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  • U.S. Supreme Court lets hardline Trump immigration policy take effect

    Chipping away at the Fourteenth Amendment. Instead of the symbolic/ideological unrealistic requirement to treat everyone in terms of equal rights, this new approach is willing to look at different situations. If we are smart, we use this to roll back civil rights law entirely and then, once it has failed, repeal it and replace it with a natural rights agenda like we had in this country from 1789-1865. Natural rights means that you do not owe anything to anyone else; civil rights means that government must intervene in all affairs public and private to ensure that everyone is treated equally. As it turns out, the less “equal” we have in human affairs, the more sanity we have.

  • The first vote of 2020 ends Tuesday, in Texas

    The Left eagerly waits to see if the influx of Californians, Mexicans, New Yorkers, Chinese, and Indians has changed Texas blue yet. The focus on “suburban voters” refers to how the bougie burbs tend to go crazy for diversity since they know it in theory only, and not in application, and they make their money by social status signaling importance to others, so they follow every trend no matter how insane or destructive. Texas would respond to a natural rights system.

  • “We need to make good on our promise to do better” says Minister Pandor

    South Africa officially faces the problem of its spiraling descent into third world status. Since the end of Apartheid, the minority-majority leadership has spent most of its time beating back other ethnic groups, and less on making functional institutions. As a result, a once prosperous country now drives away business at the same time that its population has become increasingly impoverished, aimless, and violent.

  • Homesteaders, catastrophists run for the hills to flee U.S. uncertainty

    In the meantime, others note that the USA is similarly in crisis, with diversity at the heart of it as well (although we cannot say that in public). If they looked more closely, they would see that the 1990s finished the foul work of the 1960s, 1930s, 1860s, and 1820s, taking us closer to an Asiatic-style centralized bureaucracy. Things have been falling apart for a long time. Trump, by confronting them, has made them seem like sudden problems, but there is nothing new under the sun. This civilization is failing as others have before it, through class warfare justified with the dystopian mantra of “equality.”

  • Top Harvard Professor Arrested, Charged With Lying About Income to Feds

    Did China buy all of our elites? It seems like a huge number of them, especially on the Left, are very cozy with China.

  • Abbott calls for middle class women to have more children

    Slowly the West faces its demographic crisis, which means both the displacement of the founding heritage populations and the loss of quality among those populations as smarter people, who are worked more and taxed more, have fewer children. Get a flat tax in there and remove civil rights law, and your society might have a fighting chance.

  • ‘Extreme action:’ Project Veritas unearths more radical Bernie Sanders staffers

    It turns out that Bernie is playing a two-faced role. In public he insists that he is not a socialist or a Communist, but in private, the people supporting him make it very clear what they want, which is the Soviet Union with better consumer products. Humans always restart this dream, then it fails, and people point out that they were warned, but they wanted to believe so badly that they made noticing reality outside the Narrative taboo.

  • In U.S., Library Visits Outpaced Trips to Movies in 2019

    Statistics can fool you. People are going to the libraries for the free internet since most of them have smartphones but sometimes need to use desktops. As the article says, the library is “visited most by adults in low-income households and least by adults in high-income households.” Yet another subsidy for the herd, apparently.

  • Coalition of states sue over rules that could allow 3D-printed gun blueprints to be posted on internet

    This shows the latest battleground in the gun control wars. The Left wants to limit these potentially untraceable and undetectable plastic weapons; the real story is that home fabrication is moving forward by leaps and bounds, and soon you will be able to print off an AK-47 relatively easily and have it actually work like a real gun. In addition, across America people are building unofficial machine shops by buying and refurbing used machines. We are going to have underground gun factories springing up everywhere very shortly.

  • French police clash with firefighters at Paris demonstration

    France cannot afford its entitlements state. However, the entitlements have proven very popular with voters, so no politician will roll them back or, as sanity demands, revoke them entirely. Consequently, the politicians are trying to keep the system afloat by raising the retirement age, which traumatizes the people working in France who hoped for a nice easy career and early retirement so they would have forty years of hanging out and not worrying about much. With the retirement and dying out of the Baby Boomers, however, these systems are breaking from sudden demand without a similarly-sized group to fund them. Now we find out that the entitlements state could only exist for a brief sliver of time, and now will vanish. With that goes much of the appeal of the Left.

  • Rare Bolivian glass frogs seen for first time in 18 years

    These little guys are totally adorable. What does this tell us about nature, which seems so practical yet so artistic? Perhaps if we can find the beauty in nature, we can stop destroying it.

  • Greenpeace warns over hidden climate cost of ‘eco-friendly’ chicken

    Globalism means that we have the same system worldwide, but some places are cheaper than others, so they do all the farming and manufacturing and the first world benefits, although on partially, because it sends these places enough income to make them significant on the world stage. This proves dangerous because most of these places are not very stable. They also tend to be run with no regard for the environment, so all that cheap chicken feed means millions of acres of forest cut down for use by relatively primitive agriculture.

  • Most dietary supplements don’t do anything. Why do we spend $35 billion a year on them?

    Science has not found any positive benefits to most dietary supplements. Then again, these were the same guys who brought you eternal sugar, Vioxx, PPIs, SSRIs, and the opioid epidemic. Like anti-vax, people are signaling resistance to the domination of science, academia, and the medical industry. These people were telling us that race was not genetic just a decade ago, and seem to be pushing new wonder drugs which have devastating side effects. People do not want vaccinations for every disease under the sun, and they do not trust that “science” is anything but bureaucrats with STEM degrees finding ways to squeeze more money out of us with fear of ill-health. They would rather use gentler and less destructive natural supplements if possible.

  • German EU lawmaker resigns over neo-Nazi past

    The Left operates by destroying people because as ideologues, they believe in the one Utopian truth of their symbolic agenda, and anyone who fails to agree enough becomes the enemy. Consequently, following the model of political correctness itself, they specialize in demonizing certain ideas so that they can use them to destroy the lives of others. That gives them power, but the power to destroy without a corresponding power of creation only leads to further destruction. This is the dark secret at the heart of the soul of the Left.

  • Man whose headaches made him vomit ‘had tapeworm in brain for 10 years’

    Man eats undercooked pork in Mexico and acquires a new friend. Bonus: his sister had the same thing several years earlier. It will be fun watching America descend to third-world levels.

  • Warning shots fired as migrants rush Serbia’s border with Hungary

    Migrants are the tar baby: the more you hit it, the more you get stuck. If you arrest them, they are your responsibility. If you refuse to let them in, they camp out on your borders and attack in terrifying rushes. If you let them in, they get hooked up with your government benefits and drain your economy entirely. The only way to win this game is not to play, which means having zero immigration. Do not set up a lottery where one in twenty will win big; the others will still try. Set up a situation where no one will get anything, and they will all go away, with the bonus that fewer of them will drown trying to get there.

  • Ontario school board concerned parents’ petition prompted by coronavirus fears could stoke racism

    Reality says that this is a good time to be wary of Chinese people with a cough. The usual navel-gazing, neurosis, and grandstanding holier-than-thou social status signaling results. We will all die as a result, but at least we will not be racist, not that anyone who comes after us will know or care.

  • CNN’s Don Lemon and guests mock Trump supporters as uneducated and illiterate

    The Left uses this trope on a regular basis. They like to portray conservatives as impoverished, illiterate, uneducated, and biologically stupid dirt people who just do not know any better and vote against their interests. In reality, conservatives are voting for a type of civilization that benefits all of us, and Leftists — who lack three of the six principles required to care about civilization, per Jonathan Haidt — have no idea why we are doing this. As usual, “the Leftist cries out as he strikes you,” and projects his misdeeds onto you. Leftists are the ones who lack in understanding, and in order to conceal that, they call us inbred moron hicks and hope that this will shut us up for awhile.

  • Indonesia’s Aceh unveils new female flogging squad

    Cheer the comedic equality. Now Indonesia, which is cracking down on bad moral behavior, can flog many more women. Discrimination has been banished. Also, it seems to provide a model for the world: instead of doing truly horrible things to people, humiliate them. Humans fear most of all some loss of social status, and getting flogged on a public platform has a tendency to do that.

  • To find intelligent alien life, humans may need to start thinking like an extraterrestrial

    To understand our world, we need to start thinking like nature, and stop living in our little mental bubble of individualism, social influences, symbolism, emotions, sensations, judgments, and the promises of shiny products intoned in booming chants in television commercials.

  • U.S. backs program to settle Venezuelan migrants in Brazil

    Every day, the chance of getting into the US diminishes. Every day, the benefits anticipated from coming here diminish as well. Next level thinking: remove affirmative action, since guaranteed jobs are always a selling point, especially for slackers.

  • Starving and shot orangutan returned to wild as ‘world’s most wildlife-rich areas being destroyed’

    Humans and animals are in competition for the same resource: land, with its flora and fauna, which each of us need for nutrition and space to live, interact, and roam. Humans have a tendency to see a vast field and think all of it belongs to humans. Thinking like nature would mean considering other species and, most importantly, the need for an ecosystem formed of plant and animal interactions to sustain all those species, including humans. We are one of many; the others have needs, too. We need to start thinking like nature and less like humans.

  • New Barbie dolls feature vitiligo and hairless models in bid to boost diversity

    Just make them obese, retarded, and ugly for Ultimate Equality.™ Maybe give them low self-esteem and heavy flatulence. Or midgets and flippers! If we are going to get real and include everyone, we need to include the least appealing people. This is why equality makes people pathological. It induces them to seek out whatever is failing and hold it up as good. Other than the fact that Barbie was originally a hooker, she serves as something aspirational for young people. They see Barbie and Ken and want to be healthy, trim, successful, and beautiful like them. We all know that these are ideals not seen in reality.

  • Coronavirus outbreak a result of Chinese biological espionage?

    It is unclear how much of this is accurate, but it makes for a great story. Bonus: this is not the first potentially runaway lab virus to cross our paths.

  • Silicon Valley health-tech start-up took kickbacks to push doctors to prescribe opioids, DOJ finds

    Doctors are paid to prescribe dangerous drugs. Not only that, they do every test they can so that they do not get sued, and benefit from bringing you back for as many visits as possible so they get paid more. The only flaw in this model is our blind trust of medicine, and the fact that thanks to ethnic mixing, we have so many ill people with genetic flaws that medicine has become a huge business, when in fact it should be something that you encounter mostly at the start and end of life.

  • Ring doorbell ‘gives Facebook and Google user data’

    Businesses want to know exactly what you are doing so that they can sell you more stuff. This is necessary for humanity to produce as much landfill as possible. Despite all their promises to avoid being evil, these companies turn out to be more manipulative and callous than the Robber Barons.

  • WaPo clears writer who tweeted about Bryant rape allegation

    Bread and circuses. Apparently this guy is important because his did sportsball stuff that all the drunk fat low-T men like. Someone pointed out that he is a sodomitic rapist as well, and everyone lost their minds for awhile. We are making the wrong people rich, and we have the wrong people in charge of our newspapers.

  • A plateful of plastic

    Apparently, we wolf down a pound of microplastics every year. Perhaps it is making us obese. Or maybe generally unwell. I suppose all those conspiracy theorists and crazies who warned about plastics in the 1950s-1980s are vindicated, although they are also probably all dead from ingestion of microplastics.

  • Climate change, inequality ‘deliberately perpetuated’ to benefit the rich: Marama Davidson

    Crazy woman pitches insane inversion. In reality, inequality is the state of nature; equality is human wishful thinking, and the only thing being “deliberately perpetuated” is the ongoing quest for equality-Utopia which is consuming all infected human societies.

  • Protesting firefighters clash with police in Paris

    As societies die, they start to be careful about where the funds go. Police, which enforce the rule of the land and the power structure, get the cash where firefighters do not, especially in societies made unstable by diversity. We can see the exact same thing happening in minority-majority wasteland Houston. The firefighters cannot articulate it, but they and the other “yellow vests” are protesting because high taxes, unions, regulations, lawsuits, crushing government bureaucracy, and diversity have made it so that no matter how high they raise their salaries, they will never get off of the treadmill. That is not living; it is very genteel slavery, and democracy specializes in it.

  • Trump peace plan gives Israel chunks of West Bank, envisions Palestinian state

    Trump goes through with his usual gameplan. He realizes that neither side will accept this plan. It is wholly fair and considers the needs of everyone involved. Once it is rejected, he can let the crisis intensify, then offer something more practical, like sending all “Palestinians” to Egypt and strengthening the Jewish state for only Jews and all Jews. No one is safe under diversity; diversity must end; Jews must end up in Israel.

  • Disabled man starved to death after DWP stopped his benefits

    Somehow, government is required to take our tax money to save the hopeless from themselves. In reality, we need to think like nature: make it clear what is needed, reward those who do it, ignore those who do nothing, and exile those who sabotage it. When we try to save everyone, we simply make everyone weak and distrustful of others.

  • Police clear out migrants from northern Paris site

    The diversity/immigration crisis continues in full flower. Each migrant represents a certain financial loss and a portion of the loss of a soul and identity of a nation. The more that are moved on or whose lives are made miserable enough that they emigrate, the better for everyone.

  • Fluorescent pink slug, unique to Australian mountaintop, survives bushfires

    Another amazing gift of nature. Chinese doctors are standing by to convert it into Chinese traditional medicine so that all of them die. If not that, someone will build condominiums on their territory and soon we will see them like the Dodo or Passenger Pigeon, in pictures only.

  • Doctors urged to recognize post-antidepressant sexual dysfunction

    More terrible news about SSRIs. We should ask instead why so many people are depressed, and then look out the window with new eyes. Our civilization is primitive and self-obsessed. This leads to an existentially miserable daily life, and people slowly slip away.

  • Climate not considered a top 10 risk by CEOs, survey finds

    Outside of social activity and virtue signaling, those who actually have skin in the game do not worry about the latest overhyped trend. They are aware how much of our “objective” data in this world is fake, and how much the press over-dramatizes relatively innocuous events. Climate change is the distraction; ecocide by urbanization, using too much land, and pollution is the real story.

  • New Zealand lobby group plans to sue Australia over citizenship law change

    Australia has figured out that diversity = displacement, and they are doing their best to discourage foreigners from arriving and then staying. Lots of little changes add up to a seismic shift over time.

  • Rivlin to Polish counterpart: ‘Many Poles’ stood by, helped murder Jews in WWII

    How did Jews get so hated that people were just lining up to murder them? Diversity makes enemies. It never makes friends. That is just the media hype. When you look underneath the surface, you see different groups pretending to get along so they can kill each other later.

  • Grammys Fall a Little, Reach 12-Year Low in Viewers

    People can get their propaganda everywhere now: EQUALITY + CONSUME. Hollywood needs to find a new shtick, but rebelling against the current order will force it to go back on its historical support for Leftism and Communism.

  • The tiger ‘gift’ that horrified Polish rescuers

    If we do not rein in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we will soon lack many species that will have been caught, killed, and ground up to make powders to increase sexual vitality. We are still a primitive Simian species, and instead of screwing around with equality for the past three hundred years, we should have been focused on breeding upward.

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