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Periscope (January 6, 2019)

  • New details reveal suspects fired at Jazmine Barnes’ vehicle by mistake

    A black child was shot, and a white suspect identified. He had blue eyes. “The look in his eyes — he wasn’t normal,” said the mother, and the media and protesters agreed. Then they fired up the usual hue and cry. The demands for “justice” rang out, a massive rally formed, and $77k was raised for the black girl shot by a white man. Except that, as it turns out, it was two black guys and a mistaken identity. There was no red truck. There was no evil white racist. There was only crime in the hood, much as it is across all of the third world, as usual.

  • “We want the old Canada back,” say Yellow Vest protesters

    If you want your Left-Right convergence or “third way,” you will never get it because you are asking the egalitarian to compromise with its opposite. However, both populists and Leftists have noticed the same thing: the current system is not working because it taxes us to death and raises prices by taxing everyone else to death, since they then pass on their costs to the customer, and we like the old 1980s Europe and America better. Before the Clinton years, before we truly went Soviet here in the West, everything was healthier. Sure, we have tried market reforms since then, even libertarian ideals. However, we have deeply internalized the pathological zeal for equality that marks both the Leftist and the lowly person who wants revenge on the world for having been born to his lowly state.

  • Identity is just as important as wealth. Why don’t economists get that?

    In order to make people equal, we had to look at outer forms only, like “this is a human being, and therefore they are equal.” This required that we ignore inner traits and impulses — genetics, intelligence, morality, values — so that we could make everyone equal. This made a world where people are solely material beings and decisions, correspondingly therefore, are made on the basis of material concerns. Economics, politicians, lawyers, bureaucrats, and even writers and psychologists have created a world where all people are the same robotic animal, and given the same stimulus, they will have the same response. This fits with the “universalism” or notion that all people are the same of the egalitarians, which shows how equality is a utilitarian opinion and nothing more. Unfortunately for us humans, utilitarian living does not feed the soul, and it makes us depressed, and so our best people die out by failing to reproduce, dooming us to Idiocracy.

  • China Targets Prominent Uighur Intellectuals to Erase an Ethnic Identity (non-paywall)

    The New York Times knows all about destroying an ethnic group by removing its intellectuals in order to erase its ethnic identity. This is what they did to the WASPs, and now are doing to everyone else who is not their ideal “everyman,” a person without history, heritage, culture, values, family, or origins. All they have is egalitarianism and market value. That is the end goal of our society, and it will produce people much like those in power at the Times: wealthy, cosmopolitan, crass, and desperately hiding their peasant origins.

  • Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment

    Somehow, it is controversial to point out that if everyone were gay, a nation would collapse because it could not reproduce itself. Leftists respond with convoluted scenarios straight out of The Handmaiden’s Tale where people arrange reproduction in the most awkward ways. Back in realityland, we know that you end up gay because something went wrong. Homosexuality is how nature stops reproduction, probably just to suppress mutations. It is what it is. However, that offends the human pretense of having defeated death by being the center of the universe, which shows us just how much narcissism that egalitarianism has cultivated within us.

  • Fraser Anning: Nazis, what Nazis? I didn’t see any in St Kilda

    How to tell you live in a controlled regime: it is automatically assumed that anyone acting like a neo-Nazi is in fact one, but any violence caused by the Left is assumed to have been done by moderates. In the meantime, anyone who does not accept the Leftist agenda is branded a Nazi. They have not yet realized that this approach stopped working. They will only see this when they get tangible feedback, like staring at a bullet-pocked wall while the gun cocks behind them.

  • ‘An act of war’: Gidimt’en clan prepares for police raid on Wet’suwet’en Territory

    Say it after me: with diversity, you are never free; all things must include diversity. If a pipeline runs through “First Nations” (actually: Mongolian immigrants) land, then the debate over it cannot involve property rights, but the pretense of these former nations of parasitic raiders. When you have one tribe in a nation, like Germans in Germany, you can simply say, “this is a question of how we allocate land for the benefit of all.” When you have multiple tribes, each tribe uses any demand of its own time or resources as an excuse to extract time and resources from its opposition, which it sees as every other tribe. Diversity means infighting until it destroys you.

  • US to be ‘very supportive’ of Israeli strikes against Iranian targets in Syria

    Leftists, Turkey, Europe, and the middle east whined about American presence. Trump in a grand gesture threw up his hands and gave in. Now the others see the consequence: instead of installing order in the region, the Americans will let Israel do it, which means a free-fire zone over most Arab countries if there is any suspicion that they have advanced weaponry. This in turn will force the Arab nations to go back to the theocracies they have set up and say, “Yep, looks like Israel rules us, and there’s nothing we can do about it.” Those theocracies will then devolve, and the Arab world will return to pure tribalism at the local level.

  • Men are more disadvantaged than women in the UK, US and most of Europe, scientists claim

    Moron conservatives — everyone who says this is a moron — tend to like to talk about how “we support equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome” and how they are defenders of “meritocracy not equality.” In reality, all of these terms mean the same thing, because if you declare yourself for equality or meritocracy and the results turn out demographically uneven, you have to either admit that your declared theory is nonsense or that it was simply misapplied. They always choose the latter in order to save face because no one with a functional brain and life experience cares about equality; it is simply an unnecessary theory to them, sort of like the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Flat Earth Theory. The same morons deny the historical and logical reality that there is only one way to apply equality: since you are using external force, and you cannot make people better than they are, you can only take from those who have risen above the average, and give to those below the average. This means that, mathematically, all equality and diversity regimes consist of taking from the successful, healthy, normal, stable, productive, sane, balanced, and achieving and giving to the unsuccessful, unhealthy, abnormal, unstable, unproductive, troubled, unbalanced, and non-contributing. That ends in results like the one described in this article where we assume that men are above average, so we take from them until they are below average, and then are shocked — shocked, I tell you! — to find out that they have dropped out of the system and are dying out. There is a reason most third-world societies are low average IQ matriarchies. Their egalitarian bureaucracies killed off their upper classes, men, and intelligent people long ago.

  • Russia and China ‘using Scotland as backdoor to influence British policy’

    We can be honest and simply call Leftism “the politics of the third world.” The Leftist ideal fits for a typically disorganized third world society, where you have a mass of people, everyone is starving, and a few genetic traits from the past bubble up in select individuals who find themselves more intelligent than the rest, and realize that they must rule this mass and do so with cruel oppression because it understands nothing other than the striking hand. Russia and China, despite having adopted market economies after failing in the 1980s from a lack of them, still hold fast to the third world system, and so they find that in the Leftists of Scotland they have fellow travelers. Scotland, having been prosperous but under British rule and thus prone to blame all of its failings on the British, is now addicted to the scapegoating mysticism of third-world style politics, and so it naturally collaborates with its ideological allies even though no formal agreement has been made.

  • The Euro: a mindless idea

    The “European Project” was the idea that we could avoid future world wars by binding Europe together, instead of admitting that these wars were the fallout from forcing democracy on Western European people. In other words, we gave in and used democracy to bind them, instead of realizing that we would be better off walking away. That postwar order seemed to succeed until suddenly it did not and “yellow vests” were dancing around cities ablaze. This article looks into some of the financial reasons for its instability.

  • Saudi Arabia Won’t Be the Last Country to Censor Netflix

    Now that national laws apply to the internet, it is no longer universal. You will find content appropriate for your country alone. The European GDPR law, China’s attempts to make a censored search engine, and even the censorship by social media show us that this is the case. This is a parallel to diversity: once you include many different groups in a society, all of them want their laws to apply, and soon the utility of that society — that you can share between groups, much as you could on the old internet — is vastly reduced. Then it collapses, leaving behind a ruin. Natural selection works on the levels of individuals, but also on that of civilizations. In the mindset of nature, any civilization that promotes unfit individuals must die out so that those individual traits are not passed on and eventually die out in a morass of third world dysfunction. It is up to us humans to choose to survive by being good and rising above the primitive but effective methods of raw nature.

  • Germany’s ‘fat years’ of high tax revenue are over: Finance Minister Scholz

    History will probably see the time from 1990-2020 as a type of postwar boom that mirrored the 1940-1980 boom in America. The Cold War ended, and the peace dividend was huge, but now it has gone, and it turns out that we wasted all of the money on entitlements, ugly architecture, hiring “experts” and bureaucrats, and writing reams of laws.

  • The Worst Enemy of Black People

    He cites Malcolm X:

    The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems.

    Bigger point: nationalism works. Blacks moving to Africa, setting up societies according to their own needs and standards, and reclaiming that continent works; attempting to make America into diversity paradise does not, for any of the groups involved. Diversity delenda est!

  • The Breaking Of The Never Trump Mind

    Professional Republicans are more “professional” than Republican, meaning that they have found a way to work within a system that as a democracy with a socialist-style tax-and-spend wealth transfer based entitlements state grafted on since the 1930s and an ideological civil rights regime installed in the 1860s, represents more of Leftist ideals than conservative ones. For this reason, most of them are both Left-leaning even if they do not realize it, and compelled to defend and perpetuate the current system for the sake of their careers. This is why they did not see Trump coming, nor have any idea what to do with his continued popularity. They seem oblivious to the fact that they are in the middle of a sea change wherein people reject Leftism, globalism, liberal democracy, diversity, and the stew of utilitarian hacks that perpetuate it. Paul Ryan had the right idea — leave gracefully when his era is over — and the NeverTrump careerist Republicans are only starting to get the message.

  • Rashida Tlaib reported to possibly be sworn in on Thomas Jefferson’s Quran

    Big Conservative Media caters to morons. Those morons respond well to outrage because it is simple, emotional, and energizing, where the core of conservatism — a detailed study of history and its implications as we attempt to use fine-toothed comb aesthetics to choose “the best” (arete) — makes most people glaze over. You cannot sell Budweiser, McDonald’s, Chevy Trucks, Ruger, and Aetna with subtlety. You need a whole group of people who are fired up about something, and that requires you to appeal to the lowest common denominator which the leftward 80% of the bell curve can share. As a result, conservative media feasts on stories like this. “How outrageous! She was sworn in on… a Koran!” It makes you wonder if people even took a minute to ponder what “diversity” meant back in the 1960s through 1990s, but then you realize that for most people, the link between abstraction and reality is a mystery, superstition, mysticism, and lottery. They have no idea. Diversity means that we have every group here. That means that they preserve their own customs, values, heritage, and faith. This means that you cannot ask them to swear in on a Bible; that is not their tradition, and they have no loyalty to it, which defeats the point of the oath. Even more, the Constitution and Declaration are not in their tradition or genetics, so they will re-interpret those to fit them. Civic nationalism is dead because it never made sense, to those who understood what “diversity” actually meant, but now more are realizing. Too little too late, as usual, as they slam the barn door while calling the name of a horse that by now is five counties away.

  • The people will at last be listened to, says FREDERICK FORSYTH

    He points out the obvious but emotionally remote truth, which is that the EU is just a trading partnership and that there are other trading partnerships out there which could be even more valuable, without requiring the UK to give up its self-rule in order to become part of whatever crazy Leftist project the Germans have cooked up this time.

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren donates salary to Jewish nonprofit helping refugees at the Mexico border amid government shutdown

    I have to assume that this whole article is a typo, or that Yahoo News has accidentally begun licensing content from The Daily Stormer. Why would Jews repeat the mistake they made before The Holocaust and get themselves identified as radical Leftists and Communists with ties to organized crime? That would be epic-level arrogant and stupid… then again, most human things are. Let us hope it is merely a prolonged typing error and not the result of conscious human decisions, then.

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