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  • African migrants pass through San Antonio and swiftly fan out across the country

    “If — a family, the sponsor — it’s been 24-48 hours and they can’t buy the [bus] ticket, then we’ll buy it,” Elizabeth Nemeth, executive director of Catholic Charities’ west side center, told the Washington Examiner Thursday. For a family of five to seven looking to travel by bus to New York, it will cost $2,000, she said.

    Let us revisit that issue of whether Catholics from Southern/Irish and Eastern Europe actually “assimilated” and “integrated” all that well.

    This looks like they are just waging war on the WASPs, as one would expect if informed of the Nietzschean/Machiavellian view of conquerors and the conquered.

    Reparations-with-repatriation should begin with the Irish.

  • Why we must quit Brussels now – the sooner we leave this grotesque temple of excess the better

    Voters think of government in the same way voters thing of anything, which is either as tangible (“some guy like me just does it”) or magic. To them, government is magic. They have no idea what a bureaucracy is like, and any of them who do work in the bureaucracy become tight-lipped about it, because they know that if the word got out, mass panic would result. Luckily for them, however, voters sleep through life, relying on the intense visual symbolism of things like Hollywood movies to communicate to them, so the subtleties of bureaucracy, law, politics, science, religion, mathematics, philosophy, culture, and aesthetics are entirely lost to them. This is prole rule, and we need to not only escape the nu-Soviet regimes like the EU/US, but escape democracy entirely. It does not get better until we end this.

  • Anger as time taken to charge rapists doubles in seven years

    How do we hide a rape wave? Well… it takes several layers. First, you ignore it if possible, which means that within immigrant communities, most rapes go unreported. Second, you talk any crime down to a lesser charge if you can, which means that rape may become a mugging on the record books. Third, you see how many you can get dismissed on the basis of supposed racism or evidence mishandling by overworked cops. Finally, you delay as long as possible and see if you can get all parties to take a plea deal. For example, a lot of those rapists will plea down to mugging and serve two years in prison, which five years after the rape seems better than waiting another five years for them to serve four years in prison, so the victims and perps join hands and march offstage singing the chorus line of “it’s better than nothing” together. If you can do it, you set up “no-go zones” where the police do not show up at all, and then you simply ignore any events that happened there or, even better, take down the paperwork and send someone to investigate, knowing that it will go anywhere. If the West does not self-destruct in the next twenty years, we are going to find a lot of lies in our official statistics.

  • Why Targeting Millennial Consumers Might Not Be Such a Hot Idea After All

    Gen X hated its Boomer parents, and so did not accept the logic that the Boomers passed down, which was essentially a hedonistic version of the democracy, equality, and diversity (sorry: “racial tolerance” back then) dogma passed down by the Greatest Generation, who absorbed this from Leftists, government, and industry in not one but two wars.

    Gen Y had no parents because the family was essentially devastated by that point, and many of them were ethnically- and/or racially-mixed, so they trusted only schools and not that big blue meanie of culture and tradition. Thinking themselves “finally free,” they drank the Kool-Ade and skipped off to a bright future. It turns out that the schools educated them to be wage slaves and nothing more, so they are all now busily being Facebook consultants, diversity litigators, and public relations experts without realizing that the fat has been cut out of the economy and transferred to the underclass, so now they will all work in cubicle jobs until they die, and no one will care because they will not have functional families, authentic friendships, or even know their neighbors because of the death of culture. Consequently, Gen Y has no money because they are in a dead-end lifestyle where they work constantly but ineffectually just like the people on television shows, and they spend everything they have on services to take the place of family and neighborhood. They are also desperately lonely.

    However, this article gets it wrong: what advertisers are slowly (slowly… slowly) figuring out is that niche marketing really blows because you have to write different ads for a dozen groups, and each of those groups responds to different things or, as in the case of the nu-Americans, responds to nothing but what has gone viral right now and are oblivious to quality, price, or any other longer-term consideration. In other words, our clever businesspeople through their advocacy of ethnic and racial diversity have self-destructed just as they do each time they find a way to set up a monopoly. They killed the goose that laid golden eggs, which was the American WASP consumer.

  • Artist creates an incredible 2,000ft-long biodegradable mural showing a line of clasped hands at the foot of the Eiffel Tower to raise awareness of the refugee crisis

    More runaway social status signaling, as Tom Wolfe would call it. In reality: “raising awareness” is one of those catch-all justifications like “helping the poor” that makes dumb voters sigh and smile. No one is unaware of the issue; we are either opposed to immigration since we know that it is death, or we have opted to remain among the oblivious. But no one is lacking awareness here. The real point is to “raise emotional response” which means to over-ride any thinking capacity we have with those warm feelings that come from publicly caring for others, which really means: anticipating the social reward from others for being seen publicly caring for others. It is all fake symbolism, all the way down. Altruism does not exist.

  • Nigel Farage lashes out after observers warn Labour’s by-election win in Peterborough was ‘like corrupt Kazakhstan’

    Leftists know how to win elections. First, you lie, and then, you cheat. Repeat as necessary. Your fellow Leftists will hide your misdeeds lest they, too, be identified as having similar transgressions. The voters, exhausted from their pointless and tedious jobs, sleepwalking through life, and generally not that bright, will not even notice.

  • Remittances matter: 8 facts you don’t know about the money migrants send back home

    The UN wants you to continue remittances. Like carbon taxes, these are an important method of wealth transfer to the third world. If it can buy the third world, the UN rationalizes, it can rule the world. That is the goal: everybody wants to rule the world. Like most humans, however, the UN people are out of their depth. When they achieve world rule, they will quickly run out of free money to give these people, and they have no plan other than the perennial Leftist “just print more money” which will lead to world collapse, revolution, and most likely human extermination. Only about one percent of humanity has a chance of being good leaders, and it is not the group that usually gets elected.

  • ROTC cadet who was fond of Nazis is on her way out, officials confirm

    Still believe that you are fighting for freedom? No, and no one in the Army does, either. We cannot have “freedom” with pluralism, including diversity. The only way you get “freedom” like “free will” is to accept that it does not exist; a sane society will allow you to do anything that is not harmful to its goals and a sane person will encourage you to utilize moral choice, but those real-world replacements for “freedom” and “free will” are harder to explain to a group of bopping proles than using open-ended, infinite terms like “free,” “all,” “everyone,” and “rights.”

  • DC board rejects Trump Hotel effort to dismiss complaint seeking removal of liquor license on basis of Trump’s ‘character’

    The city requires that those who sell alcoholic beverages in the nation’s capital “is of good character and generally fit for the responsibilities of licensure.” The group asserts the Trump doesn’t meet that bar, the Post reports.

    The Left wins because they are willing to be pathologically, fanatically, and dogmatically unreasonable.

  • Seeing poor white people makes me happy

    Every now and then, people tell you what they are actually thinking. Believe them.

    He’s worried, like many whites are, that as they become the minority, fewer and fewer places will exist where they have power. They worry that at some point the roles will be reversed and they will have to beg for food. He looked at the homeless white boy and saw a hungry ghost, seemingly expelled from some alternate dimension where Europeans are enslaved, segregated and mass incarcerated. He sees the fall of America.

    Diversity cannot work because each group must be either conqueror or conquered. This forces all of us into hating each other and trying to kill each other.

  • Japanese ship owner contradicts US account of how tanker was attacked

    The Leftist world has reacted as if this was another Gulf of Tonkin incident, forgetting that at the time, such attacks were commonplace. In reality, this is most likely a limpet mine because penetration was not as deep into the ship as a missile or projectile would do, and a larger ship would be required to fire a projectile as the captain claimed. Most likely, whoever did it brought a boat alongside and stuck the limpet mine high on the side so that it would damage but not sink the ship. The point is to send a warning. I hate to admit it, but the American government is probably correct here, and the world press and luvvies are wrong because they are crazy, as usual.

  • Hong Kong protesters coordinate tech-savvy effort to beat Chinese state surveillance

    Protesters used only secure digital messaging apps such as Telegram, and otherwise went completely analogue in their movements: buying single ride subway tickets instead of prepaid stored value cards, forgoing credit cards and mobile payments in favour of cash, and taking no selfies or photos of the chaos.

    They wore face masks to obscure themselves from CCTV and in fear of facial recognition software, and bought fresh pay-as-you-go SIM cards.

    And, unlike the pro-democracy movement in 2014, the latest demonstrations also have remained intentionally leaderless.

    Here’s a handy to-do list for outwitting the Xenophile Occupation Government (XOG) that is trying to demographically replace us.

  • Many Americans say their financial situation is worse since the Great Recession

    Get yellow vested! It’s the taxes, stupid. Every tax is passed on to the consumers through higher costs. This means that we take money from the thriving and give it to the poor, who spend it on junk, and then our economy is based on reselling junk to the clueless. In turn, the stuff that the rest of us want — housing, healthcare, schooling, retirement — becomes more expensive at the same time our wages can buy less. This is a death spiral.

  • Police say black man killed in Memphis was sought in shooting

    Champion said Webber shot his victim five times point blank after the two men had taken the car on a test drive, then drove off in the stolen vehicle. It was in that car that federal marshals encountered Webber when he was killed, the prosecutor said.

    As usual, identity politics — the clash between groups caused by diversity — ensures that no one is paying attention to facts. They only want more power for their group, and nothing else matters to them.

  • Protesters in Hong Kong demand cancellation of extradition bill, leader’s resignation

    These protests show the highwater mark for globalism; after this, it is all downhill. Independence for small thriving groups works better than making us all into one big happy. It turns out that we all benefit from living under the power of those who are the most competent, and that “people power” turns into tyranny because in order to control a group of individualists, government must become bureaucratic, administrative, managerial, and thus quasi-totalitarian.

  • VW’s Tennessee workers vote against union representation

    Workers are figuring out the formula: unions = temporarily higher wages + jobs going elsewhere + rich union representatives. As always, when we collectivize costs, the ultimate bill is paid by the consumer, which makes them seek alternatives. In other words, if you want good jobs, unions are the worst method, and you need to be willing to sacrifice low performers so that higher performers can have decent work and still afford to live.

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