achieving without delay an end to the Israeli occupation that began in 1967 and a just, lasting and comprehensive peace settlement between the Palestinian and Israeli sides,” based on a two-state solution.

    So much for Jews ruling the world. In reality, diversity never works, and it does not work in Israel despite years of effort. Time to send the Palestinians back to their ethnic homelands in Egypt, Jordan, Syrian, and other nearby Arab nations.

  • Microplastics discovered near summit of Mount Everest

    The microplastics could have arrived at Mount Everest from the clothes and equipment of explorers, or been blown up the mountain by winds from nearby cities, the study’s lead author told The Independent.

    Another modern “miracle” turns out to be a death trap.

  • ‘Justice’ bill would transfer up to 32 million acres to Black farmers

    A new USDA agency, the Equitable Land Access Service, would administer the program. The USDA would buy land from willing sellers at fair market value for use in the program. Up to 20,000 grants of 160 acres would be made annually through 2030. Recipients would be new or experienced Black farmers. Beginning farmers would be required to complete a training program.

    It then becomes a question of how to make sellers “willing.” My guess is that having Antifa camp out on your farm for awhile would make anyone ready to sell at below value. Just like in South Africa, diversity has brought us land appropriation and wealth transfer.

  • China’s Missed Opportunity

    A recent Pew Research Center global survey revealed that attitudes toward China have drastically darkened in a number of countries, sinking to all-time lows in an array of nations such as Canada, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Xi himself didn’t fare any better. Though his image around the world is still a bit better than Trump’s, a median of 78 percent of respondents said they had little or no confidence that Xi would do the right thing in global affairs, a sharp spike from 61 percent in 2019. In almost all of the 14 countries included in the report, negative opinion of Xi reached the highest levels on record.

    Perhaps this is why he needed to purchase an American election.

  • Facebook offers up first-ever estimate of hate speech prevalence on its platform

    Facebook said it took action on 22.1 million pieces of hate speech content in the third quarter, about 95% of which was proactively identified, compared to 22.5 million in the previous quarter.

    We are cheering censorship now, ignoring the fact that people differ in opinion, the prevailing opinion is usually a gloss-over, and on a worldwide network, every group hates some other group. As far as I can tell, the big socials just want government to make them into utilities so they can get away from any responsibility for this stuff and start just raking in those fat mandatory payments made from tax money.

  • COVID-19 reinfection unlikely for at least 6 months, study finds

    “We are seeing sustained levels of immune response in humans so far,” Mike Ryan, WHO’s top emergency expert, told a news conference. “It also gives us hope on the vaccine side.”

    Maria van Kerkhove, WHO’s technical lead on COVID-19, added: “We still need to follow these individuals for a longer period of time to see how long immunity lasts.”

    Guess the panic can relax now. Oh wait, it cannot until the election is officially decided.

  • UK announces biggest military investment in 30 years

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday told the House of Commons, Britain’s lower house of Parliament, that the government will spend an additional £16.5 billion ($21.8 billion) on defense over the next four years. The current budget of the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence is almost £41.5 billion.

    Yet another Trump victory: Europe will now manage its own defense, which will slowly squeeze their generous social entitlements programs and hasten their demise. Without those, the immigrants will stop coming.

    Not just the UK, but mainland Europe are taking responsibility for life outside the American defense umbrella:

    After four years of hostility towards NATO by U.S. President Donald Trump, the EU, led by France, wants to become a stand-alone military power in the long term, strong enough to fight on its own and potentially a more useful ally to the United States.

    In addition, they are adding new weapons systems:

    France, Germany, Greece, Italy and the United Kingdom announced the launch of a multinational project on Next-Generation Rotorcraft Capabilities on 19 November 2020.

    Soon China will face not one adversary, but many. The free ride that has enabled Europe to get opulent and bloated on socialist-style entitlement programs has come to an end.

  • France’s Macron issues ‘republican values’ ultimatum to Muslim leaders

    The charter will state that Islam is a religion and not a political movement, while also prohibiting “foreign interference” in Muslim groups.

    Mr Macron has strongly defended French secularism in the wake of the attacks, which included the beheading of a teacher who showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad during a class discussion last month.

    “Two principles will be inscribed in black and white [in the charter]: the rejection of political Islam and any foreign interference,” one source told the Le Parisien newspaper after the meeting.

    Our newspapers do not have the brains to see this, but here France rejects pluralism. It has basically said that the umbrella of their pluralism, “republicanism” or liberal democracy, has values that its members cannot reject; in other words, it will not be tolerant of “intolerance” toward pluralism. With this, France both admits that pluralism does not work and sets the groundwork for its ultimate rejection, since at some point, they are going to have to assert values with no grounding for them other than “this is France, and we do things this way.”

  • Asteroid the size of a London bus missed the Earth by just 240 miles on Friday 13 in closest pass on record — but it wasn’t spotted until the next day

    Its orbit brought it about the same distance from the Earth as the International Space Station, making it the closest asteroid to pass by Earth on record to date.

    One of these days…

  • EU leaders clash over Hungary and Poland budget veto

    The meeting was dominated by Poland and Hungary’s decision earlier this week to block the adoption of the EU budget and coronavirus recovery package. The two member states announced their intention to veto the combined €1.8-trillion ($2.1 trillion) pandemic recovery plan and the long-term budget over objections to new rule of law requirements.

    Why might they do this?

    Member states already agreed to the principle of rule of law conditionality during July negotiations. EU parliament members, however, said the mechanism was too ambiguous to ensure that countries including Poland and Hungary adhered to democratic rules.

    Both Poland and Hungary, ruled by right-wing populist governments, have prompted bloc-wide concerns over violations of European standards with practices that undermine judicial independence, rules on migration and the rights of journalists.

    The EU, like the Democrats in America, is trying to make Leftism the standard and punish any deviation. Nations that do not want that disease find themselves at odds with the bloc. This in turn makes the EU unstable, much like any form of democracy within a nation, because democracy quickly goes from “freedom” to “let us enforce the standard of equality” as those in power realize that freedom includes the possibility of limiting freedom. In response, they choose to limit freedom so that the goal of freedom, a pointless abstraction based on avoidance rather than having a goal, can be used to compel all to obey the central authority. Genghis Khan would be proud.

  • Hong Kong: ‘Five Eyes could be blinded,’ China warns West

    The countries, which form the Five Eyes alliance, criticised China’s imposition of new rules to disqualify elected legislators in Hong Kong.

    China behaves exactly as one would expect a third world Communist power to behave, namely like a tyrant addicted to seizing territory in order to subsidize its own failing economy.

  • #DisneyMustPay Alan Dean Foster

    Disney’s argument is that they have purchased the rights but not the obligations of the contract. In other words, they believe they have the right to publish work, but are not obligated to pay the writer no matter what the contract says. If we let this stand, it could set precedent to fundamentally alter the way copyright and contracts operate in the United States.

    This seems like a formula for unlimited growth, since those royalties get plugged back into the company. Why would they do this? It turns out that China controls Disney:

    China has given unconditional approval to Walt Disney’s $71.3 billion planned takeover of large parts of 21st Century Fox, Disney said Monday.

    Prior to Monday’s approval, some analysts had voiced concerns that China’s regulators might resort to weaponizing their antitrust approval process to stymie the ambitions of America’s corporate giants, such as Disney and Fox, as an act of retaliation against U.S. tariffs.

    China can now hold any US company hostage by launching an antitrust case, which means that US companies will do whatever China says. China has used a similar strategy with its national security law which forces companies to hand over data when the government wants it:

    The Australian government is highlighting a concern on the top of minds of several governments — China’s wide-ranging internet laws, which require tech firms to help Beijing with vaguely-defined “intelligence work,” meaning companies could be forced to hand over network data whether they want to or not.

    If China calls up and tells Disney that it needs data on American consumers, Disney hands it over; if it does not, its assets in China can be seized and it will be excluded from that market.

    This fits with the Chinese pattern of acquiring Hollywood in order to have media power in America, and possibly, user data. Even more, Disney seems to be dominated by China:

    After that, Disney substantially dialed back its demands. In addition to handing over a large piece of the profit, the control-obsessed company would give the government a role in running the park. Disney was also prepared to drop its longstanding insistence on a television channel.

    Before long, they had struck a landmark deal to build the $5.5 billion Shanghai Disney Resort, opening China to a singularly American brand and setting the pace for multinational companies to do business in the country.

    But Disney is sharing the keys to the Magic Kingdom with the Communist Party. While that partnership has made it easier to get things done in China, it has also given the government influence over everything from the price of admission to the types of rides at the park.

    As part of this deal, Disney purged Fox News, showing that its content is unacceptable to the Chinese, or at least was, when it was still conservative. Perhaps the recent Leftward swing at Fox reflects its own desire to gain access to the Chinese markets.

    All of the above have given China control over American media:

    “You often see representatives from American companies with financial ties to China naturally become defenders of the CCP’s policies and spreading the CCP’s propaganda,” said Helen Raleigh, an author and senior contributor at The Federalist who emigrated from China. “The financial tie means these Americans will be much less likely to challenge China’s human rights record or unacceptable demand such as technology transfer.”

    This control probably extends to social media. Among the major investors in Twitter the Vanguard Group has been making inroads in China, as has Morgan Stanley. China thus does not directly own Twitter, but indirectly controls it, much as Vanguard and BlackRock are major investors in Facebook, with the latter probably compromised. Similarly, Reddit is partially Chinese-owned. Coincidentally, we also see that Vanguard and BlackRock own a lot of Google. If you wonder why American media are bleating their support of the candidate funded by China, Joe Biden, and social media is deleting anything but narrative, this may explain that eerie lockstep.

  • Inside the destruction of Asia’s last rainforests

    “We found that the pattern, the direction and the speed with which fires had moved matched perfectly with the pattern, the speed, direction with which land clearing happened. This suggests that the fires were set intentionally,” Samaneh Moafi said.

    Humanity expands, consuming all resources. The more humans we have, the more we need. The more we need, the higher the value. That ensures that someone will be there to clear every acre before the end.

  • Birmingham pub bombings: Man arrested in Belfast

    A man has been arrested in connection with the deaths of 21 people in the 1974 pub bombings in Birmingham.

    The blasts at the Mulberry Bush and Tavern in the Town pubs on the night of 21 November also injured 220 people.

    Diversity 1.0 for the West involved the integration of mixed-White populations like the partially-Semitic Irish. As we can see, the situation went nowhere good. After years of warfare, these states now have political influence on their former masters, and are constantly pushing for destructive policies in order to gain further power.

  • Singh calls on government to counter hate groups, which have tripled since 2015

    The past five years have seen a proliferation of neo-Nazi groups and online content from the so-called alt-right, a white nationalist movement, with experts saying the number of hate groups in Canada has tripled to 300 since 2015.

    Diversity is failing so hard that ordinary people are joining hate groups. People are not born neo-Nazis; they switch to it after enough bad diversity experiences.

  • Global luxury goods sales set for largest ever fall in Bain forecast

    However, a resurgence of the pandemic in Europe and the United States since October has led to new restrictions and shop closures while uncertainty linked to the U.S. elections also weighed on consumer sentiment.

    The only bright spot is China, where sales have surged since it began to emerge from the health crisis in the spring. Sales in mainland China are seen growing by 45% at current exchange rates to 44 billion euros this year.

    Now we see the high cost of the COVID-19 panicdemic: China takes over world markets, and we dwell in poverty. China seems to own our media, which made it all too easy to induce the fearful population to cower inside as their economies self-destructed.

  • Houston ISD manager resigns amid allegations of ties to kickback scheme

    Investigators said Hutchison’s company, Southwest Wholesale LLC, overbilled HISD by about $6 million for work it did not perform, with Busby receiving a cut of the money. Federal agents tracked about $2.3 million in cash deposits made by Busby between 2015 and 2019, often in amounts slightly below the $10,000 threshold that triggers mandatory federal reporting by banks.

    While our enemies gather at the borders, diversity destroys us from within, with constant infighting, corruption, and racial retaliation the name of the game.

  • Virginia police chief fired after charges dropped over Confederate monument protest

    Police Chief Angela Greene, who is Black, accused the city of firing her over the charges against the demonstrators. Greene was an at-will employee, meaning her employers were not legally required to offer a reason for her firing.

    Diversity has destroyed rule of law in the USA. Whichever ethnic group is in charge will never indict its own members, only those from other groups.

  • Distrust of government leading to ‘alarming’ vaccine scepticism, poll finds

    In findings that suggest Boris Johnson’s government faces a huge challenge in managing a widespread roll-out, only 43 per cent of Britons said they were sure they would get vaccinated if eligible – down from 50 per cent in June.

    The proportion of Americans saying they would definitely take a vaccine has fallen from 47 per cent in June to just 30 per cent today.

    Only 21 per cent of French citizens said they would definitely take a vaccine, while 35 per cent of Germans and 38 per cent of Italians said they were definite about vaccination if eligible – with all three countries seeing falls in enthusiasm since June.

    We do not trust the published science, the news censored by social media, the news itself, the government bureaucrats who seem to belong to the pro-China Deep State, or the “experts” who see lucrative futures for themselves by being prophets of doom. This means that we do not believe that COVID-19 is the threat we are told it is, and this is borne out by data suggesting that most people have mild if any symptoms:

    Data suggests that 77% of people had no symptoms on the day of their test, while 86% did not have any of the main warning signs – a cough, a temperature or a loss of taste or smell.

    As skeptics have said since the beginning, this disease kills people with compromised immune systems, most of whom were probably headed into the dumpster within six months or a year anyway. The rest of us experience nothing, except crashed economies and Chinese Communist world domination, of course.

  • Xi says world economy in worst recession since Great Depression

    The global economy is experiencing the worst recession since the Great Depression in the 1930s, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Tuesday.

    Whoever comes out of the recession first rules the world, as happened with WW1 and WW2. China engineered this non-crisis panic over COVID-19, and now intends to crush the world economy so that China rules it and they can buy up any remaining American companies like they compromised Vanguard and BlackRock. The only thing standing in their way is Donald Trump, which is why they had to remove him and were willing to risk cheating in an election with the help of the Clinton-Obama gang, the Deep State, and an unnamed three-letter government agency.

  • 1% of people cause half of global aviation emissions

    Only 11% of the world’s population took a flight in 2018 and 4% flew abroad. US air passengers have by far the biggest carbon footprint among rich countries. Its aviation emissions are bigger than the next 10 countries combined, including the UK, Japan, Germany and Australia, the study reports.

    The researchers said the study showed that an elite group enjoying frequent flights had a big impact on the climate crisis that affected everyone.

    Western tourist culture shows its dark side. Most of the people doing this do not seem to be rich, only to be willing to spend their entire paycheck for credit card debt that funds their frequent vacations.

  • US Navy destroyer shoots down an ICBM in milestone test

    The U.S. Navy has shot down an intercontinental ballistic missile over the Pacific Ocean with an SM-3 Block IIA missile in a milestone test that demonstrated a potential scheme to defend Hawaii, the Missile Defense Agency announced Tuesday morning.

    We claim this is about North Korea, but really, this technology exists to counteract Chinese ballistic missiles and their new aircraft carrier killer missiles. Once we master smashing ballistic missiles out of flight, we can be free from the nuclear checkmate of rising Communism.

  • U.S. companies with China operations look to the Asian giant for growth

    According to S&P Global, S&P 500 earnings are set to fall more than 16% this year, compared to a year ago.

    Meanwhile, after shutting down more than half the country earlier this year to combat the pandemic, China was able to host a major auto show in Beijing by late September. China is now set to grow this year while the rest of the world contracts.

    That disparity in economic recovery is giving multinational companies with China operations some pressure to carry more weight for the company overall.

    That, in turn, means that China can place demands on them, such as supporting Joe Biden in his attempt to illegitimately usurp Donald Trump.

  • ‘The best-kept secret about Audrey Hepburn is that she was so sad’

    “[My father leaving] was the first big blow I had as a child, it was a trauma that left a very big mark on me, it left me insecure for life,” she reveals. “He disappeared one day, mother explained he had gone away on a trip and was not coming back. Mother wouldn’t stop crying, I would just try and be with her but as a child you can’t quite understand.”

    “The feeling of family is terribly important. Having my father cut off, or he cut himself off, was desperate,” she says in the film. “If I could have just seen him regularly, I would have felt he loved me and I would have had a father … I tried desperately to avoid it for my children. You become very insecure about affection and terribly grateful for it and you have an enormous desire to give it.”

    Divorce trashes families. And yet, it is seen as “my freedom” by many women and men.

  • Persistent epigenetic reprogramming of sweet taste by diet

    Half of these transcriptional changes persist despite returning the animals to a control diet, causing a permanent decrease in sweet taste. Our results uncover a new epigenetic mechanism that, in response to the dietary environment, regulates neural plasticity and feeding behavior to promote obesity.

    The more sugar you eat, the more you need, and the more you offspring will need. Modernity with its carb, sugar, soy, corn, and canola-heavy diet is killing us off.


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