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  • French Jews say officials reluctant to call out Muslims antisemitism

    Welcome to diversity! The goal is equality, so whoever is less successful wins, and Muslims are poor, low average IQ, and brown, so they have more power than tannish wealthy high-IQ Jews. As it turns out, the Holocaust is fading in memory, and our new groups have a right to their own cultures too, soooo…. we’re very sorry you have had this experience and will change our Facebook profiles right away. Jews, not being fools, are quickly realizing that diversity means genocide. Soon every ethnic group will be on the same page with that, and we can start reversing diversity (reversity?).

  • The Army is investigating a Fort Bliss soldier for alleged ties to a neo-Nazi group

    Whoops, looks like they found some gent who is part of Atomwaffen. The usual sputtering statement emerges:

    “The Army does not tolerate racism, extremism, or hatred in our ranks,” 1st Armored Division spokeswoman Lt. Col. Crystal Boring said in a statement.

    Why not? Oh, right, because it will destabilize the Establishment Regime. But, riddle me this, Batman: if the E.R. is so unstable that it requires constant defending against people noticing that diversity is not working, how are we supposed to win a war? Might as well disband the military now and replace it with Blackwater mercs… oh, right, they’re already basically doing that. End times for the late stage democratic republic. Bye bye, USA!

  • Facebook bans ‘dangerous individuals’ cited for hate speech

    Decried as censorship by several of those who got the ax, the move signals a renewed effort by the social media giant to remove people and groups promoting objectionable material such as hate, racism and anti-Semitism.

    Again, if you are having to force people to agree with you because you are afraid that others will agree with them when they say there are other options to the path on which we have set ourselves, then you are not strong but weak, and your doom is foretold. Then again, when the governments of the USA and Western Europe fall, we can finally get out from under their controlling and manipulative thumbs, so… “What is falling, push!” – Fred Nietzsche

  • Germany’s SPD becoming unelectable, works council chiefs say

    During the twentieth century, the Right went Left with only a few blips interrupting it. When globalism finally revealed its endgame, namely a world of light brown colored people living in apartments and serially dating losers while working dead-end corporate jobs, the Right finally got some courage again and risked being called Hitler, nazi, “racist,” and sexist to oppose the Left. That drove the Left even further Left, and now the SPD is calling for nationalizing big business so that workers can own the means of production. Finally, after long ignoring the issue, the voters have seen that their future under the Left is not socialism lite, but socialism, and that this is a path to doom. The great collapse of the Left has begun.

  • Stoke-on-Trent charity ‘encouraged support for IS’

    With diversity, you create fear. The biggest fear is criticizing someone from a protected group, because you might be doing it out of “racism.” As a result, people stop criticizing members of those groups, and this allows the wolves to hide among the sheep. In the meantime, the sheep do not criticize the wolves, because when the extremists win, the sheep also get their group to the top of the list. Moderate Muslims want a Muslim-ruled UK just as much as the jihadi mujahideen do.

  • There’s no denying the border crisis

    Trump held out against using strong power because he knows that sentiment is growing that our border situation is a crisis. Rule of law has been abolished; a humanitarian crisis has resulted; US and Mexican forces are heading toward a point of warfare. In the best case scenario, a violent crime wave and war breaks out, at which point Trump wins through the argument of history and gets not only his border wall, but funds to “clean up” by locating and repatriating all non-citizens. If Mexico is unlucky, this war results in the US invading and driving all Central Americans into South America, at which point Mexico becomes a nature park and we never worry about Central American Amerind immigration again.

  • Black people ‘40 times more likely’ to be stopped and searched in UK

    Minority groups commit certain types of crime, just as white people do. For example, if you get called to bust some people for being naked in a park wearing the upper halves of furry animal costumes, it is almost certainly white people. Same with certain corporate crimes. However, when it comes to cruising around with knives, the focus in certain high-traffic areas leads toward to the minorities (even if the statistics, for the country as a whole, favor the majority as perps). This chalks up the number of stops. The Left, who are endless pretense, find this upsetting and want it ended; the result will be fewer stops, more crimes, and since most crime is intra-racial, more minority victims. Expect a Guardian article in eighteen months about the forgotten black victims of crime, since black people are now going to be, you guessed it, forty times more likely to be victims of violent crime.

  • Harborne primary becomes 14th school in Birmingham to cut classes to save money

    In her letter to parents, Harborne head Miss Hughes said of the decision: “At best we are trying to avoid losing staff or reduce the support available to the pupils of our school as much as possible.”

    She tells you exactly what is costing too much there: support staff. Not teachers. However, we all must pay if the “educators” do not get what they want, which is a blank check to line schools with bureaucrats, administrators, managers, speech therapists, psychologists, security guards, and political officers. In reality, the only way to make education work is to allow schools to fire pupils who are a mess, and to cut their mission back to providing education. Psychological problems, speech therapy, and behavior problems are for the parents. The only reason they do not do this is that they are all working extra hours to pay the taxes required to keep this diverse welfare state afloat. There we can see that there are more cuts to be made.

  • ‘Siren call’ of a Fourth Reich is spreading, warns Nazi Germany expert

    The Left has done nothing but prove Hitler right. He said that diversity, socialism, tolerance, and lax moral standards would destroy us; they have. He also pointed out that we needed to set aside a lot of land for nature, or it would be destroyed and we would suffer. That, too, has come true. Most importantly, he emphasized nationalism, or one ethnic group per nation. As diversity implodes, we see that he was right there, too. People are forgetting what he did wrong (Holocaust, war) and seeing what he did right (anti-diversity, pro-nature, anti-permissiveness) and starting to think that the weak but big government of democracy needs to be replaced by the small but strong government of Hitler.

  • How the news took over reality

    Connectivity simply creates a more intense hive mind. We are responding to how others describe reality, not reality itself, and we are anticipating trends from far away, which means that all of humanity moves as one, usually based on what makes profit for the news agencies, which is panic, rage, sentimental pity, misery, and gold rush style opportunism. It seems paradoxical that connecting up our species could make it dumber, but when you think about it, there are fewer messages out there now because so many of us are repeating the same messages. Even more, we need to ask if three-quarters of humanity derives any benefit from communicating at all, since their concerns are entirely personal since they have no capacity beyond buying, voting, and shooting off their mouths at the local pub.

  • What Number of Kids Makes Parents Happiest?

    For a happy family, have four kids; our thinking continues its divergence from the 1960s ideal as people realize that no matter what “freedoms” we have, the happiest people are those who get through school quickly, marry chaste people, and have large traditional families. In the future, we will also find out that having a national culture, strong religious background, and regular customs and not just social norms but common and familiar behaviors also lead to happiness, health, and a feeling of existential stability instead of the fear and trembling all around us.

  • California Dispatches Goats to Eat Brush, Prevent Wildfires

    It is almost like ecosystems work, or something. After years of insisting that the human way was better than the natural way, we are waking up to the fact that nature always had a superior plan. Even better, in the future we will realize that just leaving 50% of the land entirely alone works best.

  • Ray Dalio and Other Billionaires Bemoan Broken System, Prep For Coming Class War

    The real story is that it is not capitalism, but all of our Leftist plans which have failed, starting with diversity:

    Robert Smith, the founder of private equity firm Vista Equity Partners and America’s richest Black man, said, “It’s time to re-architect what is this fabric” that comprises the American Dream, reminding the audience that, at age 56, he is the first in his family “to have full rights in this country,” from voting rights to the ability to live anywhere he wanted.

    “The economic opportunity that was afforded me has changed, it has shrunk,” he said. “We had a period of time, a window opened—through the luck of life, I happened to be one of those kids who made it through that window,” he said. But now, at those same schools and communities “are as segregated as they were in the 50s.”

    No kidding. Diversity does not work for anyone. For a brief time, we pretended that it could, and now that window has slammed shut because during that time, diversity provided zero benefits, many disadvantages, and did not achieve its ostensible goal of ending racial strife and making us stronger.

  • India has a new caste for native English speakers only

    Up to 1.4m Indians speak English as their first language. Globalism is a weird drug. This means the erasure of indigenous languages and the values conveyed within them. We are spreading the grey race to India — the group of people unanchored in any culture except global liberalism and consumerism — and it will cause distrust and confusion within India, just as having a grey race here does.

  • China putting minority Muslims in ‘concentration camps,’ U.S. says

    Democracy, Inc., has noticed defectors among our midst. In particular, it may want a good reason to go to war with China, and there is nothing better than calling them Hitler. Unfortunately, however, no one here cares, because we realize that mainstreaming Muslims and any other foreign groups has caused nothing but strife, loss of culture, social chaos, crime, violence, and corruption among us. Diversity is over, but no one told Democracy, Inc., because as is normal for democracy, it is the last to know anything.

  • The growing American rift

    The melting pot has failed as we told you it would. The Left and Right cannot get along, as we told you they could not. The split that happened during the Civil War, where the factory-based cities wanted to control the agricultural country, remains and has gotten worse. You have built a society upon disunity — the inherent struggle for power in democracy, the instability of social mobility, and the replacement of culture with political culture caused by Leftism, not to mention the erasure of social trust and norms through diversity — and now this disunity is cresting like a wave of death rolling over the horizon, straight at us. All of this could have been easily avoided.

  • ‘It’s because we were union members’: Boeing fires workers who organized

    Here we see one reason for Boeing having so many problems recently: its employees want to unionize. They are sabotaging it from within, as unions always do. The press, which loves a good David versus Goliath story, is sure to highlight any negative information about Boeing that it can. In the meantime, management knows that if they go union, they will never have the same quality and will have frequent shutdowns when the union decides to shake them down for more money. Expect those jobs to go overseas if they cannot be automated.

  • Robots Edge Closer to Unloading Trucks in Amazon-Era Milestone

    We are reaching the actual singularity, when we no longer need people to do the tons of grunt labor that our society requires. At the same time, consumerism is collapsing because we have no new gadgets of import, our mass culture is all garbage, and people are gravitating away from the dying modern way of doing things toward a more family- and home-oriented lifestyle. In the future, you will have lots of middle class families, no underclass, and no rich, but you will have tons of robots and far beyond our borders, a vast starving third world kept at bay by killbots with sniper scopes.

  • Machiavelli: Still Shocking after 5 Centuries

    Modernists cannot separate the social judgment — theirs and that of the group — of things from an honest assessment of them. As in politically correct culture, you cannot simply state a fact, but must also explain how horrible it is and how we can go in denial about it. Machiavelli described how power works; like economics, this is not ideology, but something closer to an artistic science. He was not passing a moral judgment either way. He was simply telling it like it is. Modern people cannot handle that, because we fear that if we do not constantly moralize against the non-egalitarian parts of reality, we will suddenly become the island in Lord of the Flies and start eating each other in a Nietzschean orgy of power.

  • Although it is removing bigots, Facebook says it will allow Holocaust denial

    They remove Alex Jones but keep Holocaust denial? Oh, that’s right: it is popular in the third world, and the only place that Facebook is growing is the third world, because Americans are checking out and writing blog posts with newslinks instead (OK, I made up that last part).

  • Justine Damond Ruszczyk’s family wins record $US20 million payment over wrongful death

    Beaky Australian-Polish girl gets blasted by American diversity hire. Huge award follows. Who pays? The citizens pay: their taxes go up, in order to pay for the newly high insurance rates, since a record award has just been paid out. The state also pays for diversity hire in jail, then on welfare after jail, and finally to bury him when in the distant future he croaks. When we do a postmortem on the modern West, we will see that diversity was far and away the biggest waste of money in history.

  • Germany says half of extreme right ‘prone to violence’

    This society is infuriating because everything is doomed and everyone is in denial. Fully half of us are prone to violence at this point. There is no way out, which is good, because having to simply accept this as a permanent state was making everyone miserable.

  • Italy emerges as ground zero for European extremist populism

    When a system fails, the poorer nations and those physically closer to threats are those who drop the no-longer-working system the fastest. Italy sits on top of the Mediterranean and struggles to get its budget and government under control. Going to strong nationalism to motivate its people, cutting government to the minimum, and ejecting all outsiders would enable Italy to compete with the rest of Europe again. That in turn could tip the power balance, which is probably why mainstream Europe fears Italian populism; they already know that Leftism and liberal democracy are on their way out, but want to preserve their position in the hierarchy.

  • Baby boomers £78,000 wealthier than people the same age a decade ago

    The further Leftist we went, the less money we had. Gosh, how could that be? Well, you see, taxes rose, and with them costs rose, and so we were making good money but keeping little of it, and so we never accumulated assets. If you let Leftists take over, everyone will work until they die while living in tiny city apartments and spending basically everything in a paycheck because it will all cost money, but everyone will have a job. That is how we know that the economy is a zero-sum game. For us to win at the game of having an economy, we need to be able to lose people who are not valuable, because otherwise the rest of us have to subsidize them, and that takes money out of the economy itself, raising costs on everything and reducing our buying power. Parasites are taking food out of your mouths.

  • Harley-Davidson employees allege years of harassment and racism at Kansas City plant

    Another shakedown. Every sane black person that I have known has shrugged off stuff like this, knowing that not everyone is going to like them, and that their presence provokes extreme reactions. In the same way, white people are used to people every day cheering for our demise and loss of power. People who cannot handle this are too weak to survive, really, and should probably simply be repatriated to somewhere easier to live.

  • Afghan pilot training ends after almost half went AWOL in America

    Democracy: Everyone is equal! Since that is true, if we just “educate” (read: indoctrinate) these people in our methods, they will become brown versions of us!

    Reality: differences are more than skin deep. Democracy always self-destructs because it choose this as its hill to die upon.

  • A bus driver rapes, a man keeps girl captive and neither are going to prison

    In the meantime, a bunch of guys from Charlottesville who did nothing but fight back against Leftists are going to jail for a number of years. American justice has destroyed itself by avoiding politically inconvenient sentences, resulting in permanently skewed sentencing.

  • Estonian lawmakers appear to make white power signs

    We have reached peak ridiculous when the “OK” hand sign has been redefined as the new Nazi salute. We are so afraid of Nazis in the modern world that it has become clear where our weakness lies: we cannot do what the Nazis did well, and it is killing us, so we fear that people will get tired of failing and suddenly become Nazis. More likely, our pathological fear of Nazis will drive people toward something even more extreme, like ultra-royalism.

  • Shocking video of children in Philadelphia Muslim Society: ‘We will chop off their heads’ for Allah

    That this is “shocking” to anyone just shows how no one understood diversity. When we committed to multiculturalism, it meant that people could come here and practice their cultures, religions, and tribal habits; we recognized that people are different, because if they were not different under the skin, there would be no benefits to diversity. Now these people are acting as they have for the last couple thousand years, namely preparing to murder their ancestral enemies. We somehow assumed that bringing them here would make them into lazy mall-prowling burger-munching vidiots like the rest of us, but instead, they have declined to accept our disease and are focused on murdering Jews and then us. It was obvious that this would happen; was anyone thinking at all?

  • Local elections: Conservatives lose more than 1,300 councillors

    Conservatives have apparently not learned the lesson of the Trump era, which is that if conservatives do not act like strong conservatives, the voters stay home and conservatives are replaced. In this case, it was so blindingly obvious that we have to view the loss of these elections as simply natural selection weeding out the pathological, delusional, and stupid.

  • Man sentenced in burning of church painted with ‘Vote Trump’

    Some initially suspected the fire was a hate crime. But Washington County District Attorney Dewayne Richardson said McClinton was trying to hide illicit activities he had done inside the church.

    We have made it so obvious that even impoverished criminal minorities know how to fake a hate crime, and if not for the utter incompetence of this individual, he would have gotten away with it and the church would have gotten quite a bit of money out of it. Time to end diversity.

  • The persecution of Christians in parts of the world is at near “genocide” levels

    Diversity has not worked. It continues to not work. Different groups are different for good reasons. Religions choose different values that fit their constituents; national populations seek to be genetically distinct from others; races want to adapt to different climates and regions. The more we try to force humanity to be “all one,” the more we increase the enmity. Relax the drive for universal and absolute conformity, and separate these groups, and watch the peace prosper as much as it can with a fractious, neurotic species like humanity. In the meantime, consider this: the middle east is a punchline simply because it has been the most religiously and ethnically diverse place on Earth for the longest time. If diversity brought nothing but insane and intractable conflicts raging across the middle east to the point where suicide bombing is the norm, why would we adopt it here? Oh, right: our religion is equality, and we must serve that blood god until we have nothing left to give. Only then will we be morally correct.

  • Silicon Valley is awash in Chinese and Saudi cash — and no one is paying attention (except Trump)

    Dying empires like American democracy tend to attract parasites because they realize that with a relatively small investment now, they can gain a toehold. Then when things go belly-up, the foreigners will simply buy up everything for pennies on the dollar and have total control when things come back to normal. In England, it is rumored that a large banking family made itself a fortune by engineering a collapse. The leader of this clan was known as a savvy investor; when he showed signs of panic, everyone would sell. To take advantage of this, he liquidated all of his assets slowly, then had a public panic attack, causing everyone to sell furiously and dropping prices to rock-bottom, at which point he quietly and quickly bought everything. When the markets came back online the next day, he owned most of the country. The Saudis and Chinese will engineer a similar scenario in Silicon Valley, but not if Trump replaces it first.

  • ‘My LGBT-friendly mosque saved me from being radicalised’

    People like myself who are critical of “anti-Semitism” and “Islamophobia” see these things as too specific; people want to scapegoat Jews or Muslims for the problems of the modern world, much as the Left wants to scapegoat the Rich™ or whites for the same problems. In reality, our individualist/egalitarian attitudes have consumed our society alive, probably because we accumulated too many useless people, and we can tell this is true because these same attitudes are munching up Islam and Judaism as well. For this reason, we know that our real enemy is an idea, not a group, and that there is nothing stupider than anti-Semitism or Islamophobia except diversity itself. Benevolent xenophobia — assuming that all outsiders want to conquer us — is Machiavellian Realpolitik and also purely logical, and never steers us wrong. End the hatred and end diversity.

  • Inside Sanders’ Soviet ‘honeymoon’

    In my analysis, Bernie is not actually what we think of as a socialist; he is a limousine liberal, from wealthy Burlington, VT, where the rich believe that we should have socialism, because they realize that dumping money on the herd will simply lead to more consumption (they do not mention the greater amount of pollution or landfill) and therefore, greater profits for the rich. We think of socialism as benefiting the little guy, but it also protects business from variation in the economy, since people will always have money to spend. Bernie has learned over the years, but he presented himself as a socialist, and this caused the leading edge of the Left to go socialist, with them going even farther than Bernie himself would. At the same time that Bernie has been dialing it back, the third world socialists like Alexandria Ocrazio-Cortez have been pushing farther toward the Venezuelan system. Bernie saw the Soviet Union, and knows how pure socialism fails, but now he is old news. The Left is going Full Soviet whether we like it or not, and they will do so because of the Hart-Celler voters they imported for the last fifty-four years.

  • China will build string of military bases around world, says Pentagon

    China wants to be a superpower. We never heard anything about this when Obama and Clinton were president. Who owns the DNC?

  • Teachers ‘Know Their Power’ in Politics: NEA Outlines 2020 Endorsement Process

    Why is education so Leftist? It could be the vast amount of control that unions, all of which are fundamentally Leftist, exert in teaching. They have created a propaganda factory to ensure that the union gets the votes it needs to continue expanding the education system as a parasite on America. Just as government is a self-interested corporation, so is any given union, and it does not consider your best interests, the future of the nation, or any of that claptrap in its calculations. It aims to win.

  • More anger, worry and sadness around the world than ever before, study finds

    Democracy seemed to bring happiness because it brought freedom, but the cost of giving everyone freedom is that the bad get to externalize their acts and the good absorb the cost, which over time leads to a system of wealth transfer from good to bad. Then society collapses. Currently we are in a time of transition as people try to figure out how to get out of the sinking ship of liberal democracy, equality, civil rights, human rights, diversity, and globalism. Naturally, they are not only miserable because modern life is tedious and unstable, but also because they know that even more instability awaits us as we transition. The twenty-first century is the end of the twentieth, after all, and as we move past these old and failing systems, not everyone is coming with us.

  • Foreign government leases at Trump World Tower stir more emoluments concerns

    Just like clockwork. Collusion failed, then obstruction failed, so the Leftist Establishment returns to talking about emoluments as its grand plan to remove Trump from office. The Inspector Clouseau nature of the Left and its schemes would be less disturbing if the voters were not such hallucinating clowns that they went along with it much of the time. Where do I vote to end democracy?

  • Letter to Vacaville couple: ‘Your interracial family is not welcome here’

    Another attempt for sympathy or a shakedown. As a side note, the family is not actually interracial; it is Chinese, Filipino, and Mexican, which makes them fully Mongol in descent. In the meantime, no one stops to think whether it is a good idea to change the character of nice places by bringing in people who are different from those who made those places. Once ideology kicks in, people sort of turn into robots.

  • As Israeli group expands, Palestinian houses face demolition

    Group that throws rocks at tanks wonders why it is getting displaced by group that invents high technology.

  • Journalism Institute Poynter Tries to ‘Blacklist’ 29 Conservative Outlets as ‘UnNews’

    The Left reveals its goal: first the institutes will blacklist conservative news sites, then the social media and search engine sites will drop them, and finally, they will die out from lack of income. They wanted to remove sites like Breitbart,, Daily Signal, Daily Wire, Drudge Report, Free Beacon, Judicial Watch, LifeNews, LifeSiteNews, LifeZette, LiveAction News, the Media Research Center, PJ Media, Project Veritas, Red State, The Blaze, Twitchy, and the Washington Examiner.

  • Poll shows most in US want changes in how government works

    At the surface level, this poll shows us that people are still outraged that somehow Donald Trump won an election. At a deeper level, it shows us that people are no longer clinging to democracy as usual as the only good option. They are ready for radical change, because they realize that the current system has brought us to a collision point and will not survive.

  • A Political Scientist Defends White Identity Politics

    “If politics in the West is ever to return to normal rather than becoming even more polarized, white interests will need to be discussed,” he writes. “In an era of unprecedented white demographic decline it is absolutely vital for it to have a democratic outlet.” Kaufmann says that “politicians should set [immigration] levels that respect the cultural comfort zone of the median voter,” and he is open to the possibility of long-term refugee camps and a border wall to placate native majorities. He also thinks that liberals should be more tolerant of those who openly express pride in their whiteness.

    The New Yorker may be Left-leaning, but they are not stupid, and it looks like they are spotting future trends here: nationalism is rising everywhere, which means separatism, isolation, and identity politics for all groups.

  • Here Is Proof that the Leftist Tilt on Campus Has Gotten Dramatically Worse

    It seems that back in the day, everyone knew that the only good generation of teachers retired in the late 1980s. These were the old school people, namely the intelligent wives of good men and a few outliers, random alcoholics and intellects who needed a job that kept them away from the herd. These people actually knew things, and dug into issues, at least as much as they could. They were replaced by people for whom teaching was a “career,” or in other words, they wanted to succeed by pleasing others. They pleased the union, their principals, and their colleagues, and not surprisingly this attracted the lunatic Leftists and drove out everyone else. They brainwashed children who went off to college and complained like middle class Karens if their coursework was not far-Left oriented, or at least extremely politically correct, which is the same thing since political correctness eliminates anything but far-Left concepts. Thus Leftists took over there, which amplified the Leftist takeover that began in the 1930s, and soon colleges were almost entirely Leftist with a few conservatives who really participated in nothing. Now the hivemind is complete, and only those who bleat the “correct” opinions are welcome. Luckily, this is driving people away from colleges, although they should know that the real target is the public schools, which are managed entirely by crazy Leftists.

  • Has Jordan Peterson lost his spark?

    People do not understand the purpose of classical liberals like Jordan Peterson. They are here to remind us of possibilities. They cannot take you all the way there; in fact, like other mainstream political figures, they seem to lose their spark at a certain point because they cannot take their audience further. Their job is simply to explain some basic stuff very well and encourage people to ride that libertarian-to-monarchist pipeline (with a few dozen stops between).

  • FBI Investigating Antifa For Plotting To ‘Stage An Armed Rebellion’ With Guns Purchased From Mexican Cartel

    Leftists love comical Rube Goldberg style plots, but every now and then these succeed simply by being too chaotic for anyone else to catch up.

  • Successful treatment of HIV eliminates sexual transmission

    Once the celebrations over this die down, the Left is going to use this as their latest argument for socialized medicine. People need the drugs to save their lives from their bad decision-making, so it must be a right, not a privilege. Expect that the rest of us will be paying for this. It is not terrible to have AIDS beaten back, but the problem is that it gets used as backdoor socialism like everything else.

  • Gittinger Personal Assessment System Indirect Assessment Questions

    An interesting personality categorization scheme used mostly by military, intelligence, and business agencies to find where people fit in teams. Could even be useful for rebuilding a civilziation.

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