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  • This psychologist claims Google search results unfairly steer voters to the left. Conservatives love him

    The bigger point has not occurred to these people, but in a time when mass media influences the views of many people, there is no way that it is not being manipulated. We know that people choose what fits their worldview to report as truth, and with journalistic ethics having seemingly been discarded sometime at the end of last century, the news has become propaganda. As a result, people simply choose whatever is easier to hear. In the case of the midterms, it was psychologically easier to throw a tantrum against the president than it was to accept that it will take a long time to undo the damage the Left has done to this country and its parent, Western Civilization.

  • ‘Historic day’ – French-German parliament meets

    Europe dreams of being a superpower, forgetting that it is internally unstable and therefore will collapse just as hard as the Russians did. Apparently a century of socialist-style entitlements programs has made Europeans soft, prissy, and mentally oblivious just as the same programs are doing here. Solution: remove Leftism.

  • Huge Protests Across Europe Protest Article 13; Politician Lies And Claims They Were Paid To Be There

    After the great New Zealand shooter manifesto censorship binge, people feel uncomfortable with more government intervention in the internet, and they realize that strengthening any copyright enforcement will simply give social media new justification for eliminating “controversial” content so that it can focus on pictures of cats, snaps of dinner, personal drama, and clips of mainstream entertainment. The theorists thought that the Big Six entertainment companies would never capture the internet, but indirectly, they have done exactly that by crowding out any content which can compete with their constant stream of reassuring insipid conformity propaganda.

  • Japanese-American activists will bring paper cranes to show solidarity with migrant families

    Diversity never works because it forms a trap if groups act logically, as we have seen that they do. A minority group will always be nothing but a servant until it asserts itself by overthrowing the majority, and each minority group hopes to gain power as a result. They will work together against the majority and then fight among themselves. Despite groups like Muslims and Africans being more noticeable because of their violent religions and seemingly higher crime profile, all groups become enemies of the majority in a diverse society. Even “nice” groups like the Japanese ultimately turn on their hosts. This means that diversity cannot work, no matter how nice or not nice the groups are, because the problem is diversity itself.

  • Asian shares sink, tracking Friday’s retreat on Wall Street

    The investors of the world sweat profusely now. They know that China is a paper tiger, that Europe depends on China, that globalism has failed, that Indian labor will not save the services economy, that a sea change in politics is occurring, and that humanity will have to recoup the losses of false investment in this system. A big crash is coming; every flicker of uncertainty makes them twitch and sell in panic. If you were wondering if the investigation started by the Democrats two years ago to attempt to dethrone God-Emperor Trump has any real-world consequences outside of politics, consider that spooking the market will harm us all and possibly hasten the worldwide cratering. The USA appears weak to the world because its obvious internal divisions tie its hands for any decision-making, which the Left adores because that leaves its only focus as being on social issues, and historically these are solved with more subsidies, government, laws, and bureaucrats who always lean Left. While the Left bickers and dickers over infighting for power, the rest of the world is slowly moving away from the trailer park dumpster fire that is American democracy.

  • Dr Dre deletes ‘no jail time’ post after boasting that daughter got into USC ‘on her own’

    He probably felt bad once he realized that affirmative action gives her an even greater boost than the rich kids got. The spoiled children of spoiled celebrities had to buy their way in; minorities get in through massively reduced standards, have their grades inflated, and are able to get a range of grants and scholarships not available to anyone else.

  • Is the Bay Area pushing people to the breaking point?

    The bay area provides an example of a very successful city. Salaries are high, universities are plentiful, and lots of diverse and vibrant culture unites with high culture and pop culture to provide an interesting place to live. However, success means that home prices go up and by the very nature of human beings, people vote for Leftist-style entitlement programs, which causes the underclass including homeless to swell. In the end, this means that everyone has good jobs but live hand-to-mouth because of taxes and social chaos. Cities are death. Moderate-sized towns — five thousand to fifty thousand people — provide the best life, but even then, the lack of anonymity which is part of life in small towns creates the greatest stability. Anonymity in the faceless herd fosters an environment of anarchy and dependency.

  • Russia sends military planes to Venezuela

    While the Left preens and kvetches about Russian collusion, we have moved the closest to a state of war since the Cuban missile crisis. The US traditionally views Central and South America as its backyard and does not look favorably on intervention; Russia knows that it is again provoking near war conditions by arming the Venezuelans with anti-aircraft missiles and stationing troops there. If Russia is no longer Communist, why does it defend all of these socialist states and ally with what is effectively a National Bolshevik empire in China? Then again, having the Cold War back might give people some sense of boundaries and purpose.

  • After verdict, Antwon Rose family wants to change laws regarding use of force

    Black kid and friend take a taxi to commit a drive-by shooting; two guns are found in the car. Terrified policeman shoots one, who turns out to be unarmed at that very moment, after stopping the car in pursuit of the shooters. This situation is untenable: any time a non-white cop is involved, black people will claim that the system is biased and demand that it be weakened; in the meantime, white people want the system strengthened. The real solution is to have black neighborhoods with black cops, judges, lawyers, and doctors so that black people are never dependent on white people for anything. When white standards are applied, minority groups see discrimination where none exists, and never reflect on the fact that their own behaviors — which are incompatible with the majority group that is their host — have brought this upon themselves. The only solution is different standards, and that requires separation. The Supreme Court never thought of that one, just like it never realized that to a minority person, “color-blind” is just another form of “racism.” Diversity does not work, cannot work, and never will work.

  • China’s Media Interference Is Going Global, Report Says

    While America goes neurotic in the glare of the drama of its special interest groups vying for power, the rest of the world has made plans to unseat America and destroy it along with Europe so that those groups can rule. The Eurasian Russians and Asiatic Chinese want to destroy the white people. To that end, they have begun carefully and craftily planning subversion, infiltrating media and spreading doubt, sponsoring opposition parties and sewing discord, all while making strategic alliances in order to divide Europe in preparation for conquest.

  • Removal of WWI Battle of Verdun from French curriculum sparks outcry

    In American public schools, they have begun teaching Pancho Villa as a hero. What else would they do, look out at those brown faces and tell them honestly that Villa was a common criminal known for murder, rape, and theft? In order to accommodate diversity, national culture must die, which is why the massive push to eradicate history has begun in Soviet-style earnest. First they rewrite it, and then on that basis demonize the good and exalt the bad, and then they simply delete the good and make history into propaganda like the rest of education.

  • SPLC President Richard Cohen Resigns From Embattled Left-Wing Nonprofit

    People are celebrating because they hate the SPLC, but this stinks of inner circle coup. The old leaders were not far enough Left for the new SJW crowd, and it has been offered money or power by the Leftist establishment, so it found their weak areas and used those as leverage in order to boot them. The new SPLC will categorize anything farther Right than Bernie Sanders as Nazism and use its partnerships with Big Tech and Big Media to censor, demonize, ostracize, and vitiate those organizations. As in all revolutions, the people keeping the house in order get evicted and the ideologues take over, ensuring future unrealistic acts and doom for all in their sphere of influence.

  • Marseille falls apart: why is France’s second city crumbling?

    Governments wanted more power; they imported diversity. This took more money than they had, and so they ignored infrastructure while allowing ghettos to proliferate. This means that under a wave of neglect, vandalism, and public urination, their cities are disintegrating. This serves the goals of government, which would love nothing more than to destroy historical buildings and replace them with some nice utilitarian brutalist architecture in which they can house five times the number of refugees they could take previously. With dreams of power in their eyes, the proles who rule us thanks to democracy will destroy our nations in order to control them.

  • Banning of manifesto raises free speech debate in N. Zealand

    The ban, issued Saturday, means anybody caught with the document on their computer could face up to 10 years in prison, while anyone caught sending it could face 14 years.

    This is tyranny. When possession of a 74-page document can ruin your life, you know that you live in an ideological regime and not a “free” society, which means that a free society was an illusion all along because it collapses on itself like all unrealistic designs. The shooter made his point: the ideas he culled from alt-right, libertarian, and ecofascist talking circles proved so threatening to the empire of lies that rules us that New Zealand had to turn itself into a Soviet-style dictatorship in order to avoid admitting that its policies of diversity, equality, and democracy have brought instability, chaos, incompetence, and degeneracy for all.

  • Did the FDA ignite the opioid epidemic?

    With a change in the way medications were used, the FDA unleashed a massive opioid epidemic. Government, unlike markets and culture, acts through making one conclusion and applying it universally through law, which means that effects are vast and immediate. The gradual, cautious changes urged by conservatism do not suffer this problem, which is why we favor localization instead of standardization. Government has less control that way, which seems like a bad thing, but instead, we avoid leaping into the abyss with both feet.

  • People are putting up these ‘fear mongering’ stickers in Wolverhampton

    Somehow it is “fearmongering” and “hate” to point out that, statistically, native ethnic Britons will soon be a minority. When government and social groups have to suppress obvious realities in order to maintain power, they make it clear that their power is illegitimate and will lead to the collapse of that society. When that happens, the race and religion wars break out in earnest. We could have avoided this, but Leftists had to make the point that we should all be equal and they imported foreigners as tools to force this on the rest of us. Somehow the voters just slept through the whole process.

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