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Periscope (January 27, 2019)

  • 58,000 non-citizens voted in Texas, state official says

    No one is really surprised and in fact, we should assume that these numbers are low. The whole idea that illegal aliens does not vote is no longer an illusion, and these numbers in their current form are high enough to skew local elections. We are going to need to verify legal citizenship for every vote, job, rental, sale, and loan. Nothing in the Constitution forbids this. Read the full report here.

  • Ex-U.S. marine jailed in Russia for spying was misled: lawyer

    The former American marine was given a thumb drive that he was told contained holiday snapshots, but in fact contained state secrets, and by some amazing coincidence police showed up to arrest him shortly thereafter. This is a classic KGB-style set up. If the Soviet Union went away, then why does the new Russia behave exactly like it?

  • The World’s Top 26 Billionaires Now Own as Much as the Poorest 3.8 Billion, Says Oxfam

    The secret is that we added poor people. Capitalism lifted many out of poverty, but our world population increased to eight billion most of whose IQs are in the 80s. This means that they will perpetually be living at the subsistence level, or “poor” in our modern jargon. If we had kept our population consistent, basically everyone would be living at a middle class level now, but through our subsidy programs and Leftist NGOs, we saved many from starvation and they thanked us by having a dozen children each. Now we live in a world of impoverished, unintelligent, and helpless people.

  • Far-right groups could exploit Brexit tensions

    The headline says to fear the far-Right, but the body of the story admits that fourteen out of eighteen terror attacks (78%) were committed by Muslims. In other words, the real threat is from Islamic terror, but that scares the denialists when you mention it because it points out that our policies are failing. The news — like all good propaganda — is careful to mention all the facts so that you feel that you read something fair, and came to the conclusion in yourself from the title on your own, instead of simply because it was your first and strongest impression. Lies tell truths but hide them behind humanistic conclusions, where truths reveal a world beyond human impressions, perceptions, thoughts, judgments, and desires (humanistic conclusions).

  • Japan court upholds sterilization to register gender change

    Still living in the dreamlike life of the ancient, the Japanese recognize transgenderism as being a sign of a deleterious mutation. Things do not go wrong with genetically healthy people in this way; healthy people may be injured or fall prey to disease, but they do not come with misconfigurations. To protect the future genetic health of its population, Japan

  • Texas removed a Confederacy plaque and is asking what to do with it

    The Left cannot accept the fact that the Civil War had more complex causes than slavery, but because the North made slavery the touchstone, it was frequently mentioned. As a result, they must erase all contrary information because otherwise, their fragile worldview collapses.

  • As established certainties fail, an era of new narratives reshape the West

    Leftists freak out over the “deep state”:

    This is because the term triggers and simultaneously draws meaning from a powerful anti-immigration narrative, which presents the disillusioned working classes as an oppressed majority by a secret elite who, in collaboration with figures embedded in the political system, use immigration as a mechanism of control.

    The term means people who succeed within this system. It applies to the entrenched bureaucracy, the Leftist media elites, the consultants, lawyers, and politicians who thrive either working for the system or in roles created by it and its many regulations and legal pitfalls. These are the equivalent of the elite in the Soviet Union. Without the system, they would not be powerful; their wealth, prestige, and influence exist only because of the system, and do not exist in nature.

  • Mail Online demands browser warning U-turn

    Microsoft installed a service called NewsGuard into their Edge browser, which has up to forty users on a good day. This censors the Daily Mail online because it has been user-rated as having low journalistic standards. In reality, Leftists will flag, complain about, and vote down anything which threatens their unstable worldview. After all, they did it to over a decade ago, going to all of the internet content filters and reporting this site as a “hate site.” As a result, most people cannot get to this site from their school, workplace, or public internet connections. Rightists do not understand how fanatical the adherents of the apocalyptic messianic religion of egalitarianism are, but they will… eventually. The question is how long the Rightists will live after that moment, which often is the cocking of a pistol in the Lubyanka courtyard at dawn.

  • Staying slim isn’t just about what you eat – it’s about your DNA too

    DNA science is taboo unless it can be used to portray someone as a victim. We will now have legions of the obese telling us that it is “muh genetics,” and some of them will be right. My solution for obesity is five mile forced marches and accepting those who were born to large for who they are. Our media is fixated on obesity because it needs any scapegoats it can find to continue hiding the fact that we are all dying of industrial diseases and despair brought on by living in a dying age.

  • Outrage As Teen Gets Up To 4 Years In Prison After Dragging NYPD Officer, Leaving Him With Brain Damage

    The teen, who had eleven prior arrests at age fifteen, ran over the officer in a stolen car and caused him permanent brain damage. The judge sentenced this teen to sixteen months to four years. At what point does America get over its pity party and start doing right by the good people again? In the name of equality, we protect the worst, and now we are running out of good people.

  • White nationalists plan Stone Mountain rally Super Bowl weekend

    Park denies permit because the last rally attracted two dozen white nationalists and hundreds of counter-protesters who spent the next few hours fighting with police and committing crimes. However, white nationalists plan to show up anyway and so do the counter-protesters. This should provide an interesting incident, especially if it is an open-carry area. The white nationalists are protesting the people who want to remove the Stone Mountain monument because it celebrates former Confederates. In the meantime, we celebrate the past all over the world because these were our ancestors who fought and died; the Left wants to destroy the past because they know that, in terms of truth and our future, the North was on the wrong side in that war. The North brought modernism and ideological government, where the South wanted a saner and normal lifestyle without the influence of the herd. Slavery was the pretext for the North where for the South, it was their desire to defend their agricultural industry.

  • Once-prominent ‘conversion therapist’ will now ‘pursue life as a gay man’

    Conversion therapy has always been moronic and is motivated solely by the reality-denying wing of fundamentalists from many religions. In reality, people are born gay, made gay, or choose gayness. The ones who are born gay should not be “converted,” because nature has designated them as non-breeders for a reason. Most likely, they bear deleterious mutations. If you force them to convert, you will breed those genes into the population and have generations if not permanent deleterious mutations. The correct attitude toward homosexuals is tolerance so long as they keep their activities silent as the grave. No gay pride parades, but no gay-bashing. No guarantee of employment, but no demands to fire them either. Let them have their neighborhoods in the port cities. This works out best for all parties, if we can just get the religious woo nutcases to leave this alone. Then again, proles like prole solutions, and most of these people are proles who will never do anything but destroy, all while complaining about how they are victims of a cruel world.

  • Germany’s Merkel says she has ‘grave doubts’ about the incoming world order

    What is modernity? It is society after we reject any order larger than the individual which arises from nature. Natural law, customs, natural order, culture, natural rights, and heritage are all part of this larger order, which does not fit into a neat little box like ideology does and is unequally understood; even among our best, it requires years of study to grasp the fundamentals. Modern society comes when we decide that the individual is the highest order, and that requires a big gang/cult/mob/herd to enforce it, so the individual ultimately becomes enslaved to the system that implements his individualism. This pattern repeats in government, society, law, and commerce. I call it Crowdism. It manifests through democracy, creates a bureaucracy, then goes socialist, because its goal is to always increase the power of the crowd and its drive for uniformity. They want everyone to have the same thing because individualists hate it when someone else has more than they do. They are united by lack of purpose because people who recognize the need for self-discipline achieve organized minds and then find a sense of purpose, but the people who are individualistic see no need to understand themselves, only to act out their desires. This is why past societies called them proles and enslaved them: they will destroy anything over which they are given power, so their only role in society is as unskilled labor or compost. Merkel is a prole. She defends the bureaucracy by fighting for an ideological government to rule all of Europe, because that way prole-rule can continue, and government always has an ideological imperative to grow larger, stronger, and to enforce its rules on everyday citizens. She will ultimately create a society where self-appointed elites, who are those who can only succeed within the system, rule over a vast faceless grey mob of people without any natural traits, meaning that they lack culture, heritage, the intuitive, intelligence, values, standards, and beliefs. They simply do what brings them pleasure and ignore everything else, making them the perfect conformist little slaves, even though their individualism (see also related pathologies: narcissism, solipsism, and sociopathy) has led them into that state. Like Satan in the Garden of Eden, the herd offers what you want, but hides the price, which is that you become dependent on them because you have lost your sense that the world is good and, in the grips of doubt, turn to those who make the promises of drunk used car salesmen.

  • Houses Divided

    Across America, many communities remain segregated. In this article, they blame racism; in reality, it is because the white sectors of the population are the most productive, and they separate from everyone else in order to keep producing and enjoying the value of that productivity. Diversity does not work, and everyone loses when we keep forcing it, but for those on the Right, it is worth remembering that white people remain liberal so long as they can do so from their lily-white communities where you can be ironic, unique, and different just for taking a Leftist viewpoint. We are dealing with the preening of the vain and pretentious creature known as the human being here.

  • $1M campaign supports drivers’ licenses for undocumented New Yorkers

    The Left succeeds because of The Pocket, which is the time between when a policy is adopted and when its effects in full are seen. The Left will make an initial foray into bad policy, wait six months and declare victory, then force it to be widely adopted, racing against time because eventually people will notice that the policy is a failure and rebel against it. If you get it in place before that happens, and make it a part of everyday life, most people — who are low in intestinal, moral, and intellectual fortitude — will simply accept it as part of everyday life and rationalize it as what they wanted after all. Right now, the Left is rushing to bring all the new voters into the states because minority groups always vote Leftist, and so soon we will have permanent one-party rule, which is our next step toward full socialism and, after that, tyranny in order to suppress those who no longer want to pay for or endure the horrible Leftist equality Utopia. Most of the really intelligent people are long gone, having fled to the country and stopped breeding long ago, and so now it is up to the middle class to thwart the steady consumption of all life by the force we oppose, which is the darkness, fear, and doubt in the human heart which is “explained away” by Leftism and therefore, allowed to thrive while people pretend that what is evil is good and what is good is evil.

  • Poll: 56 percent of public supports ‘Medicare for all’

    This is why people say that democracy is the antechamber to socialism. Democracy consists of one principle, egalitarianism, which has no boundaries and therefore expands in all directions like a panic, epidemic, or trend. It expands the franchise, allowing everyone to vote, and soon you have a whole lot of takers voting on what to take from the makers. Eventually the makers revolt, and then they are suppressed, and soon you have a society of takers who cannot maintain an economy and therefore, need to go into totalitarian rule in order to make anything work. The natural way is to reward those who do good; the Leftist way is to shoot those who do not conform, which is a way of motivating them to do their jobs and pretend to be happy. During this time, democracy kills off all of the intelligent and moral people, ensuring that it will have a permanent supply of people too oblivious to notice that everything around them is failing until they are in the late stages of collapse, at which point they revolt but cannot change the direction of their society. Interestingly, when told that Medicare for all would mean higher taxes and longer wait times, the crowd turned against it. At what point do we admit that voters are delusional and incompetent, and that people acting in groups decide in favors of averages instead of excellence?

  • Jail terms for Austrian far-right group trying to incite coup

    Imagine being the last person on your planet who realizes that disaster is coming. No one else will listen because they are afraid of standing out, and worse, they realize that to see the oncoming abyss means that to recognize that they have been wasting their lives on a moribund and destructive entity. Denial is warm and soft, comfortable and kind, so they turn to that like addicts turn to heroin. You, however, have a will to live and not be ground under into the usual standard of humanity, which is mixed-race people without culture thronging in giant groups demanding things that will never arrive, whether from the sky, government, or their new warlords. You want to rise above like your ancestors. However, democracy has paralyzed your people. What do you do?

  • Invasion Day protests held around country as debate over Australia Day continues

    In a multicultural society, you can no longer be proud of being the people who showed up, imposed order, and made prosperity so that the multicultural society can exist. Instead, you must always bow to your new overlords, because in order for us to have equality, the lower have to rise above the higher. In other words, we want a world turned upside-down so that everyone feels safe and included and no one experiences a loss of social power, prestige, and wealth for their bad decisions or lack of capabilities. This will cause humanity to devolve to the level of monkeys, but it is the eternally popular thing because there are very few who can actually think and many who cannot. Your role as a white person is to pay taxes, feel guilty, not have children, and die out so that humanity and your civilization can self-destruct together without feelings of inferiority.

  • Minnesota Democratic Rep. Omar wrote judge requesting lenient sentence for ISIS recruit

    Blood is thicker than water, and ethnic groups are like big families. The multicultural dream dies step by step, but if we accept that diversity was always an illusion because it is paradoxical, we must also reject egalitarianism itself. For the Left, ethnic warfare is part of class warfare, a worldwide attempt by those who have no particular purpose or ability to overthrow and destroy those that do.

  • Will robots take your job? Quarter of US workers at risk

    Automation shows up in the news frequently because people are afraid of it. They fear it for the same reason that they are egalitarians, namely the worry that if any person can be demoted for being incompetent, the fearful individual will also be demoted. In other words, people are afraid of losing the territory that they have more than they are willing to be open to the idea of a a better use of that territory for all. This is ironic, given that they cloak their demands in the idea of distributing wealth for the benefit of all, when really this harms everyone by putting the incompetents in charge instead of the naturally and congenitally competent. In reality, automation is not doing so well, just like it has not been doing so well since the 1980s. At some point, we will have a breakthrough where robots can actively think — it is obvious how to do this, but those who see it want nothing to do with the industry — and then they will be able to take tasks that are not simply repetitive actions overseen by humans who notice anomalies. All those “self-driving cars” seem to have vanished, replaced by electric cars, which are going to be the next Big Trend. In the meantime, automation will do well at things where we have shortages of workers, like picking crops and making food, and eliminate our need to keep importing the third world. This is why the elites love it: they will be able to continue their empire-building without the problems that diversity has brought. Long story short, the fascination with automation shows us that diversity is officially dead, even if automation is also decades away from being a reality.

  • Man complains of ‘Orwellian police’ after tweet investigation

    “Freedom” means lack of accountability for one’s actions. Sure, you can go to a job and be accountable there, but that is transactional, so it still seems like your own choice. What people really want is for there to be zero judgment of their quality as individuals based on the choices they make in their off-time, which essentially allows them to indulge their desires and appetites without restraint. Freedom, in other words, boils down to hobbies and fetishes. For people to have freedom, however, there need to be no standards. The voters, huddled together like fearful mice, knew this and so they increasing approved action against those who noticed anyone who was “different.” That in turn simply encouraged people to get more weird. So why are the voters complaining now? You voted for this!

  • How much rainforest do birds need?

    As Amerika has been saying for years, land overuse is the environmental problem:

    The data suggest that forest cover ought not to fall below 40 percent if drastic losses in original bird species are to be avoided. Importantly, the study also shows that highly specialised bird species already start to decline significantly when the percentage of forest dips to as much as 70 percent; at these forest cover levels, these birds are beginning to be replaced by “generalists”, ie birds that are at home in different habitats.

    If we leave half of the land on Earth for nature, we will have no problems. However, that means leaving that land basically untouched. This means that our population must limit itself. By the converse, if we keep expanding, we will soon live on a planet populated only by squirrels, rats, and sparrows in which our oxygen supply rapidly depletes as pollution concentrates. No amount of blaming smoking or obesity will explain away the massive cancer rates then.

  • France summons Italian envoy over Africa remarks

    Colonialism allowed unstable European governments to subsidize themselves in order to stay powerful, argues one Italian. He has a point: money can project power, and so a government with money from any source can become more powerful than it would be otherwise. This governmental hubris then inverts the natural order, and this places incompetents in power. It is an interesting theory.

  • The euro area is back on the brink of recession (non-paywall)

    The EU cannot last because it includes two strong performers and a number of low performers who are quickly being eclipsed by the third world countries they once easily outperformed. No one will blame the extensive entitlements states which are following the Soviet Union into the grave, nor the everyday silent misery of living in a modern society (egalitarian, urbanized, bureaucratic, ideological) which has caused the best of Europe to stop reproducing and essentially drop out to go live in the country and wait for the collapse.

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