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  • Immigration raids at Mississippi food processing plants

    While the far Right babbles on about how Trump has failed because he did not immediately implement authoritarian policies against diversity — apparently because none of them know anything about the American Constitution and the political system it has created — Trump continues with the pincer strategy: make it more expensive to get here, and reduce the rewards when you are. People understand the danger of getting caught as a certain type of risk, since they are willing to trade it against anticipated reward, but when risk rises and anticipated reward drops, they start staying home. When they do that, the networks that allow more to come evaporate, and the exodus begins in the opposite direction as life gets harder. Until we nominate him as God Emperor, Trump must work within the framework that we have set up which has suffered under a century of steady drift to the Left, which means that we will not get magical results, only a slow and steady progress that most people will not notice. For now, we must let this process work; when we demonstrate that our ideas make life better, or in other words we do not lose what we have now and gain something more as well, we can then push for more Rightists and more drift to the Right. Like nature, history takes time to unfold, even if we are impatient because that century of Leftism has thoroughly wrecked the West.

  • 4 dead, 2 wounded in Southern California stabbings

    The violence appeared to be random and the only known motives seem to be “robbery, hate, homicide,” Garden Grove police Lt. Carl Whitney said at a news conference.

    “We know this guy was full of anger and he harmed a lot of people tonight,” he said.

    The suspect and all the victims were Hispanic, he added.

    To be fair, Southern California made me feel like doing the same thing. The place will drive you mad because it accepts oblivion as the basis for morality, meaning that you ignore everything bad and as long as you focus on what makes you happy (sparkles and glitter go here) you are supposed to be living a good life, even though this makes you into an island and forces you to rationalize everything that you do as a success. This equates success and failure, and sets people truly adrift in meaningless platitudes and hedonism. Might as well stab some people in order to feel alive.

  • ‘Brief radiation spike’ after explosion in Russia

    In the past, we focused on how everyone had a right to be whatever kind of incompetent freak they wanted to do. In the future, we are going to focus on reality and the need for competence, including the ability to lead a people according to its abilities. Russia has not produced a functional government since the Czars, and it is time to talk about a transition. If his power were more stable, Putin would not be — like the Chinese and Iranians — turning to war as a means of holding his people together. Right now, Russia has failed to produce a working economy and failed to produce stability, which leaves Putin with only the option of increasing crackdowns domestically and some kind of conflict in order to mass mobilize his people.

  • Woman Says She Called 911 Twice And Got No Answer

    RINOs and Leftists assured us that when we replaced our population, the new inhabitants would carry on the same procedures, laws, and standards as before. It turns out that they re-interpret them to be convenient for what they want to do, which means that the basics of first world living that we have depended upon go away. Sure, 911 will always exist… as will the Constitution… but they will mean different things. There are no universal understandings, and each group will choose to understand things in the way that fits their inclinations, which will reflect their origins. Import the third world, and get third-world style 911 service, government, economy, etc.

  • ‘Lennon wall’ vandalism spreads to University of Sydney

    We have agents of foreign hostile powers living among us, and we are afraid to prosecute them because they are minorities and can claim that we are discriminatory. Therefore, if you are a police officer or district attorney, you think of your career, and avoid looking too deeply into minority-related crime. This provides a formula for those hostile foreign powers to take over.

  • Plant-based diet can fight climate change

    The Left has a simple plan to end climate change: stop being first world. Cut back on those high-protein diets, comfortable homes, and wealth. Few mention ending air travel, international shipping, or the real source of carbon, manufacturing and other forms of wealth creation. Leftists seem to be those who do not understand cause-effect relationships, and therefore they miss the fact that our wealth comes from our productivity. They want to abolish the productivity and divide up the wealth, figuring that it will last forever, not realizing that in doing so, they will end the wealth and send society into a death spiral. This is about what you would expect from a “workers’ party”; as workers, they are defined by the fact that they have no idea how to run a business much less be productive. They simply engage in repetitive roles and figure out how to spend the paychecks. Their simple logic demands that everyone else do the same, and forgets about the necessity of organization, leadership, and wisdom in guiding the choices that we make; for them, there are no choices to make, since they think in ways that are as repetitive and uniform (errr… “equal”) as the tasks they perform at their jobs. In reality, if climate change bothers us, we should become self-sufficient. Make all foods local farm-to-market, stop importing anything, and make things of quality so that they last. To do that, we have to abolish the workers’ socialist-style entitlements state, since this depends on constant growth in economic activity — most of it pointless — in order to avoid collapsing immediately from its tax burden.

  • Two City Hall officials convicted of conspiring to extort Boston Calling founders

    Kenneth Brissette, the city’s director of tourism, and Timothy Sullivan, chief of intergovernmental affairs, were charged in US District Court in Boston with illegally pressuring Crash Line Productions into hiring nine members of a stagehands union to please Mayor Martin J. Walsh, a former union leader with close ties to organized labor.

    When do we admit that unions have always been parasites? Workers had long hours and were paid little because their labor was not worth much, mainly because at the time society was poorer because it flushed people from the manors to the cities, which resulted in millions of mouths to feed, most of whom possessed few skills and even less drive toward quality. To accommodate them, we created a consumer empire that could hire them, but then they wanted more, so we implemented unions, which caused us to import first ethnic (Irish, Italian, Jewish, Polish) and later racial (Puerto Rican, Chinese, Hispanic) labor to take the place of the workers who did not generate in productivity as much as they were being paid. When that failed, we outsourced through globalism, which resulted in a loss of domestic jobs and an increase in the “service industry” of nonsense roles paid for by people earning money from government-created jobs. The whole mess of red tape, regulations, high taxes, and paperwork-shuffling McJobs came out of this. Unions destroyed the workforce because they are collective reward systems, and those always raise costs while reducing productivity, slamming us into the cycle of making fake wealth and taxing it so that we can subsidize people, which in turn produces our cycle of recessions and booms. We are being held hostage by the economy so that we can overpay people who fundamentally have little to offer, reversing natural selection simply for the pretense of being “nice” so that each of us can get enough social popularity points to advance our own careers. We did better under manorial feudalism, which slowed the breeding of the incompetents and gave everyone a role they could perform well.

  • WA state to offer three gender options for state ID’s

    Following the latest trend, Washington wants to allow an “X” option for gender. Congratulations, we now have boys, girls, and Other. This will produce hundreds of millions of dollars of costs that benefit bureaucrats and lawyers, but will be passed on to the citizens who apparently experienced brain injuries en masse before voting for this one.

  • is spreading the Swedish-born concept of “flygskam”

    If we are serious about cutting emissions, we will abolish international flights and international transport. No one is really serious about it, however, since to really do anything would require us to go back to an economy before internal combustion engines and mass manufacturing. When no one had electricity, transport was by horse, and all goods were made by hand, we were as low-emitting as possible. Of course, that would also massively limit population and make entitlements impossible, which is why the Left wants to simply impose carbon taxes and transfer wealth from the first world to the third, which will then complete ecocide by its far greater numbers.

  • Major surgery doubles risk of substantial brain decline, study suggests

    Now a longitudinal study of more than 7,000 British civil servants who were tested between 1997 and 2016 found those who underwent major operations were twice as likely to suffer substantial cognitive decline compared to those who never needed surgery.

    It turns out that our modern solutions do not actually work when you consider the totality of the circumstances, but only appear to work in the short-term. We are primitives with hammers, discovering that we can pound flat the effects of nature, but not change the causes, so that whatever we have pounded flat goes from victory to defeat as a conspiracy of seemingly unrelated details reverses our success. Just as with diversity, which we can force, nailing the most visible big point but missing all of the related details that must be coordinated into a pattern in order to change cause, results in disaster in the long term. In the short term, however, someone gets to declare victory and get promoted. If humanity is consuming itself as seems to be the case, the driver is careerism or the self-interest of individuals that denies the side effects of that self-interest.

  • Private education on the rise

    Everywhere the State is given control of education, it descends to a mediocre average, and everyone who can flees it for schools that can actually expel problem students and teach toward the top of the class instead of the bottom.

  • West African slavery lives on, 400 years after transatlantic trade began

    We thought slavery was an evil, not recognizing that serfdom or slavery are how societies deal with the large growth of people of no particular skills or intelligence. We banned it, using the power of the state to crush dissenters, only to find that it has grown. Serfdom, which paired gentle slavery with lifetime pensions, seems to have been the better option, but we had to abolish that for our pretense of equality.

  • Trump administration to ban agencies from directly purchasing equipment or services from Huawei

    We see a rare example here of a politician using network effects in his favor. If everyone uses equipment from a certain company, people start using that equipment or designing theirs to work with it simply because the audience they want is already using that equipment; however, if that company finds itself forced out of the market, the market then adapts to the network effects found in a different standard, which further marginalizes those who work within the framework of the excluded company. In effect, Trump has driven back the Chinese way of making this equipment and has created a market incentive for American self-sufficiency, which will be necessary as the globalist system completes the collapse it began in 2008, probably within the next eight years. If America can make itself self-sufficient — this will require beating back the entitlements states, unions, fourth branch of government, and diversity — it will be able to survive the coming crisis as globalism evaporates its own value and the markets reclaim all that phantom wealth.

  • St. Louis sergeant: There are white supremacists on the police force

    The media wants to believe that nationalism (including white separatism, white supremacy, white nationalism, ethnic nationalism, and traditionalism) are the result of some organized force, like the zombie armies of Hitler, infiltrating our society. In reality, nationalism arises from recognizing that diversity — of any form: religious, ethnic, cultural, racial — does not work, and that we need unity of culture, purpose, and behaviors in order to succeed. Terms like “white nationalism” and “white supremacy” tend to confuse the issue, since they are too broad, and include both those who join the political movement of White Nationalism™ as well as those who are both “white” (too broad of a category to be meaningful enough) and nationalist. They also consider some as “supremacists” who simply believe that the pioneer ethnic Western Europeans who made this society should keep it, or those who recognize that the methods used by Western Civilization work better than those used by the rest of humanity. More “white supremacists” and “white” nationalists are being forged every day by the fact that diversity does not work. We do not hate other groups; we recognize that diversity fails, and we want to be with people like ourselves (tribe: a mosaic of religion, race, culture, ethnic group, and region). The more they fight white nationalism as if it were a legion of obedient robot stormtroopers deployed by Richard Spencer from the attic of his Washington townhome, the more they create what they fear out of us regular people who realize that this jihad/crusade against white nationalism is simply the system reacting to its own failure by criminalizing dissent.

  • Black Homeownership Drops to Lowest Level in 50 Years

    The more we try to force equality, the more we raise costs and evasion, and therefore, the less we achieve equality. It is better to recognize inequality as inherent and to plan for it. If different groups are different, some group will always be on the bottom in a mixed society, so abolish mixed society and you do away with that form of inequality.

  • Climate change: Hungry nations add the least to global CO2

    “Per capita” is an average, which means that they add up the total output of a nation and divide that by the number of people. With this calculus, anyone who lives in a society with factories, hospitals, schools, farms, and a functional government will always output more than someone who lives in a loosely networked community of huts and subsistence farming. As usual, the statistics are fake because their calculation requires such misinterpretations; if we use accurate statistics, such as how much each person uses in terms of personal inputs, these wide differences disappear. However, the Left wants us to demonize the first world so that we can continue the Leftist agenda of taking wealth from the successful to give to the unsuccessful to achieve equality so that we can finally live in Utopia.

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