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  • Former Marine said he’d ‘slaughter’ antifa. The FBI, using Oregon’s new red flag law, took his guns away

    “If antifa gets to the point where they start killing us, I’m going to kill them next,” Kohfield, 32, said. “I’d slaughter them and I have a detailed plan on how I would wipe out antifa.”

    That threat pushed the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task to take a series of extraordinary steps against Kohfield, including temporary seizure of a cache of his firearms under Oregon’s new “red flag” law aimed at preventing gun violence, The Oregonian/OregonLive has learned.

    The task force also had the ex-Marine committed to a veterans’ hospital in Portland. He spent the next 20 days there.

    As predicted, these laws are being used to censor conservatives and throw them in mental hospitals. “If they start killing us, I’ll start killing them” is not a legal threat because it is a conditional statement of self-defense. Even if this guy was a slightly flaky person — you never good absolute good versus absolute evil in real life, especially in legal “test cases” — watch them expand this ruling to others. Even if the current group of people who sits on this joint task force is unwilling to further abuse this rule, future members will feel differently. Leftism: it never changes. They will do the same things here that they did in Jacobin France and Bolshevik Russia.

  • Assam NRC: What next for 1.9 million ‘stateless’ Indians

    India introduces the world to the concept of “ethnic sorting.” They want to keep immigrants from Bangladesh away, so they are revoking the citizenship of the ones already in India, since anytime a foreign ethnic group gets a toehold, more of them show up. Effectively, India is sorting out its population to keep only the founding ethnic group who also follow its founding religion. Identity, in this case, is religion + genetics + culture, and India knows that if it has unity through similar origins and similar preferences for destination, it will be stronger than the multicultural nightmares that most nations have become. Diversity is the problem. It does not work between any groups; this means that it does not matter how nice, intelligent, industrious, law-abiding, or clean the other group is, because if you bring in any other group, you begin the destruction of your civilization.

  • German far-right invokes 1989 spirit to woo voters in the east

    Germans realize that they are fighting the new Communism. The neo-Soviet regime that they oppose has simply incorporated free markets as a way of funding its entitlements state, although it ultimately has begun collapsing by the same method that destroyed the Soviets: if you subsidize the unproductive at the expense of the productive, soon you have lots of the former and none of the latter, at which point you have a civilization that cannot distinguish between true/untrue, real/unreal, and coherent/incoherent. In fact, all of humanity has been fighting our need to control. We want assurances that 100% of everything will turn out correctly, and that makes us seek centralized managerial-administrative bureaucratic systems including democracy, socialism, communism, national socialism, HOAs, Catholicism, and other utilitarian approaches; utilitarianism, after all, unites the individual to the group through the promise of “equal” individualism subsidized by externalized costs to that society. Our fear — this need — causes the formation of Central Control, whether in Progress 1.0 (the spread of factories, cities, and credentials) or in Progress 2.0 (globalism, diversity, internationalism, LGBT+). Central Control then makes people dependent upon it, and they can no longer see where reality begins and their own memorized dogma and unstable fears end. This is the death spiral of human societies, and the Germans have figured out that the neosoviets are no different than the Soviets, and both must be overthrown. Time to party like it’s 1989.

  • French local authority fined for putting too many women in top jobs

    Imagine a wave in a pool. It expands outward from its starting point and seems to have infinite distance until, suddenly, it hits a boundary and reverses, which makes the wave roll back toward its source. This is a historical cycle. The wave of feminism expanded until it hit that far wall, and now we are seeing its previous blank cheque get revoked and replaced by the idea of “parity,” which means that we are going to admit that affirmative action and disparate impact style programs are in fact religious, racial, ethnic, and sexual quotas. That ugly term reveals how truly ugly these ideas are, and helps us realize how much life would be better off without them and the fatuous corpulent overpaid bureaucrats that they support.

  • ‘An earthquake’: racism, rage and rising calls for freedom in Papua

    Diversity not working anywhere:

    In Indonesia the general view of Papuans, he says, is “people with black skin, curly hair, and hairy bodies” who are “stupid, stinky and criminal”.

    In other words, the same stereotypes we have seen of Africans in America, Europe, and South Africa. Different groups have different ways. Expecting that a foreign group will obey your ways is not just madness, but sadism. They need their own ways. They cannot be you.

  • NAACP President to Reporter: ‘I don’t talk to fucking Jews’

    “I don’t talk to fucking Jews,” Dye told the New Jersey Globe during a very brief telephone interview. “Get the fuck out of here.”

    Dye was fired from his job with the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development last week after the Globe reported that he had made anti-Semitic and anti-Latino comments on his personal Facebook page.

    Different groups do not get along. At some point, they notice that every group is trying to conquer every other group; diversity, in other words, is disorder and a lack of organization to a human society. Naturally, this causes them to push back against those groups. While their complaints are legitimate, their method needs work, since it does not address the cause of their misery: diversity itself. End diversity, end these crises. Keep diversity, and you will have more of them until civilization finally gives up and swills the Drano it keeps next to the bed for emergencies.

  • Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow arrested, as pro-democracy leaders rounded

    Demonstrators: we do not wish to be absorbed by totalitarian China.
    China: does something totalitarian.

    Human history is a record of opportunities taken and possibilities unlocked, but those who cannot see that possibility become inherently hateful and controlling, and they leave behind mounds of skulls. Not only those of the people they kill, but their own, because their grand plans are unrealistic and also uninspired and therefore tend to fail in mass tragedy, over and over again. The repetitive stupidity is what makes most people kill themselves, I think; it induces a total lack of faith in humanity. Anyway, memorize the faces of these dissidents because it will be useful for identifying their skulls in a few decades when their skeletonized remains are found in an abandoned farmhouse in Southeast China. Never trust Leftism; it is basically the idea of Genghis Khan, which was that by creating a centralized bureaucracy dedicated to itself, he could remove the high cost of civilization and therefore, conquer the world. He failed relatively quickly, and so will Communism, but that never stops people from digging them up, dusting them off, and chasing the dream of equality yet again.

  • Pakistan: Sikh girl forced to accept Islam and marry Muslim man

    Rape and forced marriage are weapons of genetic warfare, which is the only form of warfare that creates permanent transformation and therefore makes the conquest impossible to reverse. When your children have a foreign religion and their children have half-foreign DNA, you have been erased, and your tribe has lost the natural selection game.

  • Media Ignores Climate Alarmist’s Court Loss — It Doesn’t Fit The Warmist Agenda

    It was not a court loss, but a failure to make his case. When you claim that someone defamed you by claiming your research was fraudulent, and then refuse to produce that research, the court will not hand you a victory. In the bigger picture, however, the Left has revealed that they are hiding their data because there is something wrong with it; if there were not, they would want it exposed to the world. However, they ultimately got the win they wanted because it took eight years for this court case to proceed, during which time every Leftist on Earth kept acting as if the data were legitimate, and now they have new fake data which will take another eight years (or more) to debunk.

  • Thanks to consumers, US economy is rising steadily if slowly

    Restored faith in the economy means that people are spending money, although it is most likely the middle classes and not the underclasses as happened with Obama. Conservatives keep money at the top of the economic pyramid, where people know how to use it in order to make more; Leftists take money from the top and send it to the bottom where people have no idea how to use it to make more, and this creates an economy where everyone has very thin margins and therefore depends on government, which enables it to continue ruling in perpetuity (in theory). The Trump transition will reduce the great wealth transfer and also, reduce foreign dependence, at which point we will be generating less pollution and will no longer be held hostage to the demands of self-interested foreign powers like China and the EU.

  • World War II’s first victim

    Poland had been passively invading Germany through economic means for years, had seized territory in the ill-designed Armistice, and had provoked German ire from behind the aegis of English protection. Germany retaliated, kicking off the war. It makes for an interesting story but also a historical warning: using deception to wage war works until the deception is discovered, and it will often be faster than you think.

  • Foreign interference under the spotlight at Australian universities

    White people like to space out and go to their happy place where the world does not operate according to hard mechanical rules like natural selection, and in which every nation on Earth can live in harmony. World peace can’t be done. Every other nation, even if they are “nice” and “intelligent” and “clean,” wants to conquer you if it can. The only reason you enjoy those nice suburban homes, clean streets, functional institutions, and so on is that lots of ethnic Western European people lie beneath white crosses in cemeteries. Texas was won by the dead of the Alamo, Goliad, and a half-dozen other battles; America was won by defending it against insane genocidal Indians, other European powers, and Asiatic Communism. Leftism wants to end that conflict by simply merging everyone together and sharing the wealth, which benefits those who believe in nothing and strive for nothing but are happy to file papers all day in exchange for a good salary. Humanity gives up its soul when it talks about universal, absolute, and open-ended ideas like “peace” and “equality.” Slowly we are awakening from the dream and figuring out that it was an opium nightmare.

  • Twitter CEO’s hacked account sends racist tweets before being secured

    Trolls tweak the nose of Communist Jack Dorsey, who wants Twitter to filter out all uncucked Right-wing commentary.

    One of the tweets from the hacked account said Nazi leader Adolf Hitler was innocent, while others contained derogatory comments about black people and Jews. There was also a tweet suggesting there was a bomb at Twitter’s headquarters.

    When you are truly neutral, such things do not have the power that they do when you pretend to be neutral but are really playing for one side. Conservatives consistently emphasized open discussion, only shutting down actual foreign agents like Communists; Leftists consistently demand controlled discussion, as with political correctness, where only Leftist ideas can be expressed.

  • Pompeo: U.S. Will Give Israel Diplomatic, Legal, And Military Resupply Support In Any War With Iran, However Long

    Trump reveals his foreign policy, but it will be too complex for Leftists to figure out for another decade. Instead of American intervention, he supports power delegation, or finding local allies and giving them control of their local “theater” or range of influence. Someone at the Trump White House outed Israel as having attacked Iran several times recently, and now it loudly proclaims support through Pompeo. This means, in international politics-speak, that America will allow Israel to figure out what should be done about Iran and provide weapons — much as we did with Lend/Lease — so that Israel can implement its plans. The race is now on to determine who will be American allies in all of the world theaters, which tend to reflect the range in which all participants can act, meaning that some are larger than others if the territory is more sparsely populated. If the UK can successfully Brexit, it is likely that Britain will be the new master of Europe, reversing the German-French attempt to make a hugbox market socialist alternative.

  • South Korea’s fertility rate falls to record low

    Insert modernity and watch your people die. Dads go to offices, spend their days on nonsense designed to manage the workplace more than do the job for which it is designed, and come home angry; Moms go to offices, and farm the kids out to illiterate nannies. Families cannot afford to have lots of children because of the high taxes designed to support the underclass, and people are generally miserable because their time is occupied by nonsense which is necessary only to support an obviously failing system. Democracy just hides the failure better than others and takes longer to die, which makes it the most lethal, because by the time it dies it will have killed off anyone with enough intelligence to notice that they are miserable. Modernity is a death trap, along with its idea of utilitarianism, or making decisions by a group, which always converges on the mean and lowers it every election.

  • Risk of cancer from HRT is double that of original estimate, study shows

    It turns out that another one of our glib “scientific” solutions, when tested in the real world, has unanticipated adverse effects. I doubt anyone thought long and hard about consequences, however, because in a utilitarian system, all that matters is whether people like it or not.

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