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  • Hey Christians, We Need to Step Up and Deal With This

    Scripture says that before God there is no Jew and no Gentile, there is no woman and there is no man. All are equal before the Lord and all can be heirs of his inheritance. The early church was a picture of diverse people worshipping the Lord together. The idea of racial division in the church is really derived from 19th century Southern heterodoxy. But it remains rampant. I encourage you all to read this piece by Joe Carter on kinism. Christians in the United States need to speak up on this issue.

    Amazing how the modern day Judaizers get important chapters of The New Testament like Galatians 3 exactly backwards. They tell people how they are supposed to be Christian while accusing them of doing exactly the same thing. #SJWs always project. Cuckianity has become a foul nest of the worst Judaizing #SJWs Amerika has to offer. The key stat to recall here is that an overwhelming majority of self-identifying evangelicals who voted for Donald Trump no longer attend their preferred places of worship. Speak up on this issue in the usual insulting and patronizing tone of The #SJW Diversity Matron, and that exodus of believers will become positively Episcopalian in magnitude.

  • More Than 100 CNN Workers Take Voluntary Buyouts Amid Move To Hudson Yards

    CNN is the latest division of AT&T’s WarnerMedia to feel the effects of company-wide restructuring, with voluntary buyouts being taken by more than 100 seasoned workers at the cable new network. A network spokesperson tells Deadline the exits are purely related to the buyouts and do not involve any layoffs, contrary to a press report earlier on Monday. A WarnerMedia rep said there was no truth to the initial report of layoffs. The buyouts are consistent with similar offerings at HBO and Turner and will see dozens of seasoned employees leave the news brand. WarnerMedia parent AT&T is looking to restructure and reduce what was $170 billion in net debt as of the end of 2018.

    Seasoned Employees — HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The euphemism is strong with this one. Restructuring with voluntary buy-outs. In much the same way Pol Pot offered thought-criminals voluntary dirt naps so they could relax. WarnerMedia is dead-heading the way a gardener chops the seasoned flowers that have turned brown and begun to smell less fragrant. Seasoned employees, taking voluntary buy-outs with no layoffs whatsoever. It’s all about as true as their 160-plus on air interviews with Michael Avenetti.

  • Male student takes stand against ‘toxic masculinity’ narrative

    “Toxic masculinity doesn’t exist,” he wrote in his op-ed. “Traits that one person considers toxic, may not be to another person; the entire phrase is based on a subjective scale with absolutely no objective ground and is used as a shaming tactic for ‘modern feminists’ and anybody else buying into their horrible rhetoric.”

    “For example, one person may like the typical ‘alpha male,’” MacLeod wrote. “Confident, loud, powerful, buff, etc. But another person may find those traits unlikeable, and so they’ll brand that male as ‘toxic’ because ‘toxic masculinity’ is a catch-all term for any traits a man has that are considered unlikeable or ‘overly masculine.’”

    It’s good to see Gen Z fighting back. The Boomers will die knowing that all the liberalism they inflicted on Amerika to immiserate people they didn’t respect of like is going to be fought in the trenches and hedgerows. It is of course possible that Neo-Masculinity will be crushed the same way old-time masculinity was. This would just cause more and more men to just drop society completely. They can’t go to school, join most professions, or even go to church without being told how toxic they all are. It could be amusing when feminists realize that the following app for this war on men exists…

  • My Life In the Berkeley Prog MoshPit of the Sixties

    It’s common for LeftLibProgs to say, in passing and without much feeling, that all their proposed hopeful changes to the economic system of the United States and the developed world is “for the greater good.” But it is not and it never has been that way. It is and it always was “for their greater good.” They also know to the deepest diseased marrow in their bones that their proposals lead to a weakened and, they hope, destroyed America. This is also touted as being “for the greater good,” but again it is always and only “for their greater good.”

    Leftism is the worship of the zero. Socialism always leads to death. It is designed to lead to death. There is no such thing as a Leftist who ever does it for good intentions. We now hear from AOC that Socialism will be different because ProgAms do it. We hear from the Yang Gang that Socialism will be totally different when Southern Populists do it. Just like Socialism was totally different when Pol Pot did it in Cambodia.

  • Drug Cartels Booming in New Mexico After Feds Shut Down Border Check Points

    After two check points were shut down in New Mexico, the presence of Mexican drug cartels is surging in the state. The check points were shut down in order to deploy New Mexico’s resources to El Paso, Texas to help with the influx of migrants trying to enter the U.S. from that location. Otero County last month became the first border community to declare a state of emergency after the federal government shut down two local checkpoints in the area, which had traditionally provided a second line of defense against shipments of drugs and illegal immigrants who managed to sneak through the border at El Paso, about 90 miles to the south. “It’s a green light for the cartels when border checkpoints are down,” Otero County Sheriff David Black, 56, told The Post. Now citizens are taking matter into their own hands. Black says “he has 44 ‘gun toters’ overseeing the county’s 6,628 square miles of lonely ranchland and pistachio orchards nestled among national parkland and the Holloman Air Force Base.”

    Here’s how it works.

    1) The Governor of New Mexico tells ICE to stop governing in order to virtue signal.
    2) Bandits and thugs immediately take advantage.
    3) People who still have any stake in order will recruit militias and reestablish that order.

    At some point, government will have to resume its duties or be permanently delegitimized. Maybe that isn’t the worst outcome. Here’s what has been done by angry citizens elsewhere.

  • The deranged drive to choke New York’s natural gas supply

    Long Islanders were recently hit with bad news. National Grid, which provides natural gas for nearly 600,000 Long Island residents, announced it won’t be able to provide fuel for new customers if the proposed Williams Co. Transco pipeline expansion isn’t approved by May 15. Earlier this year, energy company Con Ed imposed a similar moratorium on new natural gas service in parts of Westchester County due to limited capacity on existing pipelines.

    Here’s how this works.

    1) The Governor of New York refuses to make it viable to bring energy into New York State.
    2) People who produce electrical power that they are telling new residents they don’t have enough juice.
    3) New York State doesn’t get new residents and the smart ones all leave.

  • Gay Democrat Mocks, Harasses Christians For Praying Quietly On Sidewalk

    For nine minutes Sims berated the woman with growing aggressiveness, calling her a “racist,” “disgusting,” and referring to her as an “old white lady” who is telling people what they can do with their bodies. As of this writing, the video has nearly 600,000 views.

    The poor, poor victim of rampant homophobia. What’s the poor guy to do against such obvious bigotry? People just pick on the poor, little Peter-Puffer every day of his life.

  • “Does Not Consider Diversity When Hiring Board Members”—it’s Fun To Be Warren Buffett

    Ladies and gentlemen, I now know what is whiter and brighter than dreaded white privilege. Buffett Privilege (AKA Freedom of Association).

    Berkshire does not have a policy regarding the consideration of diversity in identifying nominees for director. In identifying director nominees, the Governance Committee does not seek diversity, however defined. Instead, as previously discussed, the Governance Committee looks for individuals who have very high integrity, business-savvy, an owner-oriented attitude and a deep genuine interest in the company.

    I’m seeing an economic experiment here. We build two identical hedges, ETFs or Mutuals. In one, we include companies that have similar Get Out of Leftism Free Cards. In the other, we just track the S&P 500, minus Get Out of Kneegrow Free Corporations. Run each for five years and compare ROI. If the past 30 years of BH is any indicator, you won’t require three guesses to see which funds would accumulate more swag.

  • REPORT: Flint, Michigan Administrators Mismanaged Clean Water Funds, Hired Firm With No Experience Replacing Pipes

    A new report from The Daily Caller claims that the city of Flint, Michigan, which has suffered from a headline-commanding water crisis for half a decade, may have steered tens of millions in aid money meant to help replace lead water pipes to a contractor that had no experience, but who did have a close relationship with Flint city officials.

    Remember how awful it was that Flint, MI people had no potable water to drink. It was the end of humanity. How could the governor just not care? Where was the love, man? Where was the love?

    Looks like all the love ended up in some crony’s pocket. Flint deliberately hired less experienced plumbers to fix their infrastructure because they had buddies in the municipal government. Corruption is sometimes just as deadly as stupidity.

  • We Win Trade War, The Communist State Falls Apart

    Socialists redistribute because they can’t produce well enough to overcome their disincentives and inefficiencies. China’s trade practices served to import enough external capital to offset their systemic failures. By pulling the plug on their trade advantages, President Trump cuts off their subsidy train. This endangers their ability to pay off all of their stakeholders. They can’t pay for themselves without draining others. Making them stop parasiting cuts off their subsistence.

  • Red Cross: Over 1,000 People Killed in ‘Worsening’ Congo Ebola Outbreak

    The Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is “worsening” and has already killed more than 1,000 people, fueling a disconcerting number of cases in recent days, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) revealed over the weekend. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Ebola outbreak had killed 1,029 (963 confirmed, 66 probable) as of Saturday. The United Nations agency added that there are 1,488 confirmed and 66 probable cases of people infected by the virus in Congo.

    The Congo continues on because nobody in a righteous state of mind would want the place. With ISIS now invading, they have six different groups of crazy armed militia claiming to run the place. Everyone asks us to send more aid. Why? Since Belgium left the place last century, who has demonstrated the competence and stewardship to govern? Who has shown the ethical decency to actually let the aid help anyone after they have grabbed it? There is no logical case to send more resources to the DRC. There will never be a positive ROI.

  • Crime Down 15 Percent Under Salvini Interior Ministry

    Following criticism from his coalition partners, the Five Star Movement, that he should focus less on migrants and more on the Mafia, Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini revealed that crime has reduced by 15 per cent between 2018 and 2019. The populist Lega leader, who heads the police as Interior Minister, revealed that according to police statistics, crime had decreased by 15 per cent with murders down by 12.2 per cent and attempted murders down 16.2 per cent, Il Giornale reports.

    Other crimes were down as well, come even more drastically such as sexual violence which had seen a 32.1 decrease and robberies which were down 20.9 per cent.

    Well, well, well. Diversity wasn’t Italy’s strength. People who griped about Salvini for not stopping crime just got schooled. You can stop crime at the border. Less diversity equals less crime. People who have no stake in a place have no concern whatsoever for upholding its laws.

  • Red Pills and Red Hats

    President Donald Trump “represents the return of the patriarchy,” popular fitness entrepreneur Elliott Hulse declared at this weekend’s 21 Convention, a gathering of so-called “red pill” men dedicated to revitalizing masculine influence in society. A muscular New York native and father of four with nearly 800,000 YouTube subscribers, Hulse gave an impassioned presentation entitled “Defending Marriage in a Degenerate Culture.” Marriage and fatherhood were the focus of this, the 16th such conference organized by Anthony Johnson’s 21 Studios, billed as “The World’s Ultimate Event for Fathers.”

    Donald Trump just instinctively is what he is. He acts the alpha male because he is one. It’s not scripted, calculated, or insincere. All the good and all the bad is just out there. This allows other people who are similarly wired to fight back against the oppression society ladles out to them. So many mediocrities cry out for their “fair share” and their “safe space.” They refuse to accept that these things have to be forcibly taken from others in order to exist. People have grown tired of having them taken. This makes 4th Wave Feminism an ongoing war against producers who refuse to just hand over a danegeld to the weakest, ugliest and most pathetic of modern society. That leads the Red Pill to make more men don The Red Hat.

  • Alexa has been eavesdropping on you this whole time

    Alexa has to be one of the most genuinely creepy consumer products to ever become trendy. It spies on anyone who uses it and sends what it records to an AI. This AI can then profile you for advertisers or other people….

    Alexa keeps a record of what it hears every time an Echo speaker activates. It’s supposed to only record with a “wake word” – “Alexa!” – but anyone with one of these devices knows they go rogue. I counted dozens of times when mine recorded without a legitimate prompt. (Amazon says it has improved the accuracy of “Alexa” as a wake word by 50 percent over the past year.) What can you do to stop Alexa from recording? Amazon’s answer is straight out of the Facebook playbook: “Customers have control,” it says – but the product’s design clearly isn’t meeting our needs. You can manually delete past recordings if you know exactly where to look and remember to keep going back. You cannot actually stop Amazon from making these recordings, aside from muting the Echo’s microphone (defeating its main purpose) or unplugging the darn thing.

    I’m sure Siri records you the same way. The next step along this road is to secretly imbed these AI listening posts in cars, clocks, TVs and anything else that can interconnect with a data network. The Butlerian Jihad agianst AI from the Dune novels may well become necessary in our real world timeline as well..

So what sort of music goes with Siri and Alexa? Maybe this will work.

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